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The Spiritual Truth By Aunidan Christi et al.
eBook (PDF): $13.53
The book you are about to read will challenge everything you once thought was the Truth. The Truth you once thought was set in stone is about to be revealed as so far from the Truth, it beggars... More > belief that so-called learned men and women ever believed in the Truth they claim to believe in, in whatever field of expertise they claim to hail from. This Spiritual Guide into all Truth will open your minds and awaken your Souls to all Truth, which has been withheld from earthly human beings now for over 10,000 years, until this year of 2017/18. The Beginning is near and the hour is late, and Wisdom is calling Her children in these latter days to open your eyes to Reality and the Truth which comes with this book. Inspired by the Most High God and His Love, the Most High Goddess, our Most High Father and Mother, the Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus and Seven Spirits from the Divine Council above.< Less
The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth. By Aunidan Christi et al.
Paperback: $18.00
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The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth will take the reader on a magical journey of discovery into Truths long forgotten by humankind. The reader will be fully introduced to our Heavenly Mother,... More > the Love, Partner, Co-Creator and Daily Delight of our Heavenly Father, the Most High God. The reader will be shown many Secrets and where exactly to find our Heavenly Mother in your Jewish, Christian and Islamic writings, including the Torah, Bible and Quran. You will also meet Mary Magdalene and their three children who I name in this book, who themselves went forth as all within Adam and Eve's bloodlines did creating the Eternal Bloodline which bridges the gap between Heavenly Human Beings who then became earthly human beings. So join me on this journey of discovery for the hour is late and the time is at hand. "And The Spirit and His Bride say, come." THE BEGINNING IS NEAR :) SAN DOM DE NANTA VAN SAN NANTESS ESTANTO?< Less
The Seven Spirits of God -- Building According to the Pattern of the Kingdom By J. Scott Husted
Hardcover: $39.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This work represents the rediscovery of an ancient pattern that God has given to his people in order to build His Kingdom on earth. This pattern can be found throughout the Bible. The scripture shows... More > that the Hebrew writers of Old and New Testaments thought, wrote, and lived according to this pattern. We can see that they considered this pattern as foundational to planting, building and living out God’s Kingdom here on Earth. As we recognize the pattern of the Kingdom and begin to understand its elements, we can begin to use it to structure every effort pertaining to the Kingdom of God. Indeed, the scripture urges us: “Build everything according to the Pattern that I (God) have shown you.” Once recognized as God’s intended pattern of the Kingdom, this pattern is applicable and necessary to every part of Godly worship, service and life today. In fact, as we implement our ministry, work and life according to God’s plan, we begin to see that God’s plan is the only way to build His Kingdom in the Earth.< Less
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Seven Sins By Quinn Agathoni
Paperback: $17.84
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dark nights, lonely place, only the Dark spirits knows the truth. Now, Janie must find the way to show the light and stop LUST
Seven Letters By Antony Pitts
Paperback: $9.81
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The words of the Seven Letters from the Book of Revelation are over 1900 years old, yet speak with a remarkably contemporary voice. The Laodiceans, the last of the seven churches addressed, think... More > they are rich in worldly terms, but do not realize that spiritually they are “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked”. Each of these letters is declaimed by a solo – at times virtuosic – voice (originally written for individual members of the ensemble TONUS PEREGRINUS and recorded on Hyperion CDA67507), and each letter ends with the urgent refrain: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Churches”. The cover painting is by David Jenks: 'Finale'.< Less
The spirit of the game By Barry Doughty
Paperback: $4.56
Prints in 3-5 business days
Barry is seven, an age when questioning the existence of God is very prominent, especially when born with one arm.
Journey Into Spirit By Paul Keetley
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JOURNEY INTO SPIRIT Poetry of Pavan (Paul Keetley) spanning years 1983 to 2011. Poetry of pure inspiration that records the outpourings from a newly realised Sahaja Yogi and his progressive... More > Self-realisation over almost 30 years. Titles include: La Lune, The Blank Page, Joy - Spirit, Shri Mataji, In my Mother’s House, We Pray, He Looked And Saw, In the House of the Goddess, That Silence, I Would That You, The Fruit of One, In Truth, As Well You Know, We Bow, How We Grew, May I Ascend, Shri Bhaswarasuri, Auspicious Synchronicity, Brahmapuri, Sometimes I Think, Day One, The Willow, Grace of Hum-Sa, In Silence, Come Into The Light, Paradox, The Spark, You Are, The Way Of Kundalini, Witness, I Declare, Love’s Play, Our Mother Bore Us, Be, Into Meditation, No End, Oh Mighty Hand, I am Shiva, This Day Eternity, Eternal Wealth, Spirit Thought Resists, Tao & Zen, In The Divine, Dark Divine, FREEDOM, Seven Deadly Blind Spots, The Crucifix of Time, Consciousness, The One You See, One Can Only Wonder, ps.< Less
Seven Realms of Worship By Deborah Elum
eBook (ePub): $4.99
As a Believer, you know how to pray to God but do you know how to worship Him in spirit and in truth? True worship is an indescribable experience. When you worship God, you create an atmosphere... More > around you for Him to manifest Himself mightily in you. Worship allows you to have a divine understand of spiritual things. As the Holy Spirit teaches you how to move into new realms of worship, you tap into heaven on earth. He releases you from all earthly connections as you are supernaturally illuminated bringing something that can only be released from God. In “Seven Realms of Worship,” experience the awesome power of worship as this new revelation allows you to ascend into the heavens.< Less
Seven Steps to Have a Devotion By Duke Bru-Minda
eBook (ePub): $5.75
This book reveals seven steps sequential procedures on how to have a great bible study time. You will find in the book topics like: Prayer of Holy Spirit Invitation Prayer of Enlightenment Prayer of... More > Submission Prayer of Experience Studying the Gospels Making Notes Meditation This book reveals God's way of fellowship with Him through His Word.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00