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The Serial Artist By George Finney
Paperback: $8.95
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Some cops are willing to bend the rules when it comes to catching criminals. Detective John Ressler is no different, except the rules he bends are the laws of physics. The Serial Artist is a gritty... More > detective novel about the hunt for a serial killer who leaves his own original works of art at each of the crime scenes as a calling card. Paintings, sculpture, music. Nobody can explain how he does his art so quickly, often in locked rooms. Nobody can explain how he seems to stay one step ahead of the police, despite all the clues he leaves. And Ressler must stop him or the next artwork will be of someone he loves. The story follows New York City Detective John Ressler who quickly realizes that there is more to this killer than can be explained by normal police work. The Serial Artist is the first novel by author George Finney and is the first installment of the Relativity Detective series.< Less
Paperback: $19.67
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This book follows 'An Experiment With Time', and examines the implications of Dunne's 'Serialism' for the physical sciences. Most of the book is accessible to the interested non-mathematical reader,... More > and you are unlikely to find a better short history of the arguments and experiments giving rise to quantum theory than that found in part three.< Less
Serial Psychseeing? By Brian Spellman
Paperback: $8.50
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Pen name from a cyber surfing project in amateur journalism that produced unexpected results and ramifications. I finish by citing my screenplay JUST LIKE YOU and accuse Bryan Calvin Hartnell of... More > murdering Cecelia Ann Shepard at Lake Berryessa on September 27th 1969.< Less
Serial Thrillers By Charles Norton
Paperback: $31.21
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The story of Paul Temple, Dick Barton – Special Agent, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, Journey Into Space and the adventure serial on British radio. “The BBC seems bent on turning the... More > children into a new kind of drug addict for… serial thrillers…” (The Times – 17th December 1946) Following the end of the Second World War, a new form of radio entertainment would explode across Britain – the adventure serial. Whether solving murders, foiling conspiracies or journeying into space, the heroes of these radio serials would be the idols of an entire generation of post-war radio listeners. Dick Barton, Paul Temple, Dan Dare and Jet Morgan were once among the most famous names in British fiction. However, today they are almost forgotten. With detailed episode guides and behind-the-scenes stories, it is now once again possible to relive the excitement of one of radio’s most addictive formats and enjoy again the exploits of its most daring adventurers. WITH A SPECIAL INTRODUCTION BY NICHOLAS PARSONS< Less
Serial Kilter By Alan Reynolds
Paperback: $10.15
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SERIAL KILTER presents well-crafted, wide-ranging stories in verse about voyages in space and time: July Travels to the artist’s life in the south of France; La Rambla portraits of Barcelona... More > street life; doctors, patients, and impatience running up against Mortal Health; nature on the north Holland coast in Enkhuizen Spring; inexorable awareness of inexorable aging in The Olding Man; visits and insights from a big-worded, fond-of-drink Padre; attempts at seeing sense in the anguish of War, and returning to where perhaps never was in Take Me to the South combine into an exhilarating exploration of worlds in our world.< Less
Serial Psychseeing (*|*) By My Melancholia
Paperback: $7.95
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This book was crafted in 2008 under Brian Spellman's pseudonym. I became interested in celebrity serial killer documentaries. All my videos specifically this one:... More > Called Bryan Calvin Hartnell & Zodiac. I'm convinced that Hartnell Lied to Sergeant Detective John Robertson at his Queen of The Valley Hospital Official Police Interview on September 27, 1969 I read a transcript of The Official Recorded Interview by M. Feurle and it made me sick. I swallowed 50 100MG Seroquel (QUEtiapine - an anti-psychotic embedded with a sleep additive), and Ingrezza, - involuntary muscle movements). My lungs were scraped of asphyxiated vomit!< Less
Serial Waves By Jill Pritchett
Paperback: $19.99
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The New River Gorge in West Virginia draws rafters, hikers, rock climbers, and adrenaline junkies from all over the world. But this year there is a killer among them. Bonnie Franca, adventurer and... More > whitewater guide, thinks her worst problem is her amorous admirer Dwight David Dennison III. But another problem haunts her. Should she quit guiding after a harrowing incident on the river shattered her confidence? As she debates the confusion in her life, an ominous disaster seizes her attention when a fellow guide and a customer are the victims of a fatal rafting accident. But is it actually an accident? Even as she attempts to solve this mystery, there are other discoveries in store for Bonnie and Dwight. And these may just seal the future of their relationship one way or another.< Less
Serial Desire By Rose Holton
Paperback: $12.40
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This is a story perverse yet familiar. It is marriage as contest—a partnership of combat. The anonymous players are not defined by time or identified by place. They live fueled by desperate,... More > instinctive action—a strategy of manipulation entrenched in the shifting turmoil of control and submission. With each interaction, each confrontation, the thrust of each word, their maneuvers result in the tragic simulation of a relationship, a misery of mutual responsibility—co-inflictors of pain and regret.< Less
Serial Obsession By Martin Hancock
Paperback: $31.56
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Lawrence Goodman wasn’t looking for anything in life except to try to deal with a growing disillusionment with his job. Lecturing in Computer Science wasn’t what it used to be. He was... More > feeling like an empty shell. But, into the void inside him dropped the Beale Diary. One of life’s small mistakes that ends up cascading dramatic consequences. The diary put a match to the tinder wood of Lawrence’s own obsessive mind and life would never be the same again. The big mistake was to write a book about it. This trilogy follows Goodman as he becomes obsessed with uncovering truths that don't appear in the history books.< Less
Paperback: $11.96
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