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Serum By Keshara Narme
eBook (PDF): $3.04
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Doctor Livsey was a brilliant and dedicated scientist on the brink of a wondrous discovery, but her rogue ideas had caused her boss ‘Professor Smit’ and owner of Gencen Labs to doubt her... More > work… Determined to stop the erratically obsessed female scientist from taking her work into forbidden territories he has no option but to terminate her experiments, however her ‘obscure’ science theories were not just theories to her and as the Professor would find out she was determined to put them into practice… WARNING: CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL< Less
The Lazarus Serum By Fallon Jones
Paperback: $14.99
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"If you're reading this, I am not dead. I am so much worse than that." In the ruins of a state once called California lies the dystopian city of Amaranth, where childbirth is impossible,... More > disease is myth, and every resident relies on the Lazarus Serum to survive. When Claire Weston narrowly escapes an encounter with a mechanical man who is trying to kill her, she must travel to the future with Darius, a hardened refugee with golden eyes, in hopes of surviving. Darius is the leader of the Octane Angels, and he believes that Claire will save Amaranth. Unlike Claire, Darius is willing to do whatever it takes to survive—even if it means killing hundreds for humanity’s second chance. But despite his calloused exterior, Darius falls in love with Claire’s creative ways of thinking and the hope she still holds for the future. Together Darius and Claire fight their way to Amaranth in order to save the world, battling giant glass spiders and mechanical men along the way.< Less
True Truth Serum Vol. 1 By Truth Serum Press
Paperback: $11.70
Prints in 3-5 business days
45 writers riff on the topic 'true' ... featuring stories, essays and poems by Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Mark Hudson, Lynn Hoffman, Len Kuntz, Danielle Davis, M. Earl Smith, Wayne Scheer, Sally Reno,... More > Vivian Wagner, Paul Beckman, Michael Konik, David S. Atkinson, A J Huffman, Jack Granath, Tim Philippart, Martin Jon Porter, Martin Shaw, Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny, Ruth Z. Deming, John Lambremont Sr., John Grey, Em König, Brian Abiri-Osare, Patricia Walsh, Samuel Cole, Danny P. Barbare, Carl 'Papa' Palmer, Michael Marrotti, Barbara Ruth, Stephen V. Ramey, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Irene Buckler, Robbi Nester, Flora Gaugg, Matt Devirgiliis, Sarah Anne Childers, Robert Beveridge, Anne E. Weisgerber, Richard King Perkins II, Nod Ghosh, Alan Walowitz, Tom Sheehan, Dusty-Anne Rhodes, Lynn White and Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz< Less
My unreal infant adventure By hayumi ejipt
Paperback: $7.12
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Max Gilford and his friends were enjoying their 8th grade life until strang things started happening, they lose their hair , their teeth, and forget everything they learned, will they find out whats... More > happening to them before it's too late< Less
My unreal infant adventure By hayumi ejipt
eBook (PDF): $1.00
Max Gilford and his friends were enjoying their 8th grade life until strang things started happening, they lose their hair , their teeth, and forget everything they learned, will they find out whats... More > happening to them before it's too late< Less
Ache By Ashlea Wilson
Paperback: $10.00
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(1 Ratings)
Sometimes what people truly want is more powerful than anything they can be taught or told. Years ago, a serum to fix all was created by the greatest scientist of all times. Now, everything is... More > falling apart. Or maybe not everything, just Emilea Prower's life. Nothing has been the same since Emilea lost her twin brother to a fate worse than death. Now she is beginning the journey to find her future. However, her future seems to have found her instead-and it looks like nothing she has prepared for. From pen pals to bombings, Emilea's whole reality is turned upside down in a matter of days. The question is, will she survive it?< Less
How to Restructure the Matrix of the Skin from the Cellular Level By Matt Canham
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Restore and Revitalize Your Skin's Youthful Vibrance At The Cellular Level With This Breakthrough Renewal Serum Made From Live Ingredients
Flight Pattern By Crystal D. Wireman
eBook (PDF): $1.25
A young woman, who works at as a front desk clerk at a hotel, in Riverview Arbor. The young woman works constantly, and lives alone. While working, she hears a loud BOOM. Deducting that it came from... More > behind the hotel, she rushes out to investigate. There she finds, staggering out of a small crater, is a man. When she inquires about his condition, he simply smiles, and the mysteriously vanishes into the dust. Later on, he ends up crashing into her house. So furious she never thinks to ask questions, he ends up leaving without a word. Somewhere in Riverview Arbor, there is a very rich, very furious, very evil man, angry that a carefully planned bank robbery went awry. This man is bent on having as much money as humanly possible, by any means necessary. So he calls in his “henchmen” to find the reason for the foiled bank robbery. Turns out that the reason is the same mysterious stranger that “crash landed” into the area behind the hotel, and into the unsuspecting desk clerk's house.< Less
Significance of Lipid Profile Assay As Diagnostic and Prognostic Tool By Arun Kumar
eBook (ePub): $11.90
Lipid profile as such sounds so simple but the simple measurement of lipid profile in subjects gives massive information about the progression of diseases and still many things about lipids yet to be... More > unveiled. Daily new concepts are coined based on the ongoing researches. This book encompasses the diagnostic and prognostic importance of lipid profile assay. Here the author establishes the importance of lipid assay and it covers some of the research based on lipids in Normolipidemic AMI patients, AIDS patients and also multicenter studies. It was once believed that if one is Normolipidemic than the risk of AMI is lowered but the trends of Hyperlipidemia always associated with AMI have changed. In this book the author shares his experience working with Normolipidemic AMI patients. The research is based on stratification of risk factors in these patients, where the author approaches to elucidate the various risk factors associated with Normolipidemic AMI patients.< Less
The Turning: Unleashed (Book 2) By April M. Reign
Paperback: List Price: $13.42 $8.05 | You Save: 40%
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A feud, which has been unsettled for centuries… A vampire leader, determined to sacrifice his army… A werewolf clan, ready to invade its greatest enemy… A town on the verge of... More > destruction, its secrets buried in a Native American legend… This is Apollo’s story In a hurry to leave the forest of Stockwood, Washington, and the feud between his vampire family and his werewolf bloodline, Apollo and Sophie flee to a neighboring town in order to seek a “normal” life together. Protecting Sophie is the only thing on Apollo’s mind—until he finds himself in the middle of a town with a deadly secret—a secret which includes everyone he loves. Now caught between his duties to protect the vampire family that raised him, share his life with the woman he loves and unravel the town’s secrets, which could destroy everyone, Apollo makes a choice. Determined to do the right thing, Apollo’s world is torn apart, causing him to unleash his rage on everything in his path.< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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