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Treatise of the Dominion of Sin and Grace By John Owen
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This treatise by John Owen is founded on Romans 6:14. Owen, an English Congregationalist, assumes three facts are true before the writing of his piece. First, that sin dwells in believers; second,... More > that it seeks to renew its dominion over them; and third, that it endeavors to accomplish its goal by deceit and force. He then explores the nature of sin's power over humanity, explains how to tell when sin is in one's life, and then assures believers that sin does not have the ultimate power in their lives. Owen's work is a perfect blend of recognition of sin and the influence it has on all humans, and comforting assurance that it does not have the last word. It reiterates the basic knowledge Christians find in the Bible about sin, but Owen's sharp mind is able to glean implied meanings and give more body to the information found in Scripture. Readers who want an honest yet hopeful account of sin need look no further than Owen's Treatise. -Abby Zwart, CCEL Staff Writer< Less
A Treatise of the Dominion of Sin and Grace By John Owen
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As a theologian, John Owen showed himself a firm disciplinarian, thorough in his methods. While little encouragement was given to a spirit of free inquiry, Puritanism at Oxford was not simply an... More > attempt to force education and culture into the Calvinistic theology. Owen, unlike many of his contemporaries, was more interested in the New Testament than in the Old. During his Oxford years he wrote Justitia Divina, an exposition of the dogma that God cannot forgive sin without an atonement; Communion with God, Doctrine of the Saints' Perseverance, his final attack on Arminianism; Vindiciae Evangelicae, a treatise written by order of the Council of State against Socinianism; On the Mortification of Sin in Believers, an introspective and analytic work; Of Temptation, an attempt to recall Puritanism to its cardinal spiritual attitude from the jarring anarchy of sectarianism and the pharisaism which had followed on popularity and threatened to destroy the early simplicity.< Less
A Treatise on the Grace of Christ and on Original Sin By Saint Augustine
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Saint Augustine was a Latin philosopher and theologian from the Africa Province of the Roman Empire and is generally considered as one of the greatest Christian thinkers of all times. His writings... More > were very influential in the development of Western Christianity. According to his contemporary Jerome, Augustine "established anew the ancient Faith." In his early years he was heavily influenced by Manichaeism and afterward by the Neo-Platonism of Plotinus. After his conversion to Christianity and his baptism in 387, Augustine developed his own approach to philosophy and theology, accommodating a variety of methods and different perspectives. He believed that the grace of Christ was indispensable to human freedom, and he framed the concepts of original sin. Augustine developed the concept of the Catholic Church as a spiritual City of God, distinct from the material Earthly City. Augustine's City of God was closely identified with the Church, the community that worshiped the Trinity.< Less
Your Sins Killed Him By Gustus Naldied, Heime Grace
eBook (PDF): $3.13
Transcripts of speed bible readings, satire, sermons, and rants by Father heime grace and brother gustus naldied of the church of new faith written as a play.
Free Grace Broadcaster - Issue 209 - Secret Sins By Charles H. Spurgeon et al.
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Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. Articles in this edition of the FGB include: An Examination of Secret Sins, by Obadiah Sedgwick (1600-1658). The Folly, Misery, Guilt, and Danger of Secret... More > Sins, by Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892): a penetrating description of the foolishness and the ruinous end of men, women, and children who try to hide their sins from God and from each other. Secret Sins and Secret Prayer, by Thomas Brooks (1608-1680). Man’s Ways and God’s Way of Covering Sin, by Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892). Our Secret Sins in God’s Sight, by Edward Payson (1783-1827): an extraordinary glimpse of how vile, perverse, and corrupt our sins truly are when we see them as the holy God of heaven and earth sees them. Final Judgment on Secret Sin, by Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758). A Plea for Those in Secret Sin, by Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892). A Sight of Sin and a Sight of Jesus, by Octavius Winslow (1808-1878).< Less
God's Laws: Sin, Law, Grace, and Obligation By Paul Hughes
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Debate rages among Christans over everything from social drinking and tattoos to abortion, divorce and remarriage, same-sex unions, and using recreational drugs. Christians are splitting between the... More > extremes of Legalism and Libertinism, with many caught in-between. The New Testament, especially in the practical teachings of the Apostle Paul, contains adequate answers to many of these questions and provides principles for making Godly decisions even on debatable matters never dreamt of two thousand years ago. In God's Laws, the author sorts through all of Paul's statements relative to sin, law, conduct, and behavior, as well as liberty and grace, categorizes them by subject and intent, and sythesizes them into a coherent and unified theology. The result is a personal realization that is not only practical but transformative. Paul placed the onus of responsibility squarely on the individual believer to obey God's original intent, rely on the Law of Faith, and practice the Law of Christ.< Less
sin monkey By david mcdonald
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Every time we sin it’s as if we’ve brought home a pet monkey. This “sin monkey” has a mind of its own. It wants to do things that you don’t want it to do and it will... More > certainly do those things while your attention is diverted elsewhere…AND the things the monkey wants to do are not good things. Monkeys, as a rule, are mischievous and destructive. The monkey wants to smash your pictures, break your stuff, trounce your furniture, and harass your friends and family. So, what everyone needs to do is kill the monkey and fix their furniture. You’ve got to invite God to kill the sin monkey, and then you’ve got to invite God to help you repair everything that the sin monkey has ruined. That’s what this book is about.< Less
Dealing with Sin By Luke Taylor
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What is Sin? Why do we do the things we hate? What is it that drives us to sin? What's more, what can we do about it? Luke Taylor examines these questions, looks at why even as Christians we still... More > sin, what we can do to defend ourselves against it and what attitude we can have to our sin. With full colour images throughout this is a great coffee table book that is challenging and also comforting.< Less
Gracefully Raw - a journey into rapid self-exploration, sin and challenge By M. Grace
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A collection of poetry and short musings 10 years in the making. M. Grace is thoughtful as she explores the 7 sins and the 7 virtues and how they often bring the same types of feelings and... More > experience. Gracefully Raw is sexy, sad, insightful and thought-provoking. A perfect read whether you are exploring your light side or your dark side, dive into birth, death, home, sex, fitness and a revolution of looking at the realities faced as a woman in today's society.< Less
The Grace Solution By William Petri
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Most Christians will struggle with the idea of sin. Often times we forget that grace is the answer to all areas of failure in our lives. This book will take you on a journey of grace. How does grace... More > fix our sin problem? How does grace identify me with Jesus Christ? How does grace motivate me to live a Christian life? The answers are all in this book.< Less