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The Return Of The Gods:Twilight of the Super Heroes By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $26.60
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new update-It begins slowly with Earth’s heroes going about their daily tasks –fighting a giant robot controlled by a mad scientist’s brain , attackers both human and mystical... More > -even alien high priests of some mysterious cult and their zombie followers and, of course, a ghost and a young genius lost in time. Pretty mundane. But there is a huge alien Mother-ship near the Moon and strange orange spheres chase some of Earth’s heroes who vanish into thin air –are they dead? Then black, impenetrable domes cover cities world-wide. Alien invasion of Earth! A war between the Dark Old Gods and the pantheons that followed! Warriors from Earth’s past having to battle each day and whether they die or not they are back the next day! And no one suspects the driving force behind the events that could cause destruction and chaos throughout the multiverse —assaulted on all fronts can Earth’s defenders succeed or will they this truly the end? The Black Tower hit of 2012 expanded to 318 pages from 196!< Less
The Rink Rat Chronicles Volume 1 By Jorden Oliwa et al.
Hardcover: List Price: $29.99 $25.49 | You Save: 15%
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(4 Ratings)
The Rink Rat Chronicles are slightly offside graphic novels loved by the whole family. Stylized cartoons, photos, & illustrations with a Gonzo journalistic flair create a GRITTY mix of media... More > & uncompromising youthful view of life from the rinks & streets of E-town. The Rink Ratz Rip It Up! Rick the Stick, P-Air Le Puck & his six sisters Savard-Dion are a crew of the CaKnuckleheaded Rink Ratz from different parts North America now residing in E-town the greatest hockey dynasty of all time. Together they stumble through life with different views of the world, but their love for the game of hockey draws them together. The Rink Rat Chronicles are animated life portraits of kids playing the game they love, chasing their dreams and growing up along the way. The Rink Rat Chronicles are a reminder that metaphors and stories are far more potent; they are also easier to remember, more fun to read and dream about. CANADIAN orders choose Ground, Expedited, or Express Shipping for Guaranteed Delivery before Christmas.< Less
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Totally Messed Up: Box of Tortured Souls mini-edition By Haru Ruben
Paperback: $19.95
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170 pages Black & White A job your loser best-friend-since-childhood/roomate got off the internet, a girlfriend who gets all passive agressive if you dare eat anything that...tastes good, and a... More > box in the back of a van that is either holding an alien who likes to hang out south of the border (El Chupa Cabra), more China White and Uzis than ScarFace, the anti-Christ or... what you suspect it to be - something much worse. Oh yeah, and whatever you do - don’t look in the box or the freaky Mafia/CIA guy who hired you will probably slit your throat for a Columbian Necktie or something horrible like that...sigh... and you know most days you are a software programmer, right? A richly illustrated story of the ultimate temptation - don't open it. Curiosity chisels away at two friends as they try to make it through the twists and turns of a mysterious assignment involving a worn and well traveled shipping crate that may contain the greatest evil known to man - or something much worse.< Less
Heritage Airline Liveries, 2019 calendar By Brian Lockett
Calendar: $14.95
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A dozen photos of airliners painted in heritage liveries. All new for 2019: American Boeing 737-823 N917NN Aircal heritage, Phoenix, October 14, 2017, American Boeing 737-823 N916NN Reno Air... More > heritage, Phoenix Sky Harbor, October 16, 2017, United Airbus A320-232 N475UA Friend Ship, Phoenix Sky Harbor, November 11, 2017, United Boeing 737-924 N75435 Continental heritage, Phoenix Sky Harbor, December 27, 2017, Southwest Boeing 737-7H4 N711HK The Herbert D Kelcher, Phoenix, January 12, 2018, American Boeing 737-823 N905NN Astrojet, Phoenix, February 6, 2018, American Airbus A319-112 N742PS PSA heritage, Phoenix, February 9, 2018, American Airbus A319-132 N838AW America West, Phoenix, February 9, 2018, American Boeing 737-823 N915NN TWA heritage, Phoenix, May 25, 2018, American Airbus A319-0112 N744P Piedmont Pacemaker heritage, Phoenix, July 31, 2018, American Airbus A319-112 N745VJ Allegheny Airlines Vistajet, Phoenix, July 31, 2018, Condor Boeing 767-31BER D-ABUM, Phoenix, August 9, 2018.< Less
Dundee City Bus and Rail Timetables from Monday 25th March 2019 By
Paperback: $12.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
Book three is a comprehensive guide to the City of Discovery which I initially did as one for my own use. Showed it to Tails and he wanted one… so here goes! The timetable has a comprehensive... More > list of services and frequencies, index to places served, stops in Dundee City Centre, full times for all buses in the ABC area. Bus timetables are included right up to Monday 25th March 2019, ScotRail timetable also included. The timetable also includes a tiled (atlas-style) version of the first draft of the Spring 2019 Dundee ABC Bus Map. There is a diagrammatic map on the back cover. 330+ pages, A5 size. £12.50 hard copy (plus postage from £2.99), £6 PDF copy (email if you want a PDF) … Printed and fulfilled by Lulu – ignore the bit about “ships from North America only”. Update via below link, or forward me a copy of your order confirmation from Lulu for hard copy;< Less
How I Saved $50,000 By Not Smoking By Garth Lambert
Paperback: $5.97
Prints in 3-5 business days
In 1980, I needed $1,200. I could charge it to my credit card, whch would cost $50.00 per month, but my monthly payments were stretched to the limit. Wait! How much did cigarettes cost me? I smoked... More > two packs a day, which equaled a carton every five days, or six cartons a month. In 1980, a carton cost $8.50, so six cartons cost $51.00. Viola! I had my $50.00. All I had to do was stop smoking. Of course, it wasn’t easy, but my motivation was that $50.00 a month. In 25 years, I had $50,000 extra cash by kicking the habit, which paid for five more computers, plus two cars. Quitting smoking paid for them. All I did was religiously follow a few simple hints, which I outlined in this booklet, and I was smoke-free in three months. In 2006, even if you smoke one pack a day, and if you spend $40.00 per carton, breaking the habit will easily save you $1,400 in one year. This booklet costs $6.00 plus shipping. Skipping two packs of cigarettes will pay for it. Is it worth it?< Less
Dropshipping España - El negocio del Dropshipping By Juan Antonio Fernandez Ramos
eBook (PDF): $8.92
Recopilación de artículos publicados en Dropshipping España sobre el Negocio del Dropshipping, casi 100 artículos sobre comercio electrónico, mayoristas y productos... More > para hacer dropshipping, herramientas y utilidades para el diseño de las tiendas online, posicionamiento en buscadores, promoción y publicidad. Contenidos publicados entre julio de 2012 y octubre de 2013< Less
Navy Diversion By Vince Stead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Disfruta de ti mismo, como paso en los zapatos de un marinero Marina, que viaja por todo el mundo, en un destructor, un portaaviones, y una oferta del submarino, y las visitas de 16 países!... More > Podrás viajar por barco de la Armada, y ver algunos países muy interesantes, con tiendas, bares, y las historias de la famosa Red distrito de la Luz, y las mujeres en todas partes! Ver lo que se siente al estar en el mar en un barco, trabajando y jugando, en el centro del océano! Ver todos los locos y Wacky cosas Oficial de hacer, y ver cómo vive el Almirante en un portaaviones! A continuación, traslado a la orilla de servicio, en el que parece que las mujeres tienen a su cargo, y hay un montón de ellos!< Less
The Legends and the Truth of the Great Ocean By Vladimir Morgan
Hardcover: $40.00
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This book has a stories about a surprising life of ocean, about its unique flora and fauna, about sea currents, the ships, navigating devices, about beacons lighthouses, well-known navigators and... More > about much-many other, romantic and fascinating. Today Vl.Morgan is a member of the Royal National Geographic Society, International Union of Writers «the New Contemporary», Honorary member of The International Society of Poets (Maryland, USA). He is a winnerseveral poetic competitions, the owner Silver Cup and Bronze medal Poet of Merit, is awarded by medal Poetry Ambassador-2006. Morgan's name is brought in the international encyclopedia of poets Who is Who In Poetry. In 2008 V.Morgan became the winner of the International competition National literary award The Gold Scribe of Russia and - awarded Prestige-2008. In March 2009 the Russian-speaking writer put his signature in the Gold book honorable inhabitants of Montreal.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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