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The Small Munsterlander -- A Breed Apart By Paul Jensen, Don Knaus
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This is the first book in the English language about this age-old breed. The book covers the origin of the breed, the development in Germany and is immigration to North America. It describes the club... More > that protects the breed on this continent and explains the breeding requirements as well as suggest numerous questions potential buyers should ask before purchasing a pup. Daily maintenance, health and proper feeding are described and since the breed is a bird dog of the finest quality its training in the field and water is explained. The book includes more than 90 photos (most in color) that shows the dogs and their activities. The book concludes with three hunting trip stories with several Small Munsterlanders as well as answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ).< Less
Dog Facts: Information About Dogs - Best Dog Breeds, Dog Types, Best Family Dogs and Dog Training Tips By Rebecca Greenwood, Malibu Publishing
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Having a dog is a lifetime commitment. Or at least a commitment you should keep as long as your dog lives. When you adopt a dog, it becomes your responsibility, whether you are in the mood to take... More > good care of it or not. Not a few dog owners leave their dogs tied to their chains unattended, day in, day out. Imagine how bored you would be if you have nothing to do, nowhere to go, every day, for the rest of your life. It isn’t fun. It's not fun particularly for pets who love to run around, play around, and have fun. Before adopting a dog, there are plenty of things you should think about. These ensure that your dog's life with you is a pleasurable experience. This book will be covering best dog breeds,medium sized dogs,different types of dogs,best family dogs,big dog breeds, and tons of facts and information about dogs to ensure you make the right choice in adopting a dog!< Less
Best Dog for Kids: Quick Parents' Guide on the Most Popular Dog Breeds By Labrador Shepherd
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Are you a parent looking for the best dog breeds for your kids? Or maybe you're just looking for more information on those popular dog breeds? Do you think all popular breed is equal? Think... More > again... This book strive to help parents decide which popular breeds are the perfect companion for their kids. After all, every kid is different, some have a lot of energy, some are calmer. So are dogs, some are active, some are docile. These popular breeds are based on AKC(American Kernel Club), The Kennel Club(United Kingdom) and CKC(Canadian Kennel Club). There are 51 breeds discussed here, some of them are: -Labrador Retriever -German Shepherd -Yorkshire Terrier -Golden Retriever -Beagle -Boxer -Bulldog -Dachshund -Poodle -Shih Tzu Here in this book you'll learn about dog's: -Size -Weight (in pounds) -Life Expectancy -Energy Level -Activeness -Playfulness -and many more My goal is to help fellow parents get the best dog breeds. I really do believe that this book will do just that.< Less
Small Dog, Big Adventures: Meet Lucie - My First Pet Ever! By Colette Stroffolino
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For author Colette Stroffolino, saying yes to adopting her first dog and welcoming a little furry ball of love into her life was one of the best decisions she ever made. She learned so much about... More > connection, unconditional love, responsibility, and joy, as well as how to grieve. Many questions came up for Stroffolino as she welcomed her first pet into her home. Lucie, a Chihuahua, was just four months old, so there was a huge learning curve involved. Small Dog, Big Adventures tells about the pair’s many adventures including a first trip to the veterinarian, finding a pet sitter, grooming, learning to use a leash, socializing a dog, traveling in an airplane, and more. Stroffolino’s life sure changed when she adopted a needy puppy! Communicating the joys and sorrows of pet ownership, Small Dog, Big Adventures is a heartfelt story about one girl’s adventures, and misadventures with first-time pet ownership.< Less
About Dogs By Nicolae Sfetcu
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The dog is a canine mammal of the Order Carnivora. Dogs were first domesticated from wolves at least 12,000 years ago but perhaps as long as 150,000 years ago based on recent genetic fossil evidence... More > and DNA evidence. In this time, the dog has developed into hundreds of breeds with a great degree of variation. This guide details the dog anatomy, breeding, breeds, equipment, health, law, monuments, organizations, related professions and professionals, shows and showing, dog sports, training and behavior, dog types, working dogs, as well as dogs in popular culture, famous dogs, fictional dogs, films about dogs, dogs as pets, and many other related aspects.< Less
Cattle Dog - Tips and History By Marco Milani
eBook (PDF): $1.94
A small handbook of tips and history of one of the sweetest breeds in existence. Do you want a pet and you're undecided? This book will help you decide with descriptions of this wonderful breed. In... More > addition, you will learn to discover the "creator", the person who discovered them. Rich pictures will help you to know.< Less
Cattle Dog - Tips and History By Marco Milani
eBook (ePub): $1.30
A small handbook of tips and history of one of the sweetest breeds in existence. Do you want a pet and you're undecided? This book will help you decide with descriptions of this wonderful breed. In... More > addition, you will learn to discover the "creator", the person who discovered them. Rich pictures will help you to know.< Less
Dog Owners Handbook By Eric Stork
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Dogs are considered as man's best friend. Deciding to own one whether it is big or small involves a lot of responsibility. It is not just about feeding it but includes other chores such as grooming,... More > watching its health and diet, cleaning up after it and most importantly, giving it some tender loving care... TABLE OF CONTENTS: Overview of Different Breeds of Dogs Selecting a Breeder Purebred versus Mutt Adopting a Dog - Puppy or Adult How to Housebreak your Puppy Obedience Training For Your Dog Is your Dog Fat? Canine Vaccinations Are Essential Dogs Have Allergies Too All about Heartworms in Your Dog Dental Care for Your Dog Fighting Flee Infestation Your Questions on Canine Hip Dysphasia-Answered. Traveling With Your Dog< Less
Housetraining Your Dog - A Definitive Guide By Ruff Sitwell
eBook (PDF): $11.95
If your unpredictable Dog is driving you nuts by pooping and peeing all over your house or by eliminating on your carpet and walls when you are not around, get a copy of "Housetraining Your Dog... More > - A Definitive Guide". This ebook covers A-Z on potty training for puppies, adult dogs and older dogs. It outlines the potty training schedules for dogs of all ages, the different potty training methods (Paper Training, LitterBox Training, Outdoor Training) and also deals witht Crate Training. It gives solutions to the various Behavioral and Health problems that cause Potty Training Accidents. It has loads of housetraining tips on different dog breeds – small dogs, toy dogs and even bigger dogs... It caters to different housetraining problems faced with different dog groups - Sight Hounds, Scent Hounds, Retrievers, Terriers, Pointers and Toy Dogs. It provides an insight into Housebreaking problems faced by as many as 59 individual dog breeds. Go Ahead and get it, you will be happy you did.< Less
How to Train and Understand your Papillon Puppy & Dog By Vince Stead
eBook (ePub): $4.99
1. The Characteristics of a Papillon Puppy or Dog 2. What You Should Know About Puppy Teeth 3. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Papillon Puppy 4. Are Rawhide Treats Good for Your Papillon?... More > 5. How to Crate Train Your Papillon 6. When Your Papillon Makes Potty Mistakes 7. How to Teach your Papillon to Fetch 8. Make it Easier and Healthier for Feeding Your Papillon 9. When Your Papillon Has Separation Anxiety, and How to Deal With It 10. When Your Papillon Is Afraid of Loud Noises 11. How to Stop Your Papillon From Jumping Up On People 12. How to Build A Whelping Box for a Papillon or Any Other Breed of Dog 13. How to Teach Your Papillon to Sit 14. Why Your Papillon Needs a Good Soft Bed to Sleep In 15. How to Stop Your Papillon From Running Away or Bolting Out the Door 16. Some Helpful Tips for Raising Your Papillon Puppy And Much More!< Less