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Semantic Information Modeling Methodology By Andries van Renssen
Paperback: $36.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book describes a methodology for enabling interoperability of systems by modeling information such that it can be queried, stored and exchanged between systems in a system independent way. It is... More > based on the use of formalized natural languages and provides guidance on the modeling of definitions, knowledge and requirements as well as modeling of individual products and processes.< Less
Semantic Modeling In Formal English By Dr. Ir. Andries Van Renssen
eBook (ePub): $19.90
Semantic Modeling in Formal English describes how information can be modeled in a system independent way, by using standardized formalized English. This way of modeling enables universal data... More > exchange and interoperability of systems by expressing information, knowledge and requirements in a human as well as computer interpretable way. That is done by creating semantic information models that include meaning as well as context. The resulting expressions are unambiguous and system independent. The book also describes the Gellish expression format for storage and exchange of information. Formal English is a standardized structured subset of natural English. Semantic Modeling describes how Formal English is defined and how information models can be composed and how they can be interpreted. It also provides a basis for the creation of universal semantic databases. This enables reduction of costs for data conversion and misinterpretation and speeds up data communication and data integration processes.< Less
Semantic Information Modeling in Formalized Languages By Andries van Renssen
Paperback: $38.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Semantic modeling in a formalized language provides a route towards the benefits of universal data exchange, data integration and interoperability of systems. Its application will also reduce the... More > need for and cost of data conversions. Using a formal language enables expressing information and knowledge, including also possibilities, requirements and definitions in a system independent, unambiguous, human as well as computer interpretable way. The book describes Formal English and other members of the Gellish family of formalized languages. It also describes their formal taxonomic dictionaries and gives guidance on creating how high quality information models that can be read by any computer application that can interpret and operate on expressions in the formal language. The book also describes a Gellish expression format and syntax for storing and exchanging information and thus provides a method for the creation of universal semantic databases and for data communication in a common language.< Less
Taxonomic Dictionary of Relations By Andries van Renssen
Paperback: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a taxonomic dictionary, which means that the defined concepts are arranged in a strict subtype-supertype hierarchy, also called a taxonomy. The dictionary defines kinds of relations that are... More > usually not found in conventional dictionaries. A number of the kinds of relations are also defined in various ISO and non-ISO standards. Kinds of relations are widely used in information modeling and database design and for making expressions in formal languages as well as in RDF or OWL based data exchange messages and triple stores. This dictionary is a basic section of a much larger electronic ontological dictionary that defines the Gellish family of formalized languages, especially Formal English. Formal languages are meant for storing, searching and finding information by expressing and exchanging queries and information in a computer interpretable and system independent way.< Less
Taxonomisch Woordenboek van Relaties By Andries van Renssen
Paperback: $36.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dit is een taxonomisch woordenboek. Dat betekent dat het een woordenboek is waarin de gedefinieerde concepten (begrippen) gerangschikt zijn in een strikte subtype-supertype hiërarchie, die ook... More > een taxonomie genoemd wordt. Zo'n taxonomie heeft als kenmerk dat de subtype concepten geacht worden informatie en kennis te erven van hun supertype concepten. Daarom is een taxonomie speciaal van belang om computerondersteunde zoekprocessen te verbeteren met behulp van logica en redeneren. Het woordenboek definieert soorten relaties, waarvan er een aantal ook gedefinieerd zijn in ISO en andere standaarden, maar die meestal niet voorkomen in gewone woordenboeken. Soorten relaties worden onder andere gebruikt bij informatiemodelleren en database ontwerp en bij gegevensuitwisseling tussen systemen in het Semantische Web en voor het uitdrukken van informatie in computerinterpreteerbare systeemonafhankelijke formele talen, zoals Formeel Nederlands. Die talen zijn bedoeld om interoperabiliteit van systemen te bevorderen.< Less

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