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Lectures on Materials Science for Architectural Conservation By Giorgio Torraca
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This book is based on Dr. Torraca's 2002 publication, Lezioni di scienza e tecnologia dei materiali per restauro dei monumenti. The English-language Lectures includes new and updated material. An... More > excellent resource for architectural conservators, engineers, and conservation scientists.< Less
Dark Phase By Jonathan Davison
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Sarazen is a Silicant, an android existing in a highly organised and rigid society where individuals are designed to perform unique functions. Created and maintained by The Mother, each Silicant... More > coexists in harmony to pursue their primary function, the protection of the primitive organic creatures with whom they share their world. Sarazen, a career 'Troubleshooter' is called to examine a rogue named Cole with orders to fix his malfunction or send him for 'renewal', but Cole is unlike any Silicant Sarazen has yet encountered. Cole's enlightening revelations lead Sarazen to make the courageous and perilous decision to leave the comfort of The Mother's influence and find the true meaning of the Silicants existence and the horrifying reality of their collective fate. Dark Phase is a cerebral, powerful and thought provoking Science Fiction story with a plot that will leave you captivated even after the final page has been turned.< Less
Motor Oil Recycling By Mark Miyashiro
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Motor Oil Recycling- 4 gallons used Motor Oil, 1 pint Sodium Silicate In a suitable container boil the used Motor Oil, then add 1 pint Sodium Silicate stir this together for 10 minutes. Let the... More > mixture cool. The sediments will fall to the bottom, this is the dirt and contaminates, so now slowly pour out the clean oil by tilting the container, careful not to allow sediment into the cleaned oil. Motor Oil can now be saved and reused.< Less
The Spenders A Tale of the Third Generation By Harry Leon Wilson
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Excerpt: The sun beat hotly upon him as it had on other days through all the hard years when certainty, after all, was nothing more than a temperamental faith. All day he climbed and searched... More > methodically, stopping at noon to eat with an appetite unaffected by his prospect. At sunset he would have stopped for the day, camping on the spot. He looked above to estimate the ground he could cover on the morrow. Almost in front of him, a few yards up the mountainside, he looked squarely at the mother of his float: a huge boulder of projecting silicate. It was there. During the following week he ascertained the dimensions of his vein of silver ore, and located two claims. He named them "The Stars and Stripes" and "The American Boy," paying thereby what he considered tributes, equally deserved, to his native land and to his only son, Daniel, in whom were centred his fondest hopes.< Less

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