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Simon's Story By Chris Waite
Paperback: $25.33
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Find out the real truth behind Simon's drug addiction, love affairs and money laundering in this thrilling collection of short stories
Simon's Song By Hilda Sheehan
Paperback: $7.66
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Simon's Song pays tribute to the Swindon poet Simon Horwat and includes his powerful sequence poem 'An ode to risks'. "This is about Simon's times in London, what he was looking for and what he... More > found. This was one of the last times that he went to London and I think he always knew that he would never go back." Nick Horwat. Poems also by Hilda Sheehan, Cristina (Navazo-Eguía) Newton, Wendy Klein, Andy Barber, and Michael Scott.< Less
Simon Wolf By Shrey Patel
Paperback: $12.10
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CRACK! The noise came from upstairs. I was downstairs eating dinner. I heard something fall. I sat still. I was scared to even move an inch. I kept hearing noises. I wanted to go up there.... More > “Bring up the rope.” someone said. I went Upstairs slowly...< Less
Simon Says By G.P. Cowley
Paperback: $10.46
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A small town’s disgraced war hero has fulfilled his prison sentence and is on his way home to find the two men who manufactured his conviction. With the unwitting help of his 11 year old son,... More > Derrick, J.D. Trenton plans on burning the town to ashes. But when two children are murdered and suspicion falls on Derrick his plans are interrupted.< Less
Hello, Simon By Coleman Bishop
Paperback: $5.00
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20 Poems by Coleman Bishop & there is also some photography of Coleman's in the pages, too.
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Simon The Cow By Bryce Stoker-Schaeffer
Paperback: $7.44
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Simon lived in the typical, everyday farm in Kansas. There was nothing interesting about this place, nothing at all. All Simons neighbors were the usual citizens of Kansas, just farm animals with no... More > dreams or hopes. Simon was different, he had always had a fantastic musical talent that he wanted to show the world. Sadly he never got a chance, until now. When Simon is notified that a new singing competition is starting, known as Kansas Idol, he is quick to sign up and fight his way to fame and victory. Along his journey he encounters many problems, such as being cheated to the bottom of the ladder. Simon meets his worst enemy, Demi The Bottle, a no good, cheating, rotten, and spoiled brat who has come to take Simons spot in glory. Will Simon win? Can he survive Demi’s evil attempts of cheating?< Less
Simon The Fox By Martin Peter Kielty
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‘An epic tale of treachery, heroism, ambition and betrayal’ Douglas Jackson, Hero Of Rome series ‘A first-class story’ Robert Low, The Oathsworn series Highland Scotland,... More > A.D. 1688: The forces of the deposed King James prepare for battle with those of the new King William – which is of little consequence to Bolla, a beggar about to be murdered for sport. Saved by one Simon Fraser of Beaufort, Bolla finds himself dragged into a world of war and intrigue. Simon, seemingly a Jacobite, will stop at nothing to become MacShimi, the Clan Fraser chief. As those above him begin to be removed from his path the endlessly ambitious character becomes known as The Fox. Bolla can only try to stay alive as Simon’s dance of death and deceit leads Clan Fraser towards ­­­a dangerous, dramatic reckoning.< Less
Simon Sparrow By James F. Park
Paperback: $3.14
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Hello, I’m Simon and I’m a tartan sparrow and I live in a very posh part of Glasgow called Milngavie with my Mum, Dad, two brothers and one sister and we all love to fly around Milgavie... More > and visit all our friends. I hope you enjoy colouring in all the pictures and maybe design your own tartan. Lots of love and xxxxx’s, Simon.< Less
Simon the Jester By William J. Locke
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Simon the Jester by William J. Locke, published in 1886. William John Locke (1863–1930) was a novelist and playwright, born in Cunningsbury St George, Christ Church, Demerara, British Guyana... More > on the 20th March 1863, the eldest son of John Locke, Bank Manager of Barbados, and his first wife, Sarah Elizabeth Locke (née Johns). His parents were English. In 1864 his family moved to Trinidad and Tobago. In 1865, a second son was born, Charlie Alfred Locke, who was eventually to become a doctor. Charlie Locke died in 1904 aged 39. His half-sister, Anna Alexandra Hyde (née Locke), by his father's second marriage, died in 1898 in childbirth aged 25.< Less

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