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SELMA, The Spiritual Significance of the Right-to-Vote Movement, Demonstrated by Reverend James L. Bevel By Helen L. Bevel
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The history of the Nonviolent Right To Vote Movement is incomplete without the work of James Luther Bevel. If there had not been a James Bevel there would not have been a voting rights act. As the... More > initiation, developer, organizer and director of the movement, he galvanized people to join him in eradicating the barriers to voting. It is the complete story that allows people to understand how a movement takes place. As the strategist for this movement his knowledge is of ultimate value.< Less
The Nonviolent Right To Vote Movement Almanac By Helen L. Bevel
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This book contains the rich history of a people struggling to attain freedom, justice and equality, which is most defined by the Selma, AL Right To Vote Movement. From the shores of Africa to the... More > Americas this book explores the people, through pictures, articles, quotes, poems, timelines and more. Providing the history of nonviolence as applied to the Selma Movement from the unique perspective of the strategist and nonviolent scientist James L. Bevel.< Less
Blackwhite America: A Fresh Look at Whites and Blacks Living Fitfully Together for 393 Years By Bill Orr
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Bringing history to life, Blackwhite America chronicles the racial struggle since America’s origins. Told in the first-person, present-tense voice of Thomas Jefferson, it is a story of stories,... More > each one reliving a time of important change and decision-making. Orr takes an open-minded, well-researched, fresh look at how American whites and blacks lived fitfully together under common governments, from arrival of the first blacks to reelection of Barack Obama—1619-2012. Orr seeks insights to questions he poses at the outset: If the purpose of the Civil War was to free the slaves, why did it take more than a century and a half for blacks to get as close as we are now to equal rights? How far have we all come, really? When, if ever, will we get there? Where is “there?” Blackwhite America details the evolution of America’s growth toward emancipation, the progress of civil rights, and the hope of racial equality.< Less
Faces of Joseph By Joseph Babinsky
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Faces of Joseph is a story of a man born and raised in a preacher’s home, who sets his sights on finding his purpose in life. He weaves a life in the Christian Church as a Presbyterian... More > minister, where he finds partial fulfillment in social-political activism. In the sixties, Joseph involves himself in the civil rights movement in Selma, Alabama. In 1970 he unites with other ministers for an Intra-Faith spiritual quest which takes them to London, Geneva, Rome and Israel. In the 70s and later 80s the the author undergoes two dramatic changes in the desert of Arizona . In the first experience he chooses to walk away from Presbyterianism to Pentecostalism. The second experience follows several years later where Joseph discovers an inner world of the spirit that opens the door to new self-awareness. The book ends with an unusual chapter where Joseph meets two very special people in a dream. Here, Joseph stumbles on a fantastic discovery that will lighten as well as enlighten the heart of the reader.< Less

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