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Sexual Pleasure, the Various Sexual Acts, and Procreation By
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This book has uncovered vast amount of quotations from the Popes, Saint and Church Fathers on the topic of marriage, procreation, and sexuality in order to teach Catholics what they may and may not... More > do in marriage. Contents Part 1. Natural Family Planning, the Marital Sexual Act, and Procreation - Read what the Popes, Saints and Church Fathers unanimously teach in regards to contraception AND the contraceptive intent. The answer will surprise many... Part 2. Sexual Pleasure, Lust, and the Various Sexual Acts in Marriage - Can spouses sin sexually with each other in their sexual acts? This is an important question to answer, since most people who call themselves Catholic performs all kinds of sexual sins in their marital acts, such as foreplay, masturbation, oral sex, and lustful kisses and touches – something which is universally condemned by all the Popes, Saints and Church Fathers. Part 3. Chastity: The Angelic Virtue Part 4. The Biblical and Apostolic Foundation for Priestly Chastity< Less
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Sexual Pleasure: Who Gets More Man or Woman? By Dr. Subhash Thaker
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Does sugar test sweeter to a man or woman? Well you will say it test equal to both. How can you say that? Unless you test sugar as a man, next, you become woman and test then and then you can give... More > your opinion. Same question is there regarding sexual pleasure; that who gets more pleasure man or woman? To get the answer one should first have sexual pleaser as a man then he should become woman and have sexual pleasure. After that, one can give opinion. The answer of the question is there in mythology.< Less
Sex Pleasures By Donald Peart
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We all know that God created sex for procreation in pleasure; however, this book is a detailed look at some of the vices of sexuality (apparent pleasures) that have damaged many, with the view to... More > bring healing through the forgiveness of Jesus and the love of Jesus.< Less
Musical Pleasures By Steven Paige
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Welcome, your about to learn how sexual instinct and musical training supercharge your sexuality. This fast moving book quickly gathers a body of knowledge together about your sexual experience as... More > it relates to time proven dance, musical, and rhythmic training. What is the result? First you will understand your own sexuality better. Second you may find that you have already been applying your intuitive self towards connecting with musical sexuality. Easy to follow new ideas from science and ancient rituals based on music and sex will give you a new vantage point to see your own sexual motivations from.< Less
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