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Addictions By TT57
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Announcing A New Battle Plan For Overcoming Addiction. Does you addiction have a stranglehold over your life? If you're desperate to relieve some pressure, arming yourself with 101 addiction... More > fighting tips, tricks and tactics may just be your ticket out. It doesn't matter what your addiction is. Whether it be drugs, illegal or otherwise. Alcohol, food, sugar, sex, the Internet or anything else. Everyone who finally reaches independence discovers that they first had to confront their addiction face-to-face. And the most successful recoveries apply time-tested methods to seek and destroy the inner causes of addiction. Finding out what triggers the spark inside you, the impulse that makes you feel like you truly NEED something, is very important. Discover Your Inner Strength Hidden Inside You.< Less
IMAGINE RECOVERY A Hero's Journey Through Addiction Workbook By Wendyne Limber
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Imagine Recovery is a workbook for those who are ready to heal and transform addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, work, love and relationships. The work takes the reader/writer through the 12... More > Shamanic Steps of Recovery as one's own hero journey!< Less
The Cocaine Recovery Book By Paul H. Earley, M.D., FASAM
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Cocaine Addiction has unique characteristics that must be addressed by every addict to ensure a successful, sustained recovery. This unique book addresses both the addict and the professional. It... More > will be helpful for physicians, social workers and addiction therapists in addressing cocaine addiction. This book provides a history of the problem of cocaine addiction, how it affects the brain, and the steps one needs to take to recover. Special chapters deal with cravings management, sex and cocaine, and how to integrate therapy into an addiction recovery program.  < Less
Stop and Think... about addiction By James Lawrence
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A self-help booklet for those with an addiction and those wanting to help them. There is an easy explanation of how addiction works. And how to get your life back with a focus on a higher power.... More > Useful for individuals or groups. 18 pages.< Less
Beating Your Addictions By Paul Cresswell
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Beating Your Addiction & Preparing Yourself To Win Do you want to know the secret all people discover on their road to recovery? It doesn't matter what your addiction. Whether it be drugs,... More > illegal or otherwise. Alcohol, food, sugar, sex, the Internet or anything else. Everyone who finally reaches independence discovers that they first had to confront their addiction face-to-face. And the most successful recoveries apply time-tested methods to seek and destroy the inner causes of addiction. The more you understand about the nature of addiction (and how it applies to you) the more you can empower yourself to fight it. Welcome to one of the most powerful weapons to help you beat your addictions - whatever they may be - this comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know to prepare yourself to win, with time tested methods, medical advice and detox coping strategies< Less
Freedom from Addiction Prayer By Douglas Blocker
eBook (PDF): $2.50
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Thisd is a prayer that I wrote and it has helped my recovering addicts and alcoholics find comfort and relief.
Addiction: causes, symptoms, treatment and overcoming By Heather Lamb
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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You CAN Say Goodbye To Your Addictive Behavior. Start Enjoying Real Freedom For Once And For All! Addictive behavior is a symptom of an illness. This is one of those rare cases where the coin... More > really does have two sides. Having an illness doesn't seem like good news, but it really is. Here's why: When you're sick, you can do something about it. You can fight asthma with an inhaler. You can take antihistamines for allergies. Illnesses have CURES. You're dealing with an illness and there's a solution for it. It's true whether you're addicted to: •Drugs •Alcohol •Gambling •Sex •The Internet •Food •Caffeine •Tobacco •Or anything else. All addictive behaviors possess common traits and that leads to core approaches that can provide relief.< Less
BeYond The MaSk: Shattering Porn Addiction By Larry Pierce
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This is a great little book for those entering counseling or struggling in the recovery process! The beauty of this work lies in the fact that it is written from a personal journey and it has the... More > amazing ability to effectively assist the addict and their families through questions, past pain, abuse, hurt and into embracing the secrets of the recovery process which will help to bring about healthy living. Endorsed by Chris Berger, National Certified Counselor, specializing in sexual addiction.< Less
Sold Out: A Recovery Guide for Prostitutes Anonymous By J.L. Williams
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Our book is called "Sold out" because in our addiction we sold out everything, our dignity, our morals, our safety, and for many even our health. Sex Workers Anonymous is a group, program,... More > society, fellowship, of men and women (as well as transgenders) for whom the sex industry has/had become a problem. We meet regularly to give each other our "experience, strength and hope" so that through the process of sharing, empathy and networking we are able to find healing, hope, and happiness. If we could have found a solution on our own - we probably wouldn't be here. This is why for us, a "spiritual", not "religious", solution that has worked for many damaged people called the "12 Steps" is why we are here. So it doesn't matter if you're Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or even Atheist or Agnostic - our focus is on what is your problem today, and how we can help.< Less
Overcoming Pornography Addiction - A Bible Study Aid Presented By By United Church of God
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Pornography addiction is a real and very serious problem for people of all types and backgrounds. It may even be a serious problem for you. If you or someone to know is struggling with the sexual sin... More > of porn addiction, this study aid can help break the chains of slavery to sin. - Inside this booklet: - Pornography Addiction - It's a problem... - What is Pornography Addiction? - Internet Pornography Affects Christians - Coming Out of Slavery to Sexual Sin - The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous Adapted for Sexual Addicts - From Slavery to Freedom - 3 Bible Tips on Avoiding Pornography and Lust - Breaking Free from Sexual Addictions - Tools of Recovery< Less