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Single Angle Design Manual By Whitney McNulty
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LRFD and ASD design of single angles for tension, compression shear and bending, including principal axis bending according to the 13th edition of the AISC manual. Covers both equal and unequal leg... More > angles. 139 pages.< Less
PUZZLE MATH Measures of Polygon Angles By Roxanne Eckenrode
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Students find sums of the measures of interior angles of polygons, sums of the measures of exterior angles of polygons, and measures of single angles in a regular polygon. They consider triangles,... More > quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, decagons, and dodecagons. They receive immediate feedback as their answers decode a secret message. The self-checking nature motivates students and reduces overhead for teachers. Teachers, please require the students to show all of their work.< Less
Lil' Manners By Angle B Fant
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Lil’Manners is dedicated to single moms and victims of bullying. Daily,all over the world moms both single or married serve their families. Many suffer from health challenges, because of being... More > so focused on others that they neglect taking care of themselves. At times they lack the help of friends and family. Lil'Manners brings to life how families can help each other.< Less
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Honey Jean By Monika Basile
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"Honey Jean didn’t know what hit her. She didn’t know if it was a fist, a rock or even a wayward newspaper thrown by a cock eyed paper boy. She only knew that she was sprawled out on... More > the ground with her dress up over her head and one leg was bent behind her at a precarious angle. She thought she heard the echo of bitter laughter trailing away in the distance. She lay still, afraid to move, afraid to do more damage to her body than had already been done. She gasped for the breath that had been knocked from her lungs when she hit the concrete."< Less
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Crude and Unusual Punishment By T. A. Landis
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Hilarious single panel cartoons in the spirit of The Far Side and Bizarro. See the world from a different perspective, a skewed viewpoint, a surprising angle.
Passive AC Circuits: An Introduction to AC Power and Applications By J.R. Lambert
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AC Circuits and Power Applications is an introductory engineering technology text covering single and three-phase alternating current (AC) power sources, components, connections and loads. Topical... More > coverage includes introductory sinusoidal voltage and phase angle considerations; vector representation of alternating voltages; resistance, reactance, impedance and phase angle determination; single and polyphase transformer operation; polyphase power distribution; common residential and industrial load determination; Wye and Delta transformer connections; power transfer, power factor and power factor correction; balanced and unbalanced resistive and reactive load computations. Diodes, rectifier circuits, AC induction motors and variable frequency drive (VFD) control of induction motors are also investigated. An understanding of direct current (DC) electrical/electronic circuit theory and right-angle trigonometry is strongly suggested.< Less
M. Sc. Thesis Chapter 4: Optimal and Suboptimal Control of SMES Devices for Power System Stability Enhancement of Infinite Bus System. By Dr Hedaya Alasooly
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This book shows Chapter 4: SMES Control for Single Machine Infinite Bus System of my M. Sc. Thesis: Optimal and Suboptimal Control of SMES Devices for Power System Stability Enhancement. The... More > chapter include the following sections: - Dynamic performance for a small disturbance. - The influence of the initial firing angles. - Large disturbance study. - Justifications of the results and study the influence of the region of operation on power system performance. - Appendix B.1: System data.< Less
Bead Bangle Jewelry Making Kit Tb1k By Jane Chew
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Create your own beautiful yellow and blue bangle bracelet! This Kit includes high quality seebeads. You will also get a nylon thread and needle. Creating the bracelet will need basic knowledge of... More > Single Needle Right Angle Weave. If you followed this tutorial and then sell the accessory or jewelry, please give credit to the author or DIY Jewelry Making< Less