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Ade Duval - Silken Sorcerer By David Charvet
Hardcover: $40.00
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The amazing story of one of the greatest magicians of the 20th Century - who you've probably never heard of before! Ade Duval's career took him around the world with an act that critics called one... More > of the most beautiful and baffling in show business. Duval's "A Rhapsody in Silk" appeared at such famous spots as the Palace Theater in New York, Radio City Music Hall (3 times!), London Palladium, Wintergarden in Berlin, Rex Theater in Paris, Tivoli Theaters in Australia, and many more. He made the transition to television with a completely different manipulative act featuring his original "Smoking Thumb" routine that amazed audiences (and magicians) multiple-times on the Ed Sullivan Show and other top programs of the 1950's. Tragically, Duval's career and life was cut short at the top of his career. This is his warm and remarkable story, much of it told in Duval's own words. Plus the 50+ page Appendix reveals many of Duval's greatest secrets. • 130 illustrations. Foreword by Marvyn Roy.< Less
+Steven Curtis Lance / Collected Poems By +Steven Curtis Lance
Paperback: $32.30
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+Steven Curtis Lance has been a practicing poet for thirty-five years, and his fiftieth birthday is fast approaching. In observance of this milestone, he now offers himself to you within the pages... More > of this book. Mr. Lance has created well over a thousand "Transcendental Sonnets," the very distillation of his life, and this entire collection, up to the date of this publication, may be found here along with a few hundred additional poems, or “other observations,” as he calls them. +Steven Curtis Lance / Collected Poems contains two complete books as well as new works by this modern master. This is one poet's life, offered with love from his open heart to yours: seven hundred and twenty-eight pages and three pounds of life, of love, and of laughing last. Can you handle the truth? Buy and read and savor this treasury of love, romance, politics, philosophy, and occasionally subversive humor, and live, love, and laugh last with Lance. Enjoy! Cover art by Dr. Silke Lance < Less
Ragtime Guitar - 13 waltzes (Tab) By Dorian Henry
Paperback: $7.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ragtime waltzes arranged for guitar (Tablature format, TAB). Volume 1 : Echoes from the Snowball Club (1898, Harry P. Guy) p. 8 Silks and Rags (1901, Fred S. Stone) p. 15 Daughters of Dahomey... More > (1902, Harry P. Guy) p. 22 Varsity Days (1903, C. M. Foss) p. 28 Neomê (1905, Louise Gustin) p. 32 John Jackson’s Social Club (1905, John Rehm) p. 38 Fleurette (1911, Lou Sievers) p. 42 Mandy’s Ragtime Waltz (1912, J.S. Zamecnik) p. 47 Elaine (1913, E. J. Stark) p. 52 True Love (1913, Henri Klickmann) p. 54 Wiggle-Wag (1913, George W. Meyer) p. 56 The Biltmore Waltz (1916, Arthur N. Green) p. 61 Mexicala (1918, George Gould) p. 64< Less
A Book of Scoundrels By Charles Whibley
Paperback: List Price: $8.18 $4.09 | You Save: 50%
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Charles Whibley (1859–1930) was an English literary... More > journalist and author. Whibley's style was described by Matthew as "often acerbic high-tory commentary". In literature and the arts, his views were progressive. He supported James Abbott McNeill Whistler (they had married sisters). He also recommended T. S. Eliot to Geoffrey Faber, which resulted in Eliot's being appointed as an editor at Faber and Gwyer. Eliot's essay Charles Whibley (1931) was contained within his Selected Essays, 1917-1932. Whibley died on 4 March 1930 at Hyères, France, and his body was buried at Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire.Whibley was born 9 December 1859 at Sevenoaks, Kent, England. His parents were Ambrose Whibley, silk mercer, and his second wife, Mary Jean Davy. Excerpt from:< Less
Preaching on the Plains: Reminiscinces By David Myers
Paperback: $10.82
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"For some 32 years I have been absent from the northern Plains area which I call 'My Country.' I have had periods of great loneliness for it. I can fancy still the shouts and sounds of gunfire... More > of riders, exuberant horsemen, rushing through the street on Saturday nights on 'Silk Stocking Avenue' in Fairview, Montana, firing into the air. I can feel the pressure of a quick crush with my car into the huge snow drifts in the wake of blizzard seasons; the warm hospitality of the Plains people. I remember the joyful shouts of little children in Vacation Bible Schools; the young lad who joyfully received Christ, then said just before he succumbed from tubercular meningitis, 'I go to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.' And I remember the exhausting nights after full days of preaching five or six times a Lord's Day, the many miles traversed; but all, all forgotten in the joy of seeing souls saved at points in a far flung parish. However, it is all ending in gladness!"< Less
ANNE WITH AN E & ME By Wesley St. Jo
Paperback: $5.00
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ANNE WITH AN E AND ME by Wesley St. Jo ISBN 978-1-387-47587-2 Published by Paloma Press Release date: January 1, 2018 ANNE WITH AN E & ME is a nod to what is true and pure and tween, "I... More > wish to begin / the year / with clarity— / my favorite word / next to / epiphany..." It's about friendships, hopes, goals, boys, hair, big words and birthday stars. It is a tribute to Anne Shirley because If Anne were real and alive today, she'd be a kindred spirit. “When I was growing up, Anne of Green Gables was my heroine and role model. Years later, Wesley St. Jo’s collection of poetry describes the joyful “spirit” of Anne of the 21st century. She gives us an ear to the cadence of what is important to her Anne. Her poems capture the optimism, wit, passion, and intelligence that I loved so much about the Anne who I read when I was a young girl.” —Mary Kasimor, author of silk string arias and The Landfill Dancers< Less
Poppy Tinged Kiss By R C Edrington
Paperback: $7.96
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"Edrington is not trying to impress, not trying to fill the page with drug fueled drunken rambling, but uses his skill as a poet in first person narrative and the hard neck of a man that does... More > not give a damn what you think of him personally, to draw you in to a world of shit and hell, tantalizing and in dramatic fashion, and be open in the most honest way that all poets should be." --Stephen P Byrne (The Ranting Beast, Ireland) "The poet as anti-hero has a long tradition in literature. To simplify a complex continuity, we can see attenuated connections between poets such as Rimbaud, O' Hara, Bukowski and Edrington." --Scott Malby (in Zinos Magazine) "Honed silk smooth with absolutely no wasted material, everything is so skillfully written that these poems read themselves. Minimal punctuation, enjambment working overtime and metre is perfection. Sensational throughout, so all you need do is concentrate on the gritty word pictures."--Steve Anderson (New Hope International)< Less
Front Porches: Open Diary Collection of Short Stories. By Sears L Barnett Jr.
Hardcover: $26.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
As early as 5, my Mama, Lulu Jack, would frustratingly send me & my siblings packing, from Wisconsin, south, to Alabama for the Summer. I'd hop from my Grandmother Bonnie's Sun-baked front porch,... More > cross the red dirt road, tree branches draping over them, like silk robes, no sidewalks, that official border County-line between Prichard to Mobile. I'd plop down, sweat beads Mardi Tuesday around my neck, meditating by the 100-plus year old Great Live Oak Tree, that still stands today. I'd sit under the coolness of Ms Dane's shade as She stands like some ancient Sentinel guarding over my best friend's crickety porch. Sipping my Camellia sinensis tea, Ms Dane opens another imaginary book conjuring up inside her tiny head. I'd rest at her bosom, listening to the rosy stories my Oracle slowly brews like hot Chili on a subzero February winter's day. "The deepest Oak roots, are also the branches...", My 110 year old best friend, chants to me. 'Ms D' is an herbalist, a grand master priestess. She teaches me ROSE MAGIC.< Less
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