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The Breathing Dynamics Solution To Snoring and Sleep Apnoea By Tim Altman
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The Breathing Dynamics Solution to Snoring and Sleep Apnoea offers a completely natural and simple solution to snoring and sleep apnoea that gets to the root cause of these problems - dysfunctional... More > breathing. By retraining breathing to functional levels, the ailments can be alleviated or reliance on medical devices and/or medicines can be reduced. This book offers a 4 stage, 1 month (or more) training course for breathing retraining that is easy to learn and brings the solution to snoring and apnoea to your home.< Less
Sleeping in a Hurricane By Will Stead
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Sleep Apnoea, spelt Sleep Apnea outside the United Kingdom, is a condition that causes interrupted breathing during sleep. Each pause in breathing, or 'Apnoea', can last from a few seconds to a few... More > minutes. Will Stead was diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea in 2010. 'Sleeping in a Hurricane' is his first-hand story of sleep apnoea from a patient’s perspective. Charting the journey from initial consultations and diagnosis, 'Sleeping in a Hurricane' follows Will through sleep tests and CPAP Therapy to eventually getting back on the road to normality. With a mixture of humour and reflection, this true story is an insight into sleep apnoea, its diagnosis and treatment. 'Sleeping in a Hurricane' provides help, support and a comparative viewpoint for those people suffering from sleep apnoea as well as an entertaining read for those that do not.< Less
Sleep Apnea Relief By R Smith
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This condition is not one of those that are easily diagnosed. Also it is usually not detected during a regular exam with your physician. Because it happens while you are sleeping, you probably... More > would not know that you had it unless someone notice an unusual pattern in your sleeping. The way that you may find out about it is if someone notices it while you’re sleep. Even then, they probably won’t know that you may have sleep apnea.< Less
The BBEC Guide to The Buteyko Method By Michael Lingard
Paperback: $9.02
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An introduction to the Buteyko Method, the physiology and science. With explanation as to how it applies to stress management and the improvement of many conditions including asthma, sleep apnoea,... More > hypertension, anxiety and sports performance.< Less
How To Breathe: The Symptoms if You Get it Wrong, and How to Fix It. By Sally Gething
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Did you know that your health concerns could be caused by improper breathing? Luckily, with this helpful book, it is easily fixed, and experienced Breathing Retrainer Sally Gething will show you how.... More > This book can help with the following... Cold Hands and Feet; Pale Face and Skin; Difficulty in Catching Your Breath, or in Taking a Deep Breath; Asthma; Panic Attacks; Hyperventilation Attacks; Allergies, Eczema and Skin Conditions; Slack Jawline; Protruding Teeth; Elongated Face Shape; Dental Cavities; Repeated Chest and Throat Infections; Nasal Voice, Whispering Voice, and Losing One’s Voice; Abnormal Breathing Patterns; Snoring; Sleep Apnoea; Lung Damage (including Emphysema, COPD, Bronchiectasis); Hypertension/High Blood Pressure; and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)< Less
A Doctor's Guide to the Buteyko Method By Michael Lingard
Paperback: $8.12
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A Doctor's guide to the Buteyko Method. This guide is to aid Buteyko Educators present the underlying science and rational to their client's doctor.
The Breath Connection Educator's Training Manual By Michael Lingard
Paperback: $50.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
The comprehensive Training Manual for the Breath Connection Training Course offered by TotalHealthMatters! This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the full Training Course for Buteyko... More > Educator qualification leading to membership of the BBEC (The Buteyko Breathing Educator Council.< Less
Outwitting Defective Genes: Staying Healthy With a Family Register of Illnesses By Terry Nettle
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This book describes a special management technique to maintain good health by integrating all the information in a person's medical diary and fully utilizing the family medical history. This system,... More > known as the Family Register of Illnesses (FRILL), is simple, effective and easily implemented. It is designed to meet the objective of better health and better management of all the medical issues that a person may encounter in his or her life. The book provides all the details needed to build a personal FRILL system. It uses an interesting and comprehensive case study to illustrate the intricacy, potential and efficacy of the system. It is intended to help the reader to have the best chance to stay healthy throughout his or her life, and to be able to cope effectively with the many unexpected, expected and inherited medical problems. Innovative and effective treatment regimes for the especially notorious Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Sleep Apnoea are presented here for the first time.< Less
The Breath Connection - The Buteyko Guide to Better Breathing & Better Health By Michael Lingard
Paperback: $11.05
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A brief introduction to the work of Professor Konstantin Buteyko. This book highlights the connections between many common diseases and our dysfunctional breathing. You will be able to check your own... More > breathing and discover what signs and symptoms you have may be associated with your poor breathing habits. This book also may be used for your training exercises.< Less
OET Speaking For Nurses Book 1 By Virginia Allum
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OET Speaking for Nurses Book 1 includes information about the Updated OET Speaking Sub-test. The book outlines the speaking sub-test under headings relating to the marking criteria for the test. Each... More > section includes a sample role play which links to a YouTube cartoon video. Virginia Allum is the Head of Medical English for Specialist Language Courses and is an OET Premium Preparation Provider. Contents of the book 1. Introduction to the Speaking Sub-test including OET Updated Speaking Sub-test information 2. Building a Relationship with the Patient Scenario: Child with Burns Scenario: Teenage Boy with Scurvy 3. Understanding the Patient’s Point of View Scenario: Dealing with Complaints 4. Conducting the Role Play using a clear structure Scenario: Dog Bite 5. Asking for information and showing understanding Scenario: Irritable Bowel Syndrome 6. Providing information and checking understanding Scenario: Sleep Apnoea< Less

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