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wonderful self control of the problems of smoking, sleeping and obesity, with creative learning exercises, audio, meditation and relaxation plus.
The Problem With Being A Kid By Garry Turner
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Memories of my children when they were 3 wanting to be 4, or 4 wanting to be 5. For some reason Sydney really wanted to be 7 years old. My daughter Sydney really thought a lot was going to happen and... More > she was right. Sydney is an Illustrator, writer, dancer, professional stage singer and a musician at 7 years old...this is my inspiration every day. Sydney and I worked on this together with illustration concepts just for this book of memories. Bedtime Song was created by Rosina as a lullaby to get Sydney to go to sleep. Proud to publish my first children's book!!!< Less
The Super Detectives - The Mystery of the Sleep Genie By Trevor Lewis
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Tommy is in the Hospital with a broken ankle, and just can't get to sleep! What can a Super Detective do to help him sleep? Find out in this first adventure from 'The Super Detectives' series of... More > short stories.< Less
Sleep Like a Pro - A guide to a Better sleep (eBook How) By eBook 4u how to sleep like a pro
eBook (PDF): $3.99
People who struggle in life, success, and sleeping correctly will find these things in common: •They don't know how to cut down on media time. •They have no idea how important physical... More > exercise is! •They are struggling with jumping on the power nap. •They also don't understand how to use visualization. •Many more problems untold… Well don't worry… With the strategies that I’m about to let you in on , you will have no problems when it comes to sleeping like a pro. In this book, you will learn all about: •Physical Exercise For Better Sleep! •Use Foods To Sleep Better... •Better Your Sleep With Visualization. •Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Better Sleep. •Utilize Relaxation Response! •Use Aromatherapy. •Much MORE!< Less
Babies and Sleep: The Baby Sleep Solution Every New Mother Needs By Baby Mia
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Are you a new mother who's getting a hard time to make your baby sleep? Does your baby can never sleep at night but doesn't have any problem to sleep at day? Are you looking for the right baby sleep... More > solution or the right baby sleep training book? In this book you'll learn -What causes your baby to NOT sleep -Tips and techniques to force your baby to sleep -How to make your baby sleep on his/her own crib -What should you do when your baby is sleeping -How to make your baby sleep longer during the night -Some common problems and how to handle them -Baby sleep safety you don't want to miss -How to make your baby sleep on his/her back -How long should you let your baby sleep during the day -Setting the right environment to make your baby sleep -and many more.... This baby sleep solution guide will definitely help you in your quest to your baby sleep problem. Still not convinced? Go get the sample to satisfy your curiosity Are you convinced? Great, click the buy button now!< Less
He Who Sleeps With Clenched Hands By MICHAEL HOUSE
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Some people are made for love. Others, not so much. It's a season for the two. Priorities differ. Hidden motives manifest. Problems grow. Murder prevails. Love disappears. Misery is birthed.
Sleep: Easy Sleep Solutions: 74 Best Tips for Better Sleep Health: How to Deal With Sleep Deprivation Issues Without Drugs Book By Chris A. Baird
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Do you have a problem getting enough sleep?... or are you tossing and turning when you do sleep? Do you feel stagnant, stuck in a rut, and ready for a change? Easy Sleep Solutions is full of... More > real-life examples, proven techniques of that have worked for thousands of people just like you. These methods are backed up countless research studies, all of which will arm you with a mindset primed for success and powerful, concrete insomnia-busting techniques. Easy-to-implement small changes and practical takeaways for immediate action. What happens if you ignore your sleep? • Learn why you aren't sleeping • How your lack of sleeping is killing you • Discover how your problem is sucking the joy out of life • The consequences of living like a sleepless zombie< Less
Grow Rich While You Sleep By Ben Sweetland
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95% of all human problems stem from a negative mind. You can do something about it... while you sleep! What you will discover in this book is priceless. The author shows how to use the deepest... More > thinking part of you, while you sleep, to get whatever you want out of life . . . money, personal influence, love, respect and admiration. At will, you can direct your Creative Mind to assist you in solving problems . . . making the right decisions ... in creating ways and means of great achievement . . . over night! With this technique you can sleep on it and awake in the morning with answers so clear-cut you will be amazed! By unblocking the mind-line this method automatically improves the memory, strengthens other mental powers, casting out self-doubt and self-defeat. It builds optimism, confidence, courage, and brings out latent talents, shows that you can grow rich ... in all things . . . material as well as spiritual . . . while you sleep.< Less
Grow Rich While You Sleep By Ben Sweetland
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"WE FIRST THINK IN TERMS of success before we manifest success," is the first motto I wrote after learning the influence of mind over matter. Practically every chapter in this book is... More > written to impress upon you the fact that all achievement begins with thought. But, knowing this is not enough, we should learn how to build a success consciousness." 95% of all human problems stem from a negative mind. This figure includes such traits as timidity, domestic discord, business failure, bad memory, tenseness, unhappiness,worry. You can do something about it while you sleep! You are a mind with a body attached, not a body with a mind attached! Realize this and you are on your way to self-mastery. This is the new approach to the Conscious Mind through the other level that never sleeps, the Creative Mind. What you will discover is priceless! This book shows how to use the deepest thinking part of you, while you sleep, to get whatever you want out of life money, personal influence, love, respect and admiration.< Less
Sleep Disorders and Insomnia: Sleeplessness and Causes for Insomnia By Susan G. Berkeley, Malibu Publishing
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Insomnia is not a single disorder. It is a general symptom and could have many potential causes. In order to qualify as a sleep disorder, insomnia has to meet three specific requirements. First, the... More > person has to experience poor sleep in general, or have a problem falling or staying asleep. Second, if given the proper sleep environment and an adequate opportunity to sleep, the problem still occurs. Third, the result of the poor sleep causes some type of impairment while awake. Examples of impairment are; fatigue, body aches and pains, inability to concentrate, mood changes, lack of energy, poor concentration, or developing an unnatural amount of worry about sleep.< Less

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