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An Outline of Sexual Morality By Kenneth Ingram
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The Evolution of Sexuality, Identity & Morality in Women By Angela Taylor
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This book is a look inside the evolution of you and me in today's changing times. It is a glimpse at how we must all first learn to be singular instead of emulating the things that we see around us.... More > We are all amazing creatures. We are all wondrous. We are all unique. Let's learn why we are the way we are so that hopefully we can change things in the eyes of the person in the mirror as well as the world.< Less
Mangled Morality By Dianne Khan
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A highly explicit and very graphic tale of a young woman who was sexually abused as a child and finds herself in a very abusive and violent relationship. The long term effects of being sexually... More > abused as a child are overwhelming, permanent and sometimes unexplainable.< Less
Identidad sexual, autoestima y desarrollo moral By María Consolación Macías Villar
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Etapas por las que pasan los niños y niñas en cuánto a la identidad sexual, desarrollo moral y autoestima
Marriage and Morals Islam By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi
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Useful guide including discussions on Western sexual morality, Islamic sexual morality, Islamic view of marriage and women, beginning of sexual life, rules of marriage and the wedding night,... More > contraceptives abortion, and human reproduction. An essential guide for every bride and groom.< Less
Moral Combat: Tormented Hope By Susie Quickened
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When Hannah was a little girl, she was full of love. But she was born into a volatile family of drunks where sexual abuse, keeping secrets, and worse were the norm. In spite of all that, she felt an... More > intense desire to survive and escape. Even though she suffered physical and emotional attacks, Hannah picked herself up every time and braced for the next outburst of family violence. She wanted nothing more than to leave her family to find love and kindness. However, she could not escape the darkness, and she’d try to kill herself in the third grade. The only thing she could see in her future was incest, beatings, and more attacks from the people she loved the most. At nine years old—at the brink of slipping into a downward spiral—she heard a voice that told her, “Write down your story. It is your inheritance.” She listened to that voice. Join Hannah on her journey from her birth to age ten as she learns the difference between good and evil in the first book of Moral Combat.< Less
Finding Male Sexuality By Carl E. Stevens, Jr.
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Men today are at a sexual and relationship crossroads. The choice is to continue to live your relationship and sexual life according to the standard narrative of relating, which is an extension of... More > the patriarchal and troubadour-based romanticism or to acknowledge how we really feel and move towards our sexual and relationship potential. The choice is to take a stand in saving our families, children, and communities or to continue contributing to a system and mode of behavior that spirals us downward toward moral ruin. This book is about selected parts of my personal journey to expand my sexual awareness. It’s about how my socially accepted expectations of male sexuality prevented me from having completely fulfilling sexual experiences for much of my adult life and how these same expectations prevented me from understanding the women I interacted with. After being introduced to the art of tantra and sacred sexuality, I found myself being opened to deeper and deeper encounters with my lovers.< Less
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Wisdom Keys for Winning Sexual Battles By Vanrico Hanna
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Words of wisdom and advice to help you overcome sexual struggles in your life taken from a practical and spiritual point of view.
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Sexuality is a vast subject covering many fields of study. Genitality, with which it is usually confused, is only small part of it, yet sex books and sex education tend to deal almost entirely with... More > sexuality. This book describes sexuality as a new perspective on love, emotion and relationships. The contents play such an important part in sex for every member of the family. By studying and discussing human and sometimes animal sexuality from infancy onwards, this book will offer a better understanding of sex and its many diverse situations, starting with the mythological comprehension of Eros (the god of love), including sex as a biological and physiological subject, extending into the psychology of sex and concluding with the realm of idealistic child rearing. In religion, morality, social customs and artistic themes, sex is and has always been an immensely powerful factor. In fact, sex pervades every culture in the world.< Less