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The Small Munsterlander -- A Breed Apart By Paul Jensen, Don Knaus
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This is the first book in the English language about this age-old breed. The book covers the origin of the breed, the development in Germany and is immigration to North America. It describes the club... More > that protects the breed on this continent and explains the breeding requirements as well as suggest numerous questions potential buyers should ask before purchasing a pup. Daily maintenance, health and proper feeding are described and since the breed is a bird dog of the finest quality its training in the field and water is explained. The book includes more than 90 photos (most in color) that shows the dogs and their activities. The book concludes with three hunting trip stories with several Small Munsterlanders as well as answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ).< Less
Chicken Keepers Manual By Paul Cresswell
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The Chicken Keepers Manual breaks the mould of all the other chicken keeping books and manuals you have heard and read about. It presents a complete and easy-to-understand reference for people... More > wishing to keep their own chickens for both food and pleasure. Packed with loads of informative chapters the Chicken Keepers Manual ensures you have all the information to hand you could possibly need to successfully enjoy raising chickens, as well as serving as an excellent introduction to some of the key aspects of one of the most rewarding hobbies of all time. Learn all about: Building A Chicken Coop, Ideal Environment for Keeping Chickens, Building Chicken Coops the Easy Way, Food and Feeding Your Flock, All About Eggs, The Sitting Hen, Rearing Chicks, Stock, Breeding, and Crossing, Keeping Chickens In The City, Stopping Chickens from Eating Their Eggs, Poultry Diseases, Notifiable Diseases, All the Technical Terms You’ll Need to Know, and How to Select Your Breed, and much much more.< Less
Understanding, Caring for & Training Your Cat By Paul Brough
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This book is definitely for YOU if you really want to have a healthy, well- behaved pet. There's more about having a cat than you may have considered and "Understanding, Caring For And Training... More > Your Cat" is just what you need to answer those burning questions. Here’s a “sneak peek” at what you’ll discover inside: • Selecting a breed of cat • What you should know BEFORE you buy a cat • How to select a cat breeder • Learn how to select the cat that is just right for you • Discover how cats behave • How to create a healthy environment for your cat - • Common cat diseases and health problems - and all about vaccinations for your cat. Which ones are critical. • Selecting the right cat litter • Grooming your cat • Selecting cat toys • Training your cat to walk on a leash • All about diet • Training tips for cats Getting the answers to these and other compelling questions is a must for anyone who is considering adding a cat to the family.< Less
Choosing a Dog By Kim Campbell
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a Springer Spaniel too high-strung for an apartment? Is a Golden Retriever the best choice for a family with young children? This easy-to-use, A-Z guide profiles the behaviors of all breeds... More > recognized by the AKC, as well as a cross-section of mixed breeds. The authors also discuss how to choose the right breeder, how to select a puppy and prepare for its homecoming, and more. Line art.< Less
How to Be a Top Dog Owner By Karl Matthews
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There's a brand new guide out that will teach you everything your dog wants you to know about raising and training him to be a "Top Dog." You do that by reading this terrific manual for dog... More > owners. • Purebred or Heinz Variety - this goes back to the reason you want a dog in the first place • Where to find the perfect pal for you - classified ads - breeders - what to look for when shopping around • An obedient owner is a happy owner • How to select the correct toys for your dog - some toys can actually be harmful - learn how to select the appropriate toys for your canine • Making the adoption work - integrating into your family unit - who is the leader of the pack? • House training - an important part of training - Karl includes hints on getting rid of stains - just in case • Feeding time - the right food for the right stage • When to see the vet - vaccinations of course - but what about illness? • Who's in charge - learning the rules - your dog will grow weary of trying to teach< Less
Dog Owners Handbook By Eric Stork
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Dogs are considered as man's best friend. Deciding to own one whether it is big or small involves a lot of responsibility. It is not just about feeding it but includes other chores such as grooming,... More > watching its health and diet, cleaning up after it and most importantly, giving it some tender loving care... TABLE OF CONTENTS: Overview of Different Breeds of Dogs Selecting a Breeder Purebred versus Mutt Adopting a Dog - Puppy or Adult How to Housebreak your Puppy Obedience Training For Your Dog Is your Dog Fat? Canine Vaccinations Are Essential Dogs Have Allergies Too All about Heartworms in Your Dog Dental Care for Your Dog Fighting Flee Infestation Your Questions on Canine Hip Dysphasia-Answered. Traveling With Your Dog< Less