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Slim and Trim By Brian Wilmot
Paperback: $18.66
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The purpose of this book is to investigate, learn and to perhaps adopt the secrets of professions / and professionals who get paid to lose body fat for a living. Professions such as, Fitness models,... More > Music entertainers, Television personalities, Movie actors, Professional athletes and many more all get paid to lose body fat. This book will give you a stepwise approach to losing as much body fat as you can, or more so, are willing to lose.< Less
Wrap Yourself Slim - Body Wraps Exposed! By Ella Simpson
Paperback: $31.30
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If you have any of the following goals, then you can benefit from my book: > Have an event this weekend and need to fit into a dress that is too tight? > Need to detoxify your body during... More > your diet or weight loss program? > Want to lose inches off your thighs, stomach or butt? Want to condition, tighten and tone your skin? > Want to apply effective tips and techniques that enhance and boost your results with each body wrap? > Want to customize your own body wrap formula to fit your goals to ensure you get the results you desire? > Want to save $100's of dollars by performing body wraps at home? Want to have a body wrap party with friends? > Want an easy way to help detoxify your body? Want to enjoy a relaxing treatment and pamper yourself? Read 'Wrap Yourself Slim - Body Wraps Exposed' to find the answers to all these questions and more.< Less
Think to Slim: Your answer to stress free slimming By Richard Keeley, Kate Jennings
eBook (ePub): $15.18
Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting? Do you find yourself eating when you're bored, tired or stressed? Do you always feel the need to finish your plate of food? 'Think to Slim' will help you to... More > train your mind to listen to your body, allowing you to just think yourself slim. Think To Slim is a behavioural program designed to change the way that people think and feel about food. By seeing food as fuel for your body, it is possible to make small changes in our behaviour patterns that have a significant long term effect on both health and well-being. The Think To Slim program consists of 7 topics that are each aimed at changing various aspects of our attitudes and beliefs about food. Includes 7 web links to 7 self-hypnosis mp3 audio downloads!< Less
The Daily Dozen Slimming Secrets By Robert Carter
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Do you crave the body you had in college, or high school? The body you had when you were at your best; slim, fit, healthy. The body that your friends admired! Having the body you desire could be down... More > to just a few minor lifestyle changes. This guide, if followed, will change your life by turning you into the slim and fit person you long to become< Less
Slim Supple & Strong By gary richards
eBook (PDF): $19.99
A valuable "life changing tool" written by a personal trainer. At long last,a publication that lays it all out in a smooth, easy to understand format, taking you through "Step By... More > Step" from your new eating plans, researched food lists, understanding your body, exercise demonstrations through to your daily exercise routines. Everything is laid out for you, no calorie counting, no depriving yourself of essential vitamins and minerals, meticulously explained exercises, all accomplished from home. The Step By Step guide to the "NEW YOU". A valuable Life Changing Tool written by a professional. This is like having your own Personal Trainer with you 24/7< Less
eBook (ePub): $2.04
Have you tried losing weight before like I have, and found how difficult it is to stick to your diet? Well, now you can follow the step by step goals on WALKING TO YOUR GOAL WEIGHT AND STAY THERE and... More > lose weight without going hungry. You will learn how to add a few steps in your busy day and lose weight without agony. You will burn your calories faster with the techniques I have used. Don't wait – let “SLIM BODY-WALK TO YOUR GOAL WEIGHT AND STAY THERE” give you the courage and energy you need to succeed TODAY! You'll discover the many benefits and techniques of walking, both physical and mental. “SLIM BODY-WALK TO YOUR GOAL WEIGHT AND STAY THERE” helps you understand when and where to walk, what to wear and how to get others involved in your healthy habit. It gives you the motivation you need to truly succeed to your goal weight. All you have to do is to read the book “SLIM BODY” and watch yourself walk to your goal weight and stay there forever.  < Less
ExoSlim: Get Slim And Fit Body ! Risk Free Trial Pack By leya gerfeld
eBook (PDF): $0.00
ExoSlim is the most recent weight reduction supplement weight loss market. Like several other pill regimen, it's mainly manufactured of raspberry ketones, however is also crowded with various... More > alternative recognized slimming brokers. If you're looking for a cure for weight loss “herbal”, then you need to attempt ExoSlim, as it is simply a 1 of the touted advantages of weight loss in the these days sector. This product declares soften all of your additional fat without the demand to delight in any reasonably workout plans or diet. For more info:< Less
122 Actions to Think and Grow Slim By Helen Forbes
eBook (ePub): $4.91
The battle of the bulge is won or lost by what happens, or doesn't happen, in your own mind. Think and Grow Slim provides fabulous strategies to help you achieve the best mindset to help you on your... More > Journey to Slim and teaches you how to create great new habits which make it easier for you to succeed. This ebook contains easy to apply tips that will help you to feel great as you lose weight. Successful slimming and healthy living occur when you alter your choices and take small daily actions which together make a big change. Helen Forbes is a coach, trainer and former Slimming Magazine Club group leader. She has a degree in Psychology and takes a practical, pragmatic approach which will help you to feel great within your body as you slim down to your best shape. These strategies are the ones which helped her win on her own Journey to Slim and maintain her ideal weight for over 20 years.< Less
Seven Steps to Staying Slim for Life By Rahil Khan, MD
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This groundbreaking E-Book written by an esteemed graduate of Yale University and Georgetown Medical School is now available to the public. Everywhere we read how Americans are becoming more and more... More > overweight. This is especially disturbing in light of the billions spent annually on weight loss products--everything from exercise machines to miracle powders to diet books. Apparently none of the quick cures work, otherwise obesity would not continue to be a growing problem. The Seven Steps to Staying Slim for Life will give you instructions on how to take care of your body to lose weight forever and increase your longevity. All of these steps are fairly easy to implement –no running marathons or starving – just seven simple steps to making lifelong habits that will take you to and keep you slim forever. After you read this E-Book, you will realize just how much common sense there is in this approach, and be on your way to saying farewell to gyms, pills and diets forever. Good luck!!< Less
Healthy Life. Slimming. Nutrition. Diet. By Filip Chmurzyński
eBook (ePub): $9.25
The impact of the overweight on the human life is wider than these questions. Destructive issue of overweight is a common phenomenon and it has big implications for the whole society. The ability of... More > organizing healthy lifestyle isn't difficult. Unfortunately, system of the education in west countries hasn't appropriate framework for teaching connected with nutrition as a factor in regulating of the disease processes. On the other hand, the excess of modificated food and lifestyle, in which we function, enhances the bad habits and our state of health. 2015 was year, in which I spend a lot of time on testing of various combinations of diet. My objective was elaboration of diet, which causes not only loss of the fat tissue, but significantly improves my physical and mental state. For 12 months, I was able to lose weight from 198 kg to 87 kg. The percentage of fat tissue decreased from 22 % to 10 %. Visceral fat rating from 8 points to 3 points. At the height 186 cm, I gained ideal body weight.< Less