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An Investigation into the Narrative Sequences of Michael Ananian By Logan Standard
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With reference particularly to his narrative sequence series, “Counterpart”, this essay explicates the aesthetic properties of Michael Ananian’s works and their association with... More > underlying psychological tones. Michael Ananian manipulates style, technique, light, perspective, and form as a means to create works that are utterly original. Ananian delves into the realm of duality with this series and tinkers with psychological concepts such as Carl Jung’s Shadow. His unorthodox painting style is only superseded by his idiosyncratic subjects in his narrative pieces and his dynamic use of perspective vindicates his artistic ingenuity.< Less
On Being Smee: Chapter #2 a Dream Sequence By Samantha Hernandez
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This is the second chapter in a story about a girl named Smee. In this chapter, we find our main character lost in a jungle, that seems oddly familiar.
Inertia: A poetry film sequence and other selected poems By Daniel Paul Gilbert
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Inertia is a series of poems that follow the day of a man in his seemingly monotonous and routine life. It’s a story of unrequited love and escaping mundanity. Also features selected poems from... More > Daniel Paul Gilbert. Also available as audio soundtrack for free at Soundcloud.< Less
More from Series Magritte By Mark Young
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"It is perhaps for this reason that what I feel to be one of the most achieved and complex sequences here–from Series Magritte–is another example of form and occasion’s... More > stunning complementarity. For, though each poem here takes as its apparent origin an image by the aforementioned surrealist, this sequence of very strong poems is far beyond mere ut pictura poesis. It is also more than any unidemensional ekphrasis: the density of effect here belies the simplicity of its presentation, and the results are unexpected, and always impressive." from Nicholas Manning's review of Mark Young's Pelican Dreaming: Poems 1959-2008.< Less
Johnny Depp - Biography Series By Matt Green
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Ever wondered how Johnny Depp rose to stardom? This champion of the Golden Globe Honor and Curtain performers association reward for the greatest actor was born on 9th of June 1963 and ascended to... More > fame via the TV sequence known as 21 Jump Street, when he became a youth hero. However, Depp was unhappy with that rank and switched to movies for more perplexing characters; he occupied himself with the label role of the much-admired Edward Scissorhands and far ahead found box triumph in movies such as Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Rango and the Pirates of the Caribbean movie sequence. During his movie career Depp has pooled resources with his comrade Tim Burton in eight movies including the Dark Shadows. Movies including Depp have earned billions of dollars on the box office globally. He has been chosen for highest honors countless times. Though many performers pick to play their roles nonviolently, Johnny Depp takes many risks with his choice of performing roles.< Less
T.S. Arthur Series: All's for the Best By T. S. Arthur
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The novel opens with a highly philosophical conversation between Mr. Fanshaw and a gentleman. They begin to talk about faith in God. Mr. Fanshaw, on being asked about God, replies that he does not... More > know God. In the following dialogue they talk about various examples which prove the existence of the things which they make...... The story is sure to keep you absorbed very deeply, for the diction is highly emphatic and the logical sequence of the events very intelligently presented. The satirical tone can not go unnoticed....< Less
Emile Gaboriau Series: Baron Trigault's Vengeance By Emile Gaboriau
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Baron Trigault's Vengeance is a highly classic sequel to The Count's Millions. The partially unsolved mystery of "The Count's Millions" keeps Marguerite de Chalusse from marriage with Paul... More > Ferailleur. Through Baron Trigault and his schemes the long struggle is brought to happy result. The writing is so compelling and the sequence of events so emphatic that it continues to maintain the element of curiosity all through the novel. The book keeps the readers involved and deeply absorbed untill the very last line of the story.< Less
THE SACRIFICE OF PRAISE, Learn the Liturgy Series, Part 3 By Vilma G. Little
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Last but not least- here is book 3 of the "Learn the Liturgy Series" by Vilma Little. "The Sacrifice of Praise" finishes off your journey by giving you a complete understanding of... More > the origins, meaning, and use of the Divine Office as an essential part of the liturgical function of the Church. Look in my storefront for the other two books in the series.From the back cover- "Today a growing number of people participate in the Church's official daily prayer; they use the psalms, the readings and sentences from scripture and the collects, sequences and hymns, which make up the Divine Office. Priests and religious are bound to it, but many layfolk also take their share in the Church's sacrifice of praise. This book is a simple introduction to it." Visit my website, to buy all three books in the "Learn the Liturgy" series and get a nice discount.< Less
The Adventures of a Greenman Series: (Part 1) Raw Beginnings By A Greenman
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'The Adventures of a Greenman' is a 15 part short story series, about the real life experiences of a modern day nomad called Adam, who wanders his way around the earth for almost a decade. The 15... More > parts collectively form the epic book: 'I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World'. ‘Raw Beginnings’ is Part 1, the sequence of events which lead up to Adam selling everything he owns to set off on his adventures. The story begins just before his birth, on a farm in the south of England. His parents are modern day nomads, moving where they find work. As the young wanderer grows up, he faces being beaten senseless by bullies and also knocking himself unconscious in a bicycle accident. Adam experiences ghastly head pain and a sense of 'punch drunkness'. In the years that follow, he seeks ways to a quieter life, and heads off into the wilderness of far away lands. Once he has a taste for travel, he sets about designing a nomadic lifestyle and comes up with an extreme plan to implement it. A true story.< Less
The Canadian Enterpreneur Series Part 1: Has Anyone Seen Bob By Tony DeSouza
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A True Story of sex and intrigue in the Canadian business environment in the seventies and eighties. In this book there are two segments that meld into one episode. The first deals with the sequence... More > of events in the life of the author and his family following arrival in their new homeland. How they were able to meld into the Canadian mosaic in spite of heavy odds.The second deals with the author’s success at his workplace and life in the manufacturing environment. He discovered that behind the screen of normal business behavior, there was always sex, drugs, profanities and intrigue. I hope that my experiences and success will be an inspiration to others. I sincerely hope that I have provided you the reader with some valuable tips and encouragement to success along the way.< Less