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A World Of Chakras Personal Edition By Gennaro Lombardi
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Welcome to A World of Chakras. The first Seven Week Course and personal study guide that teaches you how to enhance your Chakras. Here in this book I try to as best as humanly possible to answer,... More > cover, and go over as many questions I could possibly could that one such as yourself who is new to the whole Chakra thing, might have about the what the Chakras are, what they do, and where in the heck did the teachings or mention of them even begin or start. Also, I try to go even further by answer the even harder questions for those who might be skeptical, such as; Is there any scientific evidence that the Chakras are real? And if they are, what role do they play in my life, and in nature. And if I do decide to do some of these so called spiritual and Chakra workings on them, is there really any benefit, and if there is, what are they!? So please read on and learn as much as you can, do as much as you can, and have as much fun as you possibly can throughout the whole process.< Less
The Healing Years: A Novel By Stan Knick
Paperback: $12.00
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The story of a woman in rural North Carolina who grows up in hard times, endures many sorrows, but persists to become a respected healer in her community. A woman of great wisdom and strength, who... More > through her healing years she helps many people, and eventually discovers how to heal her own heart. REVIEW: “It immediately draws from me the adjective 'genuine.' Ruby is a wonderful creation, maybe a mosaic of more than one woman. She has ‘the gift’ all right – not only for healing with roots and herbs and wise counsel – but also for patience and for love and steady affection. Such upright characters are hard to draw convincingly; they go against the grain of our skepticism. But when you get them right, they are strong. What you have here is strong, a memoir-chronicle about a kind of community and a way of life not so well known anymore. The ‘retreat’ to yard and garden at the end is a kind of saintly benediction.” ~ Fred Chappell, poet, novelist, teacher; Poet Laureate of N.C. (1997-2002)< Less
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Real Estate = Freedom Time and Finance 32 Real Life Success Stories That Will Bank You Money! And Get You Flipping Houses By Khang Le & Loan Nguyen
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Looking to become a successful Real Estate Investor in your market? I have gather 32 true real life success stories of investors all over the states. They will share with you how they overcome their... More > challenges, struggles and close the deals. They also share how much they made on the deal and picture of their check. Everyone story is different, but you will find ideas, tips, marketing and negociation strategies that will help open up your awareness and let you see more opportunities in your market. After your done reading, you will find that you don't need lots of money or good credit to make money in real estate. I was pretty skeptical about it too when i first started, but trust me it's true. What you need is a desire and a open mind. I bought my first flip using bank money, rehab it and sold it for a net profit of $50,000 in 3 months. It blew me away. I use to make $30,000 a year working 8 hours a day.People are making 6 figures to million of dollars wholsaling and flipping houses everyday in your market.< Less
From ‘Nonsense’ To ‘Tri-Sight’ By Patrick A.B. Johnston
Paperback: $27.00
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My first 'book'... was more of a journal, with poems and ideas, from my days as a young man, circa ‘74 to ‘86. A kind of 'folder' of personal growth and discovery, set amidst... More > life’s ineffable churn. I made it as a means to cope - to make sense of things, when a bizarre event at age 17 had me within neurons of solipsistic nihilism - ouch! In that time my world view leapt from ‘naive poetic idealist’ to ‘determined philosophical realist.’ Out of necessity, I adopted a stoic skepticism as I sought out an ‘affirm-able bedrock’ to reality. I came to focus on perception’s source and form, and found its essence in the timeless dance of our seeing, being & doing. This in turn led me to draw a workable ontological model, rooted in what I called life’s 'all-pervading will to survive'. A motive trait that may have guided life from inception, by holding a natural orientation to space-time. ‘Tri-sight’ is just utile coinage. What I think it represents may be a key to unlocking a freer will in each of us, if we dare.< Less
From Circle to Ellipse By Santina Forlenza
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Celestial bodies were believed to move in a circular way, reminding of the perfection; traditional knowledge liked it! Until a woman, by means of her imagination, believed that the path underlined by... More > planets was an ellipse. An imperfect shape describing the universe! In Maryhead Hill public works in the park cannot go on: the flood is paralyzing the town and stacking people in old churches and libraries, working places and pubs. In the oldest library things start to appear as they really are: odd, unusual, different. Guarded by an old librarian and by four black cats, it`s the place where a journalist finds herself thinking about concepts she always ignored. While in the old church a skeptical former police inspector finds himself able to look into the past, by crossing different dimensions... So many are the things we don`t see, yet they exist! This book is meant as a tribute to the victims of ignorance,who marked the painful path from traditional knowledge to science...from a circle to an ellipse.< Less
Meni dal Borc By Ermes Culòs
Paperback: $14.95
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This is a short play that dramatizes the religious conversion of a skeptic in a small Friulian village. It is written in the Western Friulian language.
ISNING/ICING By Sophia Handler
Paperback: List Price: $10.74 $5.37 | You Save: 50%
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QUIET CURIOSITIES Sophia Handler, born 13-08-1993, danish poet published in literary magazines such as Hvedekorn and OVBIDAT since the very beginning of 2013. Work flickers between... More > impressionism/surreal installations and undertakes themes like scale, communication, individualism, skepticism and so forth.< Less
Te-am iubit - Poezii filozofice By Sorin Cerin
Paperback: $11.00
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PhD Professor Elvira Sorohan - An existentialist poet of the 21st Century:"Move forward with reading, being curious to see you how the poet remains on same chord of background, and how deep, how... More > seriously lives in this idea, not at all new. And it is not new for that the roots of the existentialism, reformulated modern, draw their sap from the skepticism of biblical, melancholic Ecclesiastes, discouraged, in the tragic consciousness of finitude as destiny. It is the King biblical, an, existentialist avant la lettre."< Less
Histoire comique [French] By Anatole France
Paperback: List Price: $8.04 $4.02 | You Save: 50%
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Anatole France (French: [anatɔl fʁɑ̃s];... More > born François-Anatole Thibault, [frɑ̃swa anatɔl tibo]; 16 April 1844 – 12 October 1924) was a French poet, journalist, and novelist. He was born in Paris, and died in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire. He was a successful novelist, with several best-sellers. Ironic and skeptical, he was considered in his day the ideal French man of letters. He was a member of the Académie française, and won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Literature "in recognition of his brilliant literary achievements, characterized as they are by a nobility of style, a profound human sympathy, grace, and a true Gallic temperament". Excerpt from:< Less

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