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Sexual Positions By Sai ePublications
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Position 1. "69" - THE POSITION OF MUTUAL SUCKING Position 2. "PENETRATING THE EYE" Position 3. "CLIMBING THE TREE" Position 4. "PENETRATION WITH DEEP BACKWARD... More > MOVEMENT" Variant 1 Position 5. "THE GAZELLE AND THE STALLION" Position 6. "THE PIVOT" Position 7. "THE BLOW OF THE BULL" Position 8. "SEESAWING" Position 9. "BUTTERING" Position 10. "THE CONCEALED DOOR" Variant 1 Position 11. "THE CARESS OF THE BUD" Position 12. "PENETRATION WITH DEEP BACKWARD MOVEMENT" Variant 2 Position 13. "THE SEESAW" Variant 1 Position 14. "THE CLOSED AND THE OPENED RING" Variant 1, 2 Position 15. "THE RIPE MANGO PLUM" Position 16. "THE DOOR AJAR" Position 17. A variant of the "BUTTERING" Position 18. A variant of the "SEESAW" Position 19. "FACE TO FACE" Position 20. "THE TOP" Position 21. "MASSAGE AND SUCKING ON THE MAST" Position 22. "PINCERS FROM THE FRONT" Position 23. "RIDING THE HORSE" Position 24. "CLIMBING THE TREE" Variant 1 Position 25. "DRIVING THE NAIL HOME"< Less
Sexual Anchors: Simple Tricks for Mutual, Lifelong Arousal By The Sexual Mind Institute
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What if sex got better, the longer you were in a relationship? ...What if there was a way to "positively brainwash" both yourself, and your partner, to have great sex... that got... More > better? The Sexual Mind Institute has dedicated itself to taking all of its clinical studies and translating them into a simple, easy to understand and personably written guide to do exactly that. This book will change your entire view upon sex, relationships, orgasms, and, most importantly, it will allow you to effortlessly engage in fantastic sex... that gets BETTER!< Less
Responding Positively to those who have Suffered Sexual Abuse By Diocese of Rochester
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Guidelines and good practice for responding to those who have suffered sexual abuse in the parish context.
Positive Memories By T. Rivas
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There are a considerable number of cases in which a so-called ‘pedophile’ relationship between a child and an adult is remembered as consensual, positive and psychologically harmless by... More > the former child. Due to contemporary taboos, it is very difficult to give such cases the attention they deserve as a mostly ignored part of reality. In Positive Memories, author T. Rivas describes 118 cases of such relationships and 19 cases of loose contacts. Rivas demonstrates that there really exist voluntary and harmless erotic and platonic relationships and encounters between minors and adults. In his view, relationships should be judged on their individual merits rather than the sex or age of a child. Entirely voluntary relationships and sexual abuse are two distinct categories. Also, affectionate relationships cannot be reduced to sex.< Less
Finding Sexual Partners By V. T.
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You know you have high sex drive, and you need sex regularly. However, it's a dark secret that lie within you. You need sex, but it has to be secretive. How? Well, you are not alone. There are tons... More > of man and woman having this problem. Everyone likes sex. Some like more. So if you want to have more sex, or with multiple partners to find the thrill, you can find it online. Finding online partners are the safest and most secretive way. You can hide your identify, get to know the person before deciding if you want to advance further. I've written steps and most importantly, where to find these high sexual desires people. Get this ebook while it's free right now!< Less
Erotic Sexual Techniques By B D Barnes
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Erotic Sexual Techniques with colour photos will help both men and women achieve heightened sexual satisfaction. Includes a description of all the best sexual positions with colour photos. For... More > example, techniques to help with premature ejaculation, the best sexual positions during pregnancy, plus much more.< Less
Next Position Please By Darren G. Burton
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Chris and Danielle rent a motel room for the night so there will be no distractions. There they indulge in an all night session of passionate lovemaking with a variety of sexual positions. The room... More > really hots up for this horny couple. Adults only 18+< Less
Sensual Positions - Illustrated Edition By Sensual Interactive
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A photo album details a list of 57 sexual positions. You will find different positions ranging from basic missionary to highly sensual spooning style. Printed in full color and enhanced graphic, we... More > are confident that you will enjoy our presentation.< Less
Harmed 2: Pole Position By Sexy Sluggers
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Lykamo's sexy sluggers return in another chapter of Harmed! Endora and Emma are playing a boring game of cards when Elle bursts in showing them her newest toy... a wicked black sex toy! Well both of... More > her sisters want to try it out, but Elle remembers that Emma made her pull on the gloves (Glove In Boom) for sexual favors, so now payback is... a witch... and Endora and Emma must duke it out in topless boxing to see who gets to "ride" with Elle! 28 images presented in a screen resolution PDF file. Nudity, Adults ONLY Art and concept by LYKAMO< Less
The Law of Sexual Attraction Life Planner By Cheryl Chapman, Marion Bevington
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The Law of Sexual Attraction Life Planner is a book that you complete to create the life that you want to attract by using your natural talents. With a simple, quick but highly effective system that... More > only takes a few minutes each day that can have a profound effect on your life.< Less