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Selling Skills By lain Ewing
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I cannot predict how much money the tools you are learning to use by reading this book will make for you. But I can predict that this book will make you more competitive
Industrial Selling Skills By David Thompson
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Industrial Selling Skills is a book for those individuals involved in selling products and services into Industry. The pressure on sales personnel to perform is now greater than ever before and the... More > book outlines the skills required to be successful in todays very competitive markets. Reducing the 'selling odds' increases the chance of getting an order. It will also help to reduce the stress found in selling capital equipment, makng the role of the Industrial sales engineer more rewarding and meaningful.< Less
Successful Selling Skills By Paul J Spencer
Paperback: $31.65
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This book has been designed to provide basic sales skills for anyone considering the profession of sales. Although I have designed it for new salespeople I have had some amazing testimonies from... More > experienced sales professionals that have found the techniques extremely useful. The reason why experienced salespeople have found this useful is because many of them have had no formal sales training, they are just confident people that are good at communication and have found sales a natural profession. When studying the profession of sales through concept books like this it brings together the reasons why, what they do works for them and why sometimes it doesn’t. If you are new to sales this book will provide you with a great foundation and set you off in the right direction to embark on what I consider is the most rewarding and motivational profession in the world!< Less
Toolbox - Essential selling skills to win more business By Phil M Jones
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Your TOOLBOX is your sales aid, designed to inspire you throughout your sales process using tried, tested and proven methods to WIN MORE BUSINESS. Phil Jones writes from experience and explains how... More > to get more customers and keep all of your customers happy, while they are spending more money, more often. Using simple, practical and easy to implement methods, Phil will educate and guide you, giving you the confidence you need to develop into the business you want to be. • Prepare for success • Open more doors • Master sales appointments • Increase conversion rates • Maximise your average order value • WIN MORE BUSINESS< Less
ADVANCED SELLING SKILLS By Zaher Basheer al-abdo
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تفتقد المكتبة العربية لوجود كتب... More > تبحث في تعليم وشرح مهارات البيع، سواء للمدربين أو المتدربين، حيث غالباً ما يعتمد البائع على الدورات التدريبة الممكن توفرها في السوق الذي يعمل فيه، دون أن يكون لذلك البائع مرجعية يستند اليها، بما يضمن دقة وصحة ما يقوم بالتدرب عليه، لدرجة أنك قد تجد الكثير ممن يقومون بالتدريب ليسوا مؤهلين لذلك، وأنه لا جامع يوحد شروحاتهم ويضبطها باتجاه سليم، فقد يذهب كل منهم حسب ما تقتضية أرضيته العلمية ومستواها، ومهارته العملية ومداها. من هنا تولدت الرغبة بدافع الحاجة لوضع هذا المرجع المبسط والذي يحوي بين دفتيه آخر ما توصلت إليه العلوم ذات الصلة بتحليل وتوصيف سلوكيات البائع والمشتري على حد سواء، بالاضافة إلى ما نقحته التجربة وأكده البرهان العملي لدرجة بات معها يقترب إلى النظرية المؤكدة.< Less
Pinterest Uncovered By Simon Skilling
eBook (ePub): $7.78
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Have you heard of Pinterest yet? It's the hot new social network that's growing like wildfire. With over 16 million visitors a month, it's generating more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and... More > LinkedIn - combined! Pinterest Uncovered is an 80 page bible to everything you need to know about the fastest growing social network. From getting started with a new account, through to integrating it into your Social Media and Marketing strategies. No aspect of this hot new social site is left 'uncovered'. If you want to know how it can drive traffic to your website, how it can help boost your search engine rankings or how you can sell your products through Pinterest - then you need to take a look.< Less
Customer-Oriented Selling: Advanced Sales Skills & Techniques By Dan Jones
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Previously released as 'Advanced Communication Skills for Business Professionals'. Learn how to make customers feel happy & want to buy from you again, create the 'impulse buy' state, discover... More > communication skills secrets that are rarely taught that allow others to feel good about accepting ideas. This book includes practice exercises & chapters on anchoring, rapport & utilisation through to the 'ABC Sales Plan'. Learn skills from Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) & Therapy & how you can apply these skills within a sales setting. No other book teaches the communication skills, therapy knowledge & therapy session structure that initiates co-operation & change in therapy sessions & how to apply this to sales contexts. Therapists specialise in 'selling' feelings & ideas that will be helpful to their clients. You will also learn how to communicate hidden messages that will guide the customer into a receptive state & how to create 'cravings' in customers for what you have to sell.< Less
Brain Sells By Darryl Howrie
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A Neuro-scientific look into game theory and the game-play psychology of modern sales and marketing. Brain sells is about a unique approach to communication and relationship management. Certain... More > language does train our brain it makes certain movies in our mind and gives us our frame of mind. Discover the skills to set a winning frame of mind for your client and brain-sell.< Less
Everyday Selling By Paul Archer
Paperback: $13.87
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As a Sales Coach, I continuously relate sales strategies to everyday events. Join me as I live my life and remind you of sales ideas, energise you with sales tips, in this short-story packed sales... More > coaching tool. Everyday Selling is a fresh new approach to teaching skills of the professional salesperson. Fresh for two reasons: One, it takes you along a different cycle - the customer's buying cycle and ditches the now defunct sales process of old - replacing it with one that hugs closely and intimately the steps your buyer now takes. Because, believe me, these steps have changed hugely over the last few years. More on this shortly. Secondly, I want to illustrate tips and techniques through the medium of story, metaphor and parallels so the messages have a hypnotic effect and help you to see them immediately and apply them to your everyday world of selling in the second decade of the 21st Century.< Less
Selling Confidential: Ben Franklin’s Little Known Scientific Formula Improves Selling Skills 52% By Bob Oros
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Using a scientifically proven system you will become a highly skilled, confident sales person improving your skills 52% in 13 weeks. Selling Confidential is a more confident approach to selling that... More > will take you step by step to success by mastering the attitudes and skills resulting in you being a top performing sales professional. All the doubts, fears and worries you ever had will disappear and will be replaced with a positive, aggressive approach. These topics have been presented over 2000 times to some of the largest companies in the U.S.< Less