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RESPONSE ABILITY: A Complete Guide to Bystander Intervention By Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D.
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Increasingly, it is being recognized that the solution to health and social justice problems requires that we engage bystanders – individuals who observe a problem and want to do something but... More > don’t. Despite the importance of this issue and the fact that most people want to “do the right thing” there are almost no books which explain bystander behavior, why it occurs, and what can be done about it. This book meets this need, reviewing research and theory on bystander behavior, explaining why people don’t act even when not acting goes against their conscience and values, and offering practical solutions and skills for intervening in a safe, effective and respectful way. If you were ever worried about someone’s behavior and wanted to do something but didn’t, this book is for you.< Less
Christ, Caesar, and Self By Jeffery J. Ventrella
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This booklet weaves biblical exegesis, systematic theology, Christian philosophy, legal argument, and sociopolitical theory to create an impregnable case for Christianity as the exclusive way of... More > thought and life that conforms to our world’s cosmology. The author applies this truth especially to modern views of human sexuality, especially same-sex "marriage."< Less
VictimFocus Victim Blaming and Self Blame Flashcards User Manual By Jessica Eaton
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This is the user manual for professional and practitioners who have bought the VictimFocus Victim Blaming and Self-Blame Flashcards to use with women and girls who have been subjected to sexual... More > violence. The manual contains theories, information and activities to support the professional in using the flashcards effectively and ethically.< Less
Fantasia of the Unconscious (Illustrated) By D. H. Lawrence
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Extract: Let us start by making a little apology to Psychoanalysis. It wasn't fair to jeer at the psychoanalytic unconscious; or perhaps it was fair to jeer at the psychoanalytic unconscious, which... More > is truly a negative quantity and an unpleasant menagerie. What was really not fair was to jeer at Psychoanalysis as if Freud had invented and described nothing but an unconscious, in all his theory. The unconscious is not, of course, the clue to the Freudian theory. The real clue is sex. A sexual motive is to be attributed to all human activity.< Less
17.118J—Fall 2000: Feminist Political Thought By Elizabeth Wood
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This course focuses on a range of theories of gender in modern life. In recent years feminist scholars in a range of disciplines have challenged previously accepted notions of political theory such... More > as the distinctions between public and private, the definitions of politics itself, the nature of citizenship, and the roles of women in civil society. In this course we will examine different aspects of women's lives through the life cycle as seen from the vantage point of political theory. In addition we will consider different ways of looking at power and political culture in modern societies, issues of race and class, poverty and welfare, sexuality and morality.< Less
Quantum Desire: A Sexological Analysis of Crossdreaming By Felix Conrad
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Felix Conrad explores the grey area where sexology meets transgender theory in a book which has three purposes: 1) To decide on a definitive scientific name for sexual behaviour that has been... More > described as everything from autogynephilia to sissification, female embodiment to transgender. 2) To categorise said behaviour in purely sexological terms, examining its compatibility with various labels such as orientation, paraphilia and fetish. 3) To explore the viability of a purely sexological discourse of crossgender arousal, asking if it can ever be decoupled from transgender theory. After this analysis, Felix ends the book with his own unique narrative of gender variant sexuality, Quantum Desire, an explanation so far out of the box you will think that either Felix has finally arrived at the dizzy heights of genius or the inescapable clutches of madness. Enjoy!< Less
Beyond the Pleasure Principle, 2nd Edition By Sigmund Freud
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Beyond the Pleasure Principle (first published in German in 1920 as Jenseits des Lustprinzips) is an essay by Sigmund Freud marking a major turning point in his theoretical approach. Previously,... More > Freud attributed most human behavior to the sexual instinct (Eros or libido). With this essay, Freud went "beyond" the simple pleasure principle, developing his theory of drives with the addition of the death drive(s) (Todestrieb[e]) (often referred to as "Thanatos"). The essay describes humans as struggling between two opposing drives: Eros, which produces creativity, harmony, sexual connection, reproduction, and self-preservation; and Thanatos, which brings destruction, repetition, aggression, compulsion, and self-destruction.< Less
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Autogynephilia: Why Blanchard Didn't Go Far Enough By Max Morris
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Max Morris's essay represents a radical rethink of Ray Blanchard and Anne Lawrence's work on autogynephilia. By examining their theory of the sexual origins of transgender identity from the point... More > of view of evolutionary biology, Morris comes up with the surprising conclusion that they didn't go far enough. In what is surely going to be one of the most controversial articles of 2017, Max Morris has made a massive contribution towards new thinking on gender dysphoria and late onset transsexualism.< Less
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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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