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Help customers build their business. Your primary goal is to help your customers become more successful. You are not just selling products and services they can buy from any competitor; you will... More > learn how to sell them ideas, consulting services and your personal services. Benjamin Franklin's 13-week self improvement program will guarantee your success.< Less
Service By W. Torborg
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Service is about serving God to the full and knowing how to do what He wants you to do. If you call yourself a Christian then act like a Christian is suppose to; do what a Christian is supposed to... More > do. A true Christian is meant to be a representative of Jesus, who is the Christ, on Earth to a needy people; in other words, to be a Jesus to those in need. The word Christian as given in Antioch (Acts 11:26) means little Christ or many Christs. Jesus lived God's will in front of us--we read about His life--now it is up to us to follow His example and live God's will in front of all people, not just the believers but the unbelievers as well. After all, if we don't do it who will? Think about it this way; If you don't do it who will?< Less
The Service By Nathan Peck
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This book was created by Nathan Peck Associate Professor of Art at Saint Xavier University
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Atkku Services By Atkku Services
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Atkku provides accounting services for small businesses which includes accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, bank statement reconciliation and credit card reconciliation.... More > Reach us on: Call : (855) 273-6161< Less
Service / Repair Manual By Service Manual
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Good one
Customer Service Excellence: The Fundamentals By Massive Customer Service Academy
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"Be Awesome at Customer Service , in 3 days or less, without ever having to leave your house !" If you are in customer service or looking to increase sales, we have something to tell you.... More > A customer service job is demanding BUT those who do well seem to have some sort of SECRET. Moreover, salespeople who know the secrets of ROCK STAR customer service understand VERY WELL that GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE = MORE SALES!! I know what you're thinking: "Yeah, but some people have the talent, the passion. Not me. I'm not that 'people-person' by the way." Yup, you may be right on that - but that doesn't mean you cannot do SOMETHING to get ahead of your COMPETITION or MAKE MORE MONEY if you are a salesperson. YOU CAN BE THE BEST IN YOUR FIELD! Everyone will admire you, look up to you, and they wished "Boy, do I wish I know what his/her secret is!" YOUR BOSSES WILL NOTICE AND PROMOTE YOU. Career progression!< Less
Aircon Servicing In Singapore By Aircon Servicing Singapore
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Aircon Servicing Singapore is one of the most crucial aircon servicing in Singapore. Regular aircon servicing can help to reduce the possibility of system breakdowns and increase the lifespan of your... More > air-conditioner. Wei Wei Aircon Servicing provide quality aircon services in Singapore. Visit our website @ to find out more today.< Less
Order for Discipline and Service Handbook By Order for Discipline and Service
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The Order for Discipline and Service (ODS) is a group of individuals who find personal fulfillment in the hierarchy and structure of consensual Master/slave relationships. ODS is a structured and... More > disciplined body that lives according to rule. Master Jack McG was the founder and commander of ODS. This book represents the results of years of his study and effort into ways to create a sustainable and fulfilling Master/slave household. He was passionate and enthusiastic about sharing with the community elements of this lifestyle that worked for his household, as well as learning from others knowledge that would benefit his own home. This limited edition publication represents the fruits of those labors. If you are currently living as Master and slave or even considering setting up an M/s household, you'll find guidance and inspiration in this resource. From the practical to the philosophical, a wide range of topics are covered here that will help you devise a path that is right for you.< Less
4 Stroke Scooter Service Manual By Scooter Service
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Scooter workshop service manual for owners of 4-stroke 50cc scooters including the large number of Chinese scooter imports now being sold. This manual covers servicing, maintenance and strip downs... More > for the fuel, braking, ignition and transmission systems as well as complete instructions on how to strip down and maintain the engine. The engine covered by this manual was originally developed by Honda (known as the GY6) and is now commonly called the QMB139. 183 Pages Worldwide delivery available.< Less