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A POOL'S WAY OUT DA HOOD By michael simmons
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Hey, what up cuz. My name is Mike Remy from Forest Park, Georgia. I like to think of myself as a thorough bread,you know,AKA HUSTLER.I mean I could sell anything from weed(mariquana)to car parts,but... More > my Uncle Ray always told me “Mike,only one hustle can be your love”, do mine was pool. Now wait, I know what you are thinking. Another pool story, but Shawty I promise, you aint never heard a story like this.< Less
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The “People Power” Money Superbook: Book 9. Insurance & Tax Guide (Insurance, Annuities, Insurance Crime, Tax Audit, Off the Books) By Tony Kelbrat
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Insurance to me is a capitalist invention of smart business people who gamble that most people they sell insurance to, a supposed security net should something happen, will not have to pay out and if... More > they do, they've got clauses, exclusions and high deductibles to minimize the claims against them. Study all manner of insurance. Decide what you need and what you can eliminate. Health insurance is generally the most important. Life, home and disability policies rarely ever have to be honored. It comes down to your tolerance for risk. In the old days, there was no insurance. You dealt with whatever happened when it happened and didn't get into all this over-cautious insurance buying. It's probably obvious that I don't own any insurance beyond what I have to buy for my car. I don't live by what could be, I live by what actually happens when it does. I know my house in a suburban area will probably never burn down so I don't waste money on home-owner's insurance.< Less
Your Melody By Kenichi Sobu
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Masayuki Seno, a young pianist, was fired by a record company because his first original album didn't sell at all. At the time, he received a fan letter (more specifically, an audio cassette tape... More > with a recorded message) from a blind girl, who sounded like she was living three years into the future. "I was involved in a car accident and lost my eyesight ... During the moments of despair, I heard ‘Melody’, Mr. Seno's music, on radio ... I realized that I could still find hope in my life ..." Masayuki first thought it was a prank, but he played along with it via the mail exchange between two antiquated cylindrical mailboxes in respective timelines. Future events that the girl said would happen were realized one after another, and he eventually was convinced that she told the truth. Can Masayuki really compose such a masterpiece titled 'Melody', to give the girl energy to live in the future? This work was first published in Japan in 2005 and translated in 2014 for The BBB: Breakthrough Bandwagon Books.< Less

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