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Soothing Depression By Claire Sewell
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Beyond being a temporary illness that responds well to treatment, depression highlights the areas of stress in your life. Discover how you can ease your stress by reframing your negative thoughts... More > and be gently prompted to participate in the activities of daily living. Be proactive in your journey of recovery and learn to live well in the presence or absence of symptoms. For some people recovery may mean a complete return to previous levels of mental well-being. For others it may involve learning new healthy ways of coping with the remaining symptoms. By learning how to soothe yourself through your senses you are actively participating in your own recovery by adopting a proactive healing mindset. Soothing Depression is a short collection of healing thoughts and activities prompting you to soothe yourself during the difficult moments of mild depression. Often it is the little things that count.< Less
Verse To Soothe The Soul By Jasmyne O'Conner
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This poetry book explains it's self in the title verse to soothe the soul hope every one enjoys reading these as much as I enjoy writing them
Me, Myself and my Furry Pals — Meditations to Soothe the Soul By Carol N. Depinto
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On these pages, Carol De Pinto follows up her book "Me Myself and My Furry Pals" with a series of poems that bring the reader deeply into her most personal moments of struggle, surrender,... More > serenity and self-compassion. Through the voices of her cats and herself, Carol invites her readers to breathe deeply and enjoy every luminous moment because, as Carol reminds us, "It's all we've got." This book us sure to soothe the soul of all who lose themselves between it's covers.< Less
The Ultimate Self-Help Book 8 Ways to Better Yourself: How to Live a Better Life By Kym Kostos
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We all have it in our lives. STRESS! Even the word itself stresses me out and makes me want to pull out my hair! Well, not exactly, but a lot of us have to deal with stress on a daily basis. Whether... More > it’s at work, at home, when we are out driving, raising children, shopping, etc… Chances are, there is something that will stress us out on a day-to-day basis. Here are some stress relieving things you can do to get rid of that stress and live a nice and calm stress-free life. - Believe it or not cleaning house can be a great stress reliever and to add to it, playing music while you clean will also add to relieving that stress. Besides, when you’re done, your house will be clean! - Whether you go to a pet store or have your own aquarium, watching fish swim around is calming and soothing. Especially if there are many different colorful ones. - A stroll in the park alone or with a friend is always a nice way to relieve stress. The fresh air and the warm sun is very calming.< Less
Poet Writes With Guru's Light By Ramkrishnan
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Welcome to philosophical, mystical poems of inspiration, full of lofty notions. They are not mine rather gifts Divine, full of revealing soul knowledge and wisdom. Yoga of devotion, meditation... More > and also visions are a blessing to my poetry writing. Inspirational poetry flows from the Universal Mind, which is so kind, ready to benefit mankind. The self-taught poet was born in humble, unlettered peasant family in 1946 in Trinidad, and was deemed a health hazard, facing lifelong maladies and tragedies. In Miami in 1975 was briefly taught for 3 months by Jain Professor, P.D. Shah, a guru of illumination and wisdom.< Less
Better Baby Sleep: A Handbook for Parents By Jane Stockly, M.S.
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“Better Baby Sleep” was written by a parent education professional to help parents understand infant sleep. It provides fully researched information and advice on how to encourage... More > babies, breast-fed or not, to sleep through the night. It highlights the importance of infant sleep safety and much more. It’s short and sweet and hopefully will help families get a good night’s rest.< Less
Moo Moo's Morning Meditation By Joseph Green
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I pray these positive mantra's will help you and encourage you today and every day. May you feel Jesus' love for you and about you as you spend quiet time drinking this book in. Try to pick a quiet... More > time and place to just slowly go over the affermation of Jesus' love for you. May the sunshine of Jesus' sweet love bless you today and every day.< Less
Power in the Darkness By Gail Pursell Elliott
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Heal your heart and spirit. Originally compiled for targets of workplace mobbing and bullying, many have found this book soothing and a help for healing.
Stop The Merry-Go-Round I Want To Get Off By Michelle Vann
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Most of us will find ourselves on the merry-go-round of life. This merry-go-round looks good, has a soothing sound but is going in circles. This book will help you begin going down the path to... More > wholeness and freedom.< Less
Hello Strength and Bravery, A Resource Workbook for Children By Ann Waldon, LCSW
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A workbook for parents and psychotherapists to use with children to improve self-esteem using hands-on activities. Internal resources are developed for self-soothing, self-protection, positive... More > thinking, and emotions identification. When a life challenge appears, children with these internal resources are able to process the upsetting experience successfully.< Less