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Seven short plays all linked by a common setting -- a counselling room. Each interaction is based on one of the seven deadly sins.
Seven Deadly Sins By Dr. Stanford E. Murrell
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Proverbs 6:16 "These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him." The seven deadly sins of Proverbs 6:16-19 are examined in this work by Dr. Murrell. Are you... More > committing a deadly sin?< Less
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Seven short fiteen minute comedies featuring interactions between different therapists and clients within a rented therapy room, with each consultation centering on one of the deadly sins.
The Seven Deadly Sins: a companion By Ronnie S Landau
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What exactly have historians, playwrights, philosophers, humourists, poets, politicians, and others had to say about the Seven Deadly Sins, humanity's constant companions? In this collection of... More > thoughts, homilies, witticisms and warnings, internationally renowned historian, Ronnie S Landau, examines the place of the Seven Deadly Sins - pride, envy, wrath, greed, sloth, gluttony and lust - within world culture and consciousness over the past 2,500 years. Penetrating and thought-provoking, often irreverent, this rich assembly of ideas aims to challenge the way we think about our emotions, frailties and predilections. Culled from every conceivable source and discipline, it will make you smile, grimace, glow and fume - but, above all, reflect on the human condition.< Less
Seven Deadly Sins of Management By Ian Campbell
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A light and easy read with some serious and heavyweight messages, ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ is a ‘must read’ for all managers, would-be managers, management teachers, students of... More > management and shareholders. In it the author explores some of the behavioural characteristics in management that can lead to sub-optimal financial performance and undermine both reputation and shareholder value. He supports his contentions by using examples from well publicised and high profile corporate events alongside personal insights and experiences from his interesting and varied career. The book offers food for thought for shareholders, both large and small, and for the managers who perpetrate the seven deadly sins.< Less
Beneath the Seven Deadly Sins By Huberto Vargas
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Constant temptations to join other fellow human beings in the exercise of indulgence are bound to plague any of us at any time of our life. You may think you're ready to face any situation that may... More > beset your ethical senses, but the allure imbued in our weakness does not come in neat little packages conveniently labelled with warning decrees. While it is true that many of us will be led astray more than once during our remaining sojourn on this Earth, I wish to share, in the form of sonnets, some guidelines and reflections thought up to cope with a sin-bound life.< Less
Seven Sins By Barry Worsley
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The First World War came to an end in 1918 with the signing of the Armistice of Compiegne. The event is still remembered throughout the world but another event which happened at the same time has... More > gone unnoticed. This was an event not recorded in any history book. As the nations battled against each other there was one who sought to destroy them all. In 1918 the First World War ended with the defeat of the cambion army at the hands of one of their own. His name was Albert Watkins. After defeating the cambion, Albert turned his attention to their rulers, the fallen angel Mastema and his council of demons, who looked to used to conflict to eliminate mankind and bring about a new world order for all the fallen. With the help of a magical alien race Albert was able to imprison Mastema and those who followed him. Their imprisonment was to be eternal but Albert knew better. He knew that Mastema would one day return. Ninety two years later Mastema was free and the Earth needed a new saviour!< Less
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Seven short plays set in a counselling room.
The Seven Deadlies By Interrobang Interrobang
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In this stunning, often hilarious chapbook, Portland poet Carolyn Moore takes us through the "Seven Deadlies" of antiquity, examining them with perspicacity and wit.
The Seven Deadly Sins Of Marketing - And How To Avoid Them By Alan Tarr
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A Practical Advertising and Marketing Communications Guide for Bedrock (small to medium)American businesses. You will learn: • How using advertising and marketing techniques favored by... More > mega-marketers are guaranteed to cost you plenty and might even kill your business. • Why you need to be different from your competitors - and how to do it. • How to write your marketing and advertising to get the best results - more business. • Why many businesses ignore up to 94% of their potential customers - and how you can avoid this trap. Plus Bonus Section: 9 Most Common Reasons Why Ads Fail •26 Most Compelling Words In Marketing •8 Steps For Writing A Great Ad •28 Proven Formulas For Writing Headlines •13 Rules When Writing Copy For Print Media .......and more< Less