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Exposing Cults: When the Skeptical Mind Meets the Mystical By David Lane
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This illustrated book focuses on a number of cults and their respective leaders, including Paul Twitchell and Eckankar, John-Roger Hinkins and MSIA, Gary Olsen and MasterPath, Andrew Cohen, Sathya... More > Sai Baba, Father Yod and the Brotherhood of the Source. Presents a critical and inside look at how these groups operate. Also included our essays on UFOs, Edgar Cayce, and the Politics of Mysticism. This is a new edition of Professor Lane's 1993 book of the same title.< Less
Skeptical Inquiry and Religious Awakening in Beulah, by Augusta Jane Evans By Robert Milton Underwood, Jr.
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Beulah, by Augusta Jane Evans, was hugely successful at the time it was published in America in 1859. A semi-autobiographical account, the author felt it was her duty to warn readers of the problems... More > she had experienced with religious skepticism. Advances in science after the Middle Ages led to the increasing valuation of reason and objectivity. By the early- to mid-nineteenth century it was quite fashionable to be skeptical, especially about religious matters. The eponymous heroine of the novel passes through several phases of religious faith on her intellectual journey of skepticism before she finally reawakens with a mature Christian faith. She eventually learns to properly balance faith and reason.< Less
Humbug! the Skeptic's Field Guide to Spotting Fallacies and Deceptive Arguments By Theo Clark & Jef Clark
eBook (ePub): $1.44
Humbug means "deceptive or false talk or behaviour". This book is a tool for detecting humbug. The core of the book does not concern itself with the structure of good arguments, or with... More > models for inquiry. Rather, the content focuses on error. If individuals become astute at identifying and critiquing flawed arguments, they will become more skilled at identifying sound arguments. The subtitle of the book is the Skeptic’s Guide Field Guide to Spotting Fallacies and Deceptive Arguments. The skeptical inquirer, whether a student, an academic or a member of the public, is a person who has the habit of questioning assertions made by others. This second edition of Humbug! has been expanded and now includes three sections. Part 1 provides a rationale for the book and an introduction to critical thinking, Part 2 provides some simple techniques that are useful in the analysis of arguments and in forming a position, and Part 3 describes and provides examples of common fallacies and flawed arguments.< Less
Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous : In Opposition to Skeptics and Atheists By George Berkeley
eBook (PDF): $4.98
A classic work of philosophy with an argument for the existence of God in the style of Greek dialogue. First published in 1713, this work was designed as a vivid and persuasive presentation of the... More > remarkable picture of reality that Berkeley had first presented two years earlier in his Principles of Human Knowledge. His central claim there, as here, was that physical things consist of nothing but ideas in minds -- that the world is not material but mental. Berkeley uses this thesis as the ground for a new argument for the existence of God, and the dialogue form enables him to raise and respond to many of the natural objections to his position. Three important concepts discussed in the Three Dialogues are perceptual relativity, the conceivability/master argument, and Berkeley's phenomenalism.< Less
How to Understand the Bible for the Skeptic: A Help for Those Who Struggle to Believe By Chris Briscoe
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If you need help and guidance to find God and receive his love, then this book is for you.It explains, step by step, in a practical way, how you can open your heart - your spirit - and be touched by... More > God's love. If you have tried to analyze God through Intellectual arguments or if you are like "Doubting Thomas", this book guides you how you can facilitate the Spirit of God to enter your heart so you have a spiritual encounter with God.< Less
Postmodern Skepticism, Relativism, and Religious Toleration in the Light of the Westminster Standards and the Thought of George Gillespie By Steven Dilday
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In this postmodern context, philosophical skepticism and relativism continue to make ever deeper inroads into the Western psyche. "How can one know what is real?" And, if one cannot be... More > sure that the human mind is in contact with reality (skepticism), then one’s worldview is little more than a personal preference (relativism). Almost any perspective (religious or otherwise) is tolerated provided that there be no assertion of objective truth and no attempt to impose it on others. The scope of the present essay is to shed old light on the present darkness. Skepticism and relativism are not new problems for Christian thinkers. The Second Reformation in England and Scotland is particularly worthy of consideration in this regard, for skepticism, relativism, and the appeal for a relativistic religious toleration were great obstacles to the completion of the reforming work. Indeed, the spiritual weapons forged in that bygone era are still “mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”< Less
Of UFOs aliens extraterrestrials: Ufologists governments military skeptics and theorists false claims explanations and translations By Maximillien De Lafayette
Paperback: $23.96
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Published by UFOs & Supernatural Magazine. 1-The insider versus the ignoramus, and the insider versus the outsider.2-Why Ufology failed? 3-Some of the Major False Claims and Interpretations.... More > 4-The Roswell Incident. 5-Rosslyn Chapel and Aliens’ Treasures. 6-Humans with elongated skulls are not aliens! 7-Eastern Island monolithic stone statues were not built by extraterrestrials. 8-UFOs sighting over Washington, DC in 1952. 9- The Mucholapka and the German Bell-UFO. 10-The Great Airship Scare (UFOs Sightings Waves) of 1896-97. 11- Nazca Lines. 12-Ancient astronauts on prehistoric caves walls. 13-Ignorance of the meaning of symbolism in the early Christian paintings. 14-Nibiru. 15-Kenneth Arnold’s Case. 16-Origin of UFOs. 17-Animal mutilations. 18-Stonehenge< Less
Enlightenment Living By Ryan Somma
Paperback: $16.95
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Collected here are the best of 10 years' worth of essays from covering science culture, Enlightenment ethics, skeptical inquiry, and celebration of natural wonders.
My Arguments Against Christianity By Andrew Shaw
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For over 2,000 years Christianity has made extraordinary claims regarding the universe, reality, morality, life, and death. It has become the largest religion worldwide with around a third of the... More > world’s population adhering to its more than 30,000 different denominations. The problem is that many of these claims can be tested, reviewed, and addressed both skeptically and rationally. The purpose of this book is to spell out many of the problems and outright absurdities within this religion as well as concepts of a personal and loving deity. It is my hope that the future of our species belongs to the rationalists who have shaken off the shackles of religious belief and have embraced skepticism and reason. These are my arguments against Christianity.< Less
The Tube Top Killer By M.E. Robertson-Hoon
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What in the world is going on with the spirit world this time? Devlin Howard is in all actuality an Inspector detective who does on occasion moonlight assisting with an association who investigates... More > paranormal activity, but this one is certainly a case of crossing spiritual borders, the victim is a human and the killer . . . supernatural? How on earth is Devlin suppose to explain this one, not just to his chief inspector, but to his skeptical partner, Kenny Tripplehorn?< Less

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