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Driving Skills Assessment California Version By Barry Stevens
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Are you, your children, or your senior parents, safe drivers? How can you lose your license? If you lost it, how can you get it back? Answers to these highly-charged questions begin with an... More > evaluation of driving skills. This booklet provides a professional evaluation that anyone can use to evaluate their own driving, or that of a loved one. It provides a logical, objective look at a very emotional situation – a decision to restrict someone’s freedom by limiting their driving. As such, it provides a calming influence in a very emotional situation. You can test for safe performance in 21 areas of driving skills, and estimate how much corrective training may be required. You can use the study materials for sample written tests to check on your knowledge of the law. Finally, the procedure in this book can communicate specific needs to a professional driving instructor, allowing an individual behind-the-wheel curriculum to be developed.< Less
Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Skills for Nurses, Paramedics and ECPs By Chris Breen & Dr Craig Ellis
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2nd Edition The books aim is to provide key information on Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis in an understandable way, suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners at an affordable... More > cost In addition to detailed medical and trauma assessments, explanations of common diseases and conditions are provided with signs and symptoms. Red flag indicators for each body system and individual conditions are also detailed. To support this additional chapters are also included on Wound assessment, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Child Birth, Triage, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Mental Health and ECG Interpretation. In response to recent global events information on blast injuries, gunshot wounds and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical incidents are covered. This second edition has been improved and expanded based on readers feedback.< Less
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Measurement refers to the process by which the attributes or dimensions of some physical object are determined. One exception seems to be in the use of the word measure in determining the IQ of a... More > person. The phrase, "this test measures IQ" is commonly used. Measuring such things as attitudes or preferences also applies. However, when we measure, we generally use some standard instrument to determine how big, tall, heavy, voluminous, hot, cold, fast, or straight something actually is. Standard instruments refer to instruments such as rulers, scales, thermometers, pressure gauges, etc. We measure to obtain information about what is. Such information may or may not be useful, depending on the accuracy of the instruments we use, and our skill at using them. There are few such instruments in the social sciences that approach the validity and reliability of say a 12" ruler.< Less
UNV 103 Week 3 Assignment Student Academic Skills Assessment and Reflection By Nic Klaus
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To get this tutorial follow this link: Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are will... More > help you understand steps you should take to improve as a student. GCU wants to assist you in improving in certain areas, such as study habits and note taking. Required Materials Microsoft Word Instructions< Less
Makeup 101 - Assessment Booklet By SACHA USA LLC et al.
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Makeup 101 - Assessment Booklet is used as one of the testing methods to evaluate the knowledge level of the student for the content presented in the companion textbook Makeup 101 - Introduction to... More > The SACHA METHOD. The SACHA METHOD is a series of professional courses which teach the best-practices of those skill required to become a certified SACHA Professional Cosmetic Specialist. The courses and topics covered in the multi-volume series are designed to guide a student from the very beginnings of their career in cosmetics and makeup artistry into becoming a fully certified SACHA Professional Cosmetic Specialist. Makeup 101 is the first volume in this educational series and is a detailed introduction to The SACHA METHOD and is designed to develop the student into a fully qualified and confident Self Applicator.< Less
Basic Bodyguarding Skills By Craig Pedersen
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Since 1992, Basic Bodyguarding skills has been the manual for persons wanting to enter the Close Protection Industry. Including chapters on Risk Assessment, Escort Formations, Advance Part... More > Fucntions, Residential Security, IED Awareness and much more, this book is packed with diagrams, flow charts and simple explanations. For anyone starting a course, preparing for one or wanting to know what's needed to make it in this industry, this book is an absoloute must! Over 1000 000 copies in circulation since 1996! Now revised, updated and available in print!< Less
Skilled Migration: Canadian Experience By Alaba Ojapinwa
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Canada by my own unbiased assessment is a fantastic country and arguably the best place on planet earth. Therefore, Canada has many attractions for skilled migrants. It is not easy to build such a... More > nation with so much enduring, enviable, functional institutions and humanistic values. However, it is not a walk in the park for many people who are rushing to Canada. Is Canada Eldorado for a skilled migrant? Are success and fulfillment taken for granted in Canada? What are those things that a skilled migrant should know and keep in mind as he undertakes this great endeavor? What are the challenges and opportunities for the skilled migrant? What attitudes, thoughts, and actions should the host residents, citizens and governments cultivate for best outcomes? What should be the roles, attitudes and thought processes of family, friends, associates and government in the country of origin of the skilled migrants so that this experience and undertaking brings about the best outcome for all stakeholders?< Less
Your Career Skills By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $3.99
“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily”, said by the popular televangelist Mike Murdock. Once you arrive at the torturous decision of changing your... More > career, do not waste more time dwelling on the rationale behind this decision.Get all your acts together and think of better ways of giving yourself a set of career skills that can gear you up for a new life and a new career."Your Career Skills”covers Career Skill Basics, Where do you Need Improvement, Assessment Tests for your Given Career, Get Mentoring, Online Courses, Offline Courses, Life Lessons and Self Esteem...< Less
Clinical Sleep Medicine: Self Assessment By Abdulghani Sankari
eBook (ePub): $49.95
The Clinical Sleep Medicine-Self Assessment series is designed to stimulate the readers and challenge their clinical knowledge and update their skills in sleep disorders. The case-based questions are... More > based on real scenarios and diagnostic findings thus they provide current and relevant educational strategies to commonly encountered disorders and complaints. The Clinical Sleep Medicine-Self Assessment series can be used as a useful tool for physicians interested in certifying or re-certifying for the Sleep Medicine specialty. The first volume contains 50 case-based questions that were carefully written and followed by explanations for the correct and incorrect answers followed by a reference to the source for the correct answer. This series is a perfect source for preparation for board exam or for general update and reading in Sleep Medicine.< Less
Interviewing and Counseling Skills: An NLP Perspective By Richard Gray
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Interviewing and Counseling Skills: An NLP Perspective takes a fresh look at the art of communication for Criminal Justice and Counseling professionals. Integrating insights from Neuro-linguistic... More > Programming, psychology and the latest research in communications and linguistics, the author provides step-by-step instructions in the tools for interacting with clients and offenders alike. Gray provides an introduction to the skills needed to effectively establish rapport, uncover hidden information, assess truthfulness and move clients towards useful change. This volume is a resource that readers will turn to again and again.< Less