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Janez Janša and Beyond By Mladen Dolar et al.
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BW VERSION // In the summer of 2007 three artists from Slovenia legally changed their names to “Janez Janša,” the name of the right-wing Prime Minister at that time. Since then,... More > the artists have presented their works as performances, exhibitions and a film documentary, and have continued with their investigation of “What’s in a name?” Starting from this famous Shakespearian question, four eminent European philosophers – Austrian Robert Pfaller and Slovenians Mladen Dolar, Jela Krečič and Slavoj Žižek – confront the implications of the Janšas’ name change and its consequences in four essays. Ten years of artistic and real life activity, here illustrated by a photographic insert, presents an opportunity for them to discuss the symbolic power of the name, the ways it affects the subject and subjectivity, and how playing with names can lead to a radical critique of our late capitalist civilization.< Less
Our journey with dementia By Cilka Zagar
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Our journey with dementia is a story about my husband Joe, a Slovenian migrant, finding shortcuts to quickly re-establishing himself in Australia. He first became a sugar cane cutter, then moved to... More > work on Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric project before he built a home in Canberra where he worked as an electrical contractor. He came to Lightning Ridge for Christmas 1968 holiday and found a two carat gem red on black opal; he also caught the opal fever and that sealed our fate. Lightning Ridge with miners as colourful as the gem they search for, this outback post became our home. The story is about Joe's loss of memory, skills, and life; it is about the grieving and about overcoming grief. I kept a diary of signs, symptoms, and progression of Joe's dementia from 2004 until he died on 18.2.2013.< Less
Children of the Mirna Valley By Frank Bevc
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In the quiet farmland of southeastern Slovenia the people of the Mirna Valley endured rule by feudal lords and the Habsburg Empire for over a thousand years. In the early 1600’s, the Bevc... More > Family worked the land in the small village of Šentrupert. Three generations and over a hundred years later, their descendants moved to the Debenec hills overlooking the Mirna Valley. The family acquired more land and spread to the nearby towns of Mokronog and Mirna. Economic conditions prompted immigration by almost one-third of the Slovenian people. One Bevc generation, a family of eleven children, found different futures in America or Slovenia. Most traded the green hills and hard work of farming for the harsh life of mining coal in a smoky, industrial town. Each withstood hardships so that their children would have a better life. Many of those children fought in World War II. In Slovenia that meant occupation and partisan resistance; in America, sons went off to war in Europe and the Pacific.< Less
Play of Lines By Anna Novakov
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This book is the first study of Anton Ažbe’s art school in Munich’s Schwabing district and its influence on four turn-of-the century East European female painters. The Slovenian-born... More > Ažbe (1862-1905) was an eccentric artist and teacher who directed an innovative co-educational art school from 1891 until 1905. Ažbe’s pedagogical method during these fourteen years focused on three concepts: Linienspiel (Play of Lines), Kugelprizip (Ball Principle) and Kristallisation der Farbe (Crystallization of Color). This triadic model was used to train some of the most gifted artists from Russia, Serbia and other parts of Eastern Europe. This study focuses on Ažbe and the early work of his female students: Olga Della Vos Kadoskaya (1875-1952), Yelena Makovskaya-Luksch (1878-1967) and Marianne Werefkin (1860-1938) from Russia, and Nadežda Petrović (1873-1915) from Serbia.< Less
A Short Compendium of the Catechism for the Indians With the Approbation of the Rt. Rev. Frederic Baraga, Bishop of Saut Sainte Marie [Ojibwa] By Nicholas Louis Sifferath
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Frederic Irenaeus Baraga (June 29, 1797 – January 19, 1868;... More > Slovene: Friderik Irenej Baraga) was a Slovenian Roman Catholic missionary to the United States and a grammarian of Native American languages. He became the first bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Marquette, Michigan, originally sited at Sault Sainte Marie, which he led for 15 years.His letters about his missionary work were published widely in Europe, inspiring Saint John Neumann and Father Francis Xavier Pierz to emigrate to the United States. He has been honored as 'Venerable. 'Baraga was born in the manor house at Mala Vas (German: Kleindorf) no. 16 near the Carniolan village of Dobrnič, in what was then Lower Carniola, a province of the Duchy of Carniola in the Habsburg Monarchy. Excerpt from:< Less
Stone Butch Blues: 20th Anniversary Author Edition By Leslie Feinberg
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Stone Butch Blues, Leslie Feinberg’s 1993 first novel, is considered in and outside the U.S. to be a groundbreaking work about the complexities of gender. Feinberg was the first theorist to... More > advance a Marxist concept of “transgender liberation.” Sold by hundreds of thousands of copies, passed hand-to-hand inside prisons, the novel has been translated into Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Slovenian, Turkish, and Hebrew--with earnings from that edition going to ASWAT Palestinian Gay Women--and won the 1994 American Library Association Stonewall Book Award and 1994 Lambda Literary Award. Feinberg said in hir Author’s Note to the 2003 edition: "Like my own life, this novel defies easy classification. If you found Stone Butch Blues in a bookstore or library, what category was it in? Lesbian fiction? Gender studies? Like the germinal novel The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe/John Hall, this is a lesbian novel and a transgender novel—making ‘trans’ genre a verb, as well as an adjective."< Less
The Dark Side of Light By Kay Channon
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Kay Channon's poetry is honest and raw. She shares images and thoughts which delicately convey the isolation, pain and melancholy of her circumstances. Yet her work echoes with a nuanced... More > self-reflection, which draws hope and strength from the rain, a Slovenian philosopher, and ultimately, from poetry itself. This is the debut collection from a poet who is already bringing a new voice to the timeless themes of love, death and the search for meaning. 'Her voice speaks out with such feeling, ardour and memorable gentleness.' Faysal Mikdadi PhD FRSA Kay is studying poetry in the context of disability culture, cyberculture, and the formation of hybrid identities at the University of Chichester. Born at 26 weeks, and having to deal with lifelong health issues arising from this, Kay says, “The Dark Side of Light drifted in and out of an abyss which spoke of an unavoidable silence. As I became more familiar with this space, I realised there was so much more to listen to than the inaudible beat of my heart…”< Less
The Girl with the Black Spot By Klaudio Zic
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Where was Melanija Knauss or Knavs born? Lisca is one of the largest European lingerie factories as based in Sevnica. Historically, Sevnica is one big mass grave; alas not rarity in Slovenia. The... More > urban area was originally founded by Rudolph IV, Duke of Austria. Lichtenwald eventually spells Zellnitz – then (hydronym): Sevnica, her birth town but she is actually born in Novo Mesto hospital. Novo Mesto eventually got notorious for suicide cases “if you're macho (and you certainly are not); kill yourself”. If we recall, Trbovlje should be birthplace of Leibach, a dark modern rock band. Zidani Most gives creeps. The ravines don't reflect much light. Krsko is nuclear plant. An atmosphere of despair can be felt merely by passing through the area by train. There is no laughter or people visible? The whole area is depressingly dull not unlike Mordor. To the right is notorious Kumrovec from which Tito launches secret death squads versus post-war Slovenian civilians.< Less
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This book is a collection of hay(na)ku poems in comic strip form, edited and co-created by Ernesto Priego with words and images by John Bloomberg-Rissman, Sam Bloomberg-Rissman, Amy Bernier, Jane... More > Ogilvie, Horacio Castillo, Ira Franco and Ginger Stickney. Foreword by Eileen R. Tabios. Introduction by Ernesto Priego. Back cover text by Márton Koppány. The hay(na)ku, a poetic form invented by Eileen R. Tabios, is a six-word tercet with the first line being one word, the second line being two words, and the third line being three words. Poets around the world have used the form and have created textual and visual variations, including the chained hay(na)ku which strings together more than one tercet as well as the reverse hay(na)ku where the word count is reversed. Ernesto Priego started the project co-creating strip hay(na)ku poems in 2008, inspired by examples of Slovenian "strip haiku".< Less
Priseljenec By Dan Lah
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Že ko sem prvič slišal Danovo pripoved o njegovem begu iz rodne dežele, sem vedel, da se o njem mora ohraniti zapis. Potem pa, ko sem izvedel za ostale dogodke v njegovem... More > življenju, sem spoznal, kako zares izjemno je njegovo življenje bilo. Njegova zgodba govori o junaštvih, bojih, ljubezni, pa tudi o veliki tragediji. Predstavlja navdih za vsakogar od nas. Govori o težnji enega človeka doseči najboljše, skozi preizkušnje in veselje ob njegovem potovanju smrtnika tu na zemlji. Dan je človek velikega poguma in žilavosti, z veliko vero, nekdo, ki z resnično vdanostjo sledi korakom Odrešitelja in predano služi in pomaga sočloveku. Nihče ne bi mogel biti prijaznejši in uvidevnješi kot sta Dan in njgova žena Maria, ki naredi najboljši jabolčni štrudelj na svetu. Velikokrat sem imel čast biti v njunem domu in vsak obisk štejem kot velik blagoslov. Upam, da bo vsak, ki bo to knjigo bral in si ogledal spremne slike, začutil velikega moža, ki je te besede zapisal -Peter Darby< Less

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