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Scandinavian Smallsword By Reinier van Noort
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In the 18th century, Scandinavia was divided between the kingdoms of Sweden (which included most of modern Finland) and Denmark-Norway (which included Greenland, Iceland and parts of modern Germany).... More > Once the Treaty of Nystad ended the Great Northern War in 1721, it was a relatively stable and peaceful period for the two Nordic nations. Scandinavian Smallsword presents English translations of three fencing treatises published in Scandinavia in the 18th century. Von Wintzleben’s Fegte-kunst (Copenhagen, 1756) shows a style of fencing that has its foundation in the methods popular in Germany from the 17th century onwards. Vicard’s Fægte-kunsten (Copenhagen, 1765) demonstrates a decidedly French style of fencing. De Bada’s Fäcktare-konsten (Lund, 1733-1742), finally, describes a style of fencing that may have been based on the Spanish verdadera destreza. Together, these three books provide an interesting overview of the diversity of fencing instruction in 18th century Scandinavia.< Less
Die Kreussler'sche Stossfechtschule/German Kreussler Smallsword Fencing By F.A.W.L. Roux
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English translation of the 1857 Friedrich August Wilhelm Ludwig Roux German thrust fencing manual.
The True Principles of the Single Sword By Reinier van Noort & Philibert de la Touche
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In the second half of the seventeenth century, the rapier commonly became lighter and shorter, with a smaller hilt, and eventually developed into the smallsword, also known as the court sword. Often,... More > this development is associated with France, and the court of its King, Louis XIV. It is to this King that La Touche boldly dedicated his treatise, "Les Vrays Principes de l'Espée seule", in 1670, and it is this treatise that could be seen as the first work to show how fencing evolved to accommodate the changing weapon. In this work, Reinier van Noort and Antoine Coudre present the first ever English translation of La Touche's "Vrays Principes", providing a fascinating view on the development of fencing in France at a time when the rapier gave way to the smallsword.< Less
The Practice of Fencing By Daniel O'Sullivan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The Practice of Fencing Or the principles of the science of arms By Daniel O’Sullivan Master of deed of arms of the King’s Academy Paris House of SEBASTIEN JORRY, Printer, - Rue de... More > Libraire, near the Comedie Francaise of the Great Monarch With approval 1765< Less
English Master of Defence By Zach Wylde
Paperback: $12.86
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A reformatted reproduction of Zack Wylde's 1711 book containing his true art of Single-Rapier, or Small-Sword; all the guards of Broadsword and Quarter-Staff and the exact rules of Wrestling
The Art of Fencing Reduced to True Principles By Victor Markland et al.
Paperback: $25.00
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New English translation from the French of St. Martin's 1804 instruction manual for smallsword and sabre. This is not a facsimile edition. All available plates have been restored as close to like... More > new as possible.< Less
The Expert Sword-Man's Companion (paperback) By Ben Kerr & Donald McBane
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A story so incredible, it was believed to be historical fiction. Donald McBane is a figure from history much loved by those who have had the joy of studying his autobiography. Growing up in Inverness... More > and later joining the British regiments, McBane travelled across Europe pimping, duelling, blowing himself up, and performing other incredible feats of a not always admirable nature. The last we hear of him is when he comes out of his retirement in his fifties to fight one last bout in Edinburgh, where he defeated his opponent and walked off with barely a scratch. Yet for all his heroic and sometimes crazy actions, he is remembered only for a single act of cowardice on maps marked as the "Soldier's Leap". This is a highly accurate reproduction of McBane's original work from 1728. It features reproductions of all the original image plates as well as a full and accurate transcription of McBane's original text including his teaching on self-defence, an account of his life and adventures and the art of gunnerie.< Less
Treatise on the Art of Arms By Antoine Texier La Boëssière et al.
Paperback: $30.00
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M. La Boëssière'e "Treatise on the Art of Arms" bridges the gap between combative Smallsword and Classical Foil. It retains the very analytic principles-based approach of prior... More > Smallsword methods and applies it to what has become in the Post-Napoleonic Era an increasingly recreational practice of swordsmanship. His method is contained in over fifty lessons complete with interactive exercises for the master and student. These are not in the archaic dialogue form. Instead they are scripted demonstrations the fine points of technique. Often the lessons contain detailed analysis of the rationale for the principles behind each action. Phillip Crawley's translation to which are added all the original plates restored by Victor Markland make this a welcome addition to any smallsworder's fencing library.< Less
Johann Andreas Schmidt’s Life-saving and enemies-defying Art of Fencing By Reinier van Noort
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Johann Andreas Schmidt was a student of Johannes Georgius Bruchius in Amsterdam, and once acquired a position as court fencing master by repeatedly disarming two other fencing masters in the presence... More > of his future employer. Furthermore, as a bet he once ejected six strong peasants from a tavern using only a staff, and he could punch a dent into an oak table with his right fist. At least, if the Nürnbergische Gelehrten-Lexicon is to be believed. Whether or not these claims are true, Schmidt also wrote the Leib-beschirmende und Feinden Trotz-bietende Fecht-Kunst, which is one of the earliest German books on fencing with what can clearly be identified as a smallsword. In this book, Reinier van Noort presents a clear English translation of Schmidt’s complete treatise, including the sections on fencing, proceeding with resolution, vaulting and grappling. Also included are a discussion on Johann Andreas Schmidt, and his work in its context.< Less
The Science of Fencing By Christopher Holzman et al.
Paperback: $28.50
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La Scienza della Scherma, in English as The Science of Fencing, by Giuseppe Rosaroll-Scorza & Pietro Grisetti, was first published in 1803, and presents a thorough treatment of Neapolitan... More > fencing. This book was hugely influential in Italy, and was cited and appealed to as authority by Maestri Masiello and Parise, among many others. Technically, the book treats fencing with the sword alone, and includes parries with the unarmed hand, grappling and throws, and counters to those. There is also a wealth of tactical advice provided by the authors, who were officers in the military of the Italian Republic.< Less

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