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Secrets of the Missionary Sex Position By J.J. Wanton
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Why is the missionary position commonly chosen for the first time a couple has sex? What is the starfish position? What is the ‘riding high’ variant? These and many more questions are... More > answered in this book! CONTENTS: Commonness First Time Sex Position Basic Position Variants 'Legs-Up' Variants Penetration Psychological Aspects Props Lubrication Male Orgasm Female Orgasm ... And More!< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.75
Today we are alive and remembering our fore fathers and feeling proud to be a representative of our heredity only because of sex. We are seed basically. Nature gives life to a seed through the... More > environment. Birth takes place and the life moves on. We produce a seed before leaving this world. Our fore fathers have gone but our race continues all because of sex. In nature, except for the human race, all other races like plants and animals live their lives according to the law of nature. The human being has been given the sixth sense by god to work in the world as HIS representative. Using this intelligence, instead of doing the work given by god, human being is becoming a negative force for the destruction of nature. The sex which was given to him for the development of generation is being used with greed for rape and murder. Human being matures to use sex and protect the human race. We must use it positively for the safety of our race and nature.< Less
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Lorenzo's nasty sex positions By lorenzo kirby
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A book about educating sex hungrey people.
Kamasutra Sex Positions for the Over 50s: Over 50 Sex Positions By W T McCleat, Susan Florence
eBook (ePub): $4.97
Discover the SECRETS to reclaiming your RAW passionate want that will take your ROMANTIC love making to new levels of intensity. Imagine the feelings of deep desire that was once yours; NOW re-live... More > it again with the Over 50's Kamasutra, the ancient art of lovemaking as your HOT guide. These EROTIC positions will arouse a level of DESIRE that will instantly RE-IGNITE your dormant passion. Feel your body and mind blend in new and exciting ways and REDISCOVER your PASSION transforming it into willing partners of SEDUCTION once more. Let your mind blowing CLIMAX unleash your WILD side as you grasp for more and more PURE pleasure. Satisfy your LUST, discard your INHIBITIONS and let loose a rush of UNTAMED desire as you reach these new levels of deep INTIMACY The Over 50's Kamasutra is a guide with over 50 illustrations of great sex positions for those of us who are not quite as flexible as we used to be, yet want the stimulation of trying new and unusual positions for sex to spice up our love life.< Less
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Sex Position Secrets: The Best Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure By Svetlana Ivanova
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Everybody says that changing sex positions is good, that knowing your different options will make your sex life exciting and so on, but why, how, and what advantages does it actually give a couple?... More > One thing trying new sex positions is not about is sexual acrobatics, which few people are interested in What many couples are interested in, though, is making sex more fun and pleasurable. Changing positions can make sex more stimulating - or less stimulating if needed to last longer. New sex positions can also provide different sensations and affect the emotions. It's important to remember that sex position does not only pertain to vaginal sex. Manual sex has different positions, as do oral sex and anal sex. The same reasons for changing positions for vaginal penetration also apply to foreplay and anal sex, and different positions for all of these are included. This books covers everything couples need to know about the best sex positions for maximum pleasure< Less
Lesbian Sex Licking Techniques & Positions By Marie Turner
eBook (PDF): $9.99
How to please your partner with different lesbian techniques to reach an orgasm Licking Techniques Eating P***y Positions Vaginal and Anal Strap-On Positions 50 Threesome Positions
Kamasutra with a Twist: Sex Positions with Seductive Cocktails By W T McCleat
eBook (ePub): $4.97
'KamaSutra with a Twist: Sex Positions with Seductive CockTails We show you how to SPICE your LOVE MAKING, achieve heightened CONFIDENCE and remove all INHIBITIONS about deep true INTIMACY. We... More > suggest the RIGHT drink for YOUR kamasutra to create the 'MOOD' for intense pleasure with a willing partner. FEEL the thrill when you discover an intimate position and cocktail that adds to those INTENSE sensations of PLEASURE. 'Kamasutra Seductive CockTails' exposes the RAW erotic NAKEDNESS of the Kama sutra by cleverly combining unique COCKTAILS that intensifies the INTIMACY of the moment. FEEL your mind mellow with a seductive cocktail, then experience the untamed AROUSAL as you entwine within each other reaching new heights of mutual SATISFACTION. This book will reveal the SECRETS of DEEP satisfying INTIMACY that will never get old. Don't wait, take control, you deserve the PLEASURE! Read it, make it, do it and tell the story of how it all came about! Here's to You!< Less
Want Better Sex? Practice These Yoga Positions By John Dugan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Better sex is an admirable goal for any man (or woman, for that matter). One path that more men should investigate: yoga positions that can have a positive impact on sexual activity.