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Dark Salvage By E.S. Wynn
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Two centuries ago, Earth's first faster-than-light ship disappeared on her maiden voyage. In two centuries, no one has seen or heard from that ship-- until now, when a chance glance by sensor picks... More > up a strange signal in an asteroid cloud at the far edge of Terran space. Crewed by a ragtag salvage team of misfits from the rim, a rusty freighter sets out to investigate, and finds more than any of her crew could ever have bargained for. Dark Salvage: An exciting new novel set in the universe of Minerva and The Cygnus War.< Less
U.S. Navy Underwater Cutting & Welding Manual By Department of the Navy
Paperback: $24.50
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Ship Salvage, Harbor Clearance and Wreck Removal oftentimes require extensive underwater cutting and welding. The lack of recent fleet experience in these areas dictates the need for a manual that... More > incorporates state of the art equipment and tried and proven underwater cutting and welding techniques. The knowledge contained in this manual is a collection of fleet and commercial experience. It has been reviewed by technical experts with extensive salvage and underwater cutting and welding experience. This revision of the Underwater Cutting and Welding Manual has been prepared to provide the most current information on equipment and procedures available. All of the equipment covered may not be found on the Diving Equipment Authorized for Navy Use (ANU) list (NAVSEAINST 10560.2), but is included in this manual as an aid to the salvor who finds himself in a “must get the job done” situation. Further guidance can be found in Appendix E.< Less
Raising Missouri By Chuck Veit
Paperback: $21.50
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On a late summer’s night in 1843, U.S.S. Missouri lay anchored in Gibraltar Bay. She and her sister ship, Mississippi, were the most advanced steam frigates on the planet—and the first... More > two such warships in the U. S. Navy. Missouri’s mission was to show herself off to the European powers, and there was no better place to begin than the British bastion at the gateway to the Mediterranean. But a simple accident led to the destruction of the ship before the sun rose again. Burnt to the waterline, Missouri settled to the bottom. For eight and a half years, she defied all attempts to raise or remove her, and began to form a massive sand bar that threatened to ruin the most strategic harbor in the world. Professional divers pronounced the project impossible—until an unknown, self-taught Yankee from Massachusetts took up the contract to raise Missouri . . .< Less
Shipwrecks of the Dominican Republic and A Guide to Shipwreck Identification Through Recovered Artifacts By Black Duck, Robert Splash Klein
Paperback: $59.00
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This book is for the young and the old, for the novice and the expert. It is based on research and fact. It will serve as a guide and a reference for anyone with an interest in shipwrecks, artifacts,... More > and treasures of all kinds.< Less
U.S. Navy Towing Manual By Naval Sea Systems Command
Paperback: $55.95
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Modern Navy towing, as we perceive it today, began at the beginning of World War II. Prior to WWII, the Navy owned few salvage ships of its own and depended heavily on contracted assets to perform... More > the duties of towing and salvage. Merritt-Chapman and Scott was one of the premier towing and salvage contractors of the day and maintained an inventory of assets. They held a contract with the Navy to perform ship salvage on an asneeded, no cure-no pay basis. As the US watched the war in Europe develop, the need for specialized vessels and a dedicated service became apparent. The Royal Navy of Great Britain was forced into performing these tasks as German U-boats inflicted damage throughout the military and commercial fleet. Performing towing and salvage services on damaged vessels was most often a faster and cheaper way of putting the necessary tonnage back into service.< Less
Marine Insurance By Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
Paperback: $72.55
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Thoroughly understand the reasons for and application of marine insurance in shipping business. Thoroughly understand the division of the market between Lloyds, insurance companies and Protection... More > & Indemnity Associations (P&I) and their respective organisational structures Be aware of the concept of mutuality in P&I Associations Understand the role and function of an insurance broker. Understand the different classes of risk covered by marine insurance Understand the role of the Institute of London Underwriters (ILU) and the Salvage Association. And much more< Less
Ethan Cain In Raiders of the Sky By Jonathan Wildash
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Ethan Cain, an average boarding school boy, or so he thinks, finds himself thrown into the midst of a long forgotten air war by a mysterious school teacher, who once fought alongside his estranged... More > father. Ethan, ignorant to his notoriety, is asked to join his fathers rag tag crew of now peaceful treasure hunters in search of gold and riches during his school holidays. When Ethan sees the 'Red Squirrel' for the first time, the huge, war ravaged airship painted bright red, its rag tag crew and his father, he can only imagine what lies ahead of him! But Satanas Alva, the leader of the power hungry air pirates is on their tale. Little does Ethan know he is the only one who can stand against the pirates in their quest for outright power. Can Ethan and his father put up a defence to save not only themselves but the skies above us all before it's too late!< Less
The Last Hope By Hubbard J. Tozer
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The greatest minds from Earth of all time on the final voyage for mankind...but then something went wrong. Something terrible. The electronic journal of Captain Bates McKenzie was found by a... More > salvage team on an empty ship floating adrift in the Orion galaxy. To this day, no one knows exactly what happened. These are the final logs from the ship known only as The Last Hope.< Less
Toilers of the Sea By Victor Hugo
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Originally published in 1866 and dedicated to the island of Guernsey where Hugo was living in exile, this novel tells the story of Gilliat and his love for Deruchette. Though he is far beneath her... More > station, Gilliat's love doesn't falter and when Deruchette promises to marry the man who can salvage a steam engine from a wrecked ship, he leaps to the task, in the process battling a giant octopus and finding treasure.< Less
Sea Quest By Anthony Derant
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Come on a monumental voyage below the waves. A group of people meet to go over plans of a great undersea journey. During the initial briefing, two of the crew fall in love. Whilst on the voyage, the... More > expedition discovers an old shipwreck on the ocean floor. A further meeting is arranged to salvage it. With the help of a robot, the ship is raised to the surface. The crew unite after, as the operation is deemed a success.< Less