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Chrystal's Castle By Mi-Leing
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Preventing and stopping child molestaion is the aim of this fantasy fairytale, which describes how a young princess deals with the plight of her victimization. This story teaches children how to... More > share their secrets without fear of repercussion. Also, while raising awareness about sexual predators to all young girls & boys, there is a clear message that: 1) they CAN and MUST seek immediate help, should they become victims, 2) there is no shame in telling, 3) the lies and threats told to them by their predators are not true, and 4) they are not alone in their experience. Written in the style of Dr. Seuss (rhyme) with color illustrations, this is an enchanting and educational story that children will want to hear repeatedly. A "Good Touch/Bad Touch" guide follows, at the end of the book. Due to the targeted age range, the story does not contain language or situations that explicitly describe acts of a sexual nature. Ideal for pre-school & elementary school children as a read-aloud classroom or bed-time story.< Less
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Guilty or Not By Don Keefer
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A prominent physician is accused of child molestation, and the valient attempt of his attorney to unravel a devious cospiracy. (Adult & Sexual Themes)
The Predator Sex Offender By J. O'Hughes
Paperback: $10.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book was written in order to help people who are concerned about sex offenders, especially "PREDATOR SEX OFFENDERS" who may be in their neighborhood. It is a very informative guide... More > that has been written by a very unique individual: indeed from the very first page you will be surprised to learn who has stepped up to help you with this very sensitive issue.< Less
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"Sickos?" A Survival Guide for Sex Offenders, Survivors and Society By J. O'Hughes
Paperback: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
"Sickos?" is a about what society, the sex offender, and the survivor of sexual assault can do in order to lessen the events of sexual assault in our communities. It is the only book that... More > confronts all parties head on with a solution from a man who has very real and personal experiences with this very sensitive issue. No other book on the market confronts the issue of Sex Offenders like this book.By helping the sex offender regain his humanity in a society forced into a witch hunt against them, we can make our communities a safer place. A COMPLETE WORKBOOK IS INCLUDED FOR A 10-WEEK STUDY PLAN FOR BOTH INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. EXCELLENT FOR TREATMENT SPECIALISTS, PENAL AND MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTIONS,FAMILIES DEALING WITH THIS ISSUE, OR ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO KNOW THE REAL REASONS BEHIND THE SEX OFFENDER PROBLEM.< Less
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Unwanted Daughters By Dianne Khan
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
It took a minute to set in. My own horrendous story of child sexual abuse seemed insignificant now. Being born a girl in an Indian family for me was like being a free for all sex object. The abuse... More > was shoved under the carpet and no one speaks about it or comprehends what it did to me as a child and what it continues to do to me as a woman. I started out on a journey that didn’t promise understanding. It was an accidental answer. It started in India and was scattered with families all over the world where Indian families were misplaced. The burden that arises when a girl child is born. Molestation. Sexual abuse. Incest. Infanticide. Child brides. Child prostitutes. Homicides. My book touches a little of all but most importantly, a list of signs to look for if your babies are being sexually abused. Also, a glimmer of hope for other sexually abused Indian children who are now grown and still seeking answers as to why this remains such a prevalent silent crime.< Less
Tamar's Deliverance By Michelle Langford
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Being captured by the dragnet of sexual sin is hardly the expectation of any young woman, but certainly not the King's daughter. Tamar's story of incest and betrayal is detailed in 2 Samuel Chapter... More > 13. It began with a bloodline and family history of perversion and moral decline. David's adultery and violence against the house of Uriah was being judged by the visitation of his iniquity upon his children. One of his sons raped his daughter; the other son slept with his concubine and killed his brother. Chaos ensued in the Kingdom of Israel as it does so many times in our own homes. The epidemic encounters with sexual sin and molestation can no longer be ignored by the modern day church because the issue has stormed to gates of the church itself.This book is written to take a detailed look into the precursors which set the stage for Tamar's brokenness. It further addresses the healing necessary for all of the women who share Tamar's story to come out of shadows, shed their shame, and look to Jesus and live!< Less

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