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Smartphone Culture and Your Child: How to Keep Your Child Safe By Eli Zehavi
eBook (ePub): $14.99
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Kids and smartphones, a good idea? Why your kids need a smartphone? What is the right age for the child to use smartphone? Do smartphone make your child smarter? How to check if your kid is obsessed... More > with smartphone, and… Find the best smartphone for your child!< Less
My Digital Generation By Shaun McGill
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A brief history of a 36 year old's trials and tribulations with the digital world we know today and his experienced of the digital past. “When I was very young we used to have an outside toilet... More > and I remember being scared that a big spider or rat would come and visit while I was taking care of business yet at no time did I think it odd that the toilet was in the garden. My brother and I used to have our baths in the kitchen sink and again it all seemed perfectly normal. We used to play in the street because there were hardly any cars and when the man who lived a few doors down picked up the local children to let them sit in the back of his open bed truck while he drove down the hill no one shouted “paedophile!” at him…” “…I remember snow very vividly and being able to build a Dad sized snowman and then roll his head down the hill just before the global warming melted him- in those days global warming was called the Sun…”< Less
Jules of the World: The California Caper By Liz Chaban
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Join Jules as he introduces young readers to a few of California’s treasures. Combining lively illustrations and captivating photographs, Jules of the World: The California Caper is a story... More > that encourages children to be curious, record their experiences, share their stories and continue to explore all of the world’s wonders with their family and friends. You can help your child embrace their creativity by providing tools that enable them to photograph, draw, document and express their interests and favorite finds in their day to day travels and adventures.< Less
Kids, Parents & Technology: A Guide for Young Families By Dr. Eitan Schwarz MD FAACAP DLFAPA
eBook (ePub): $12.99
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MyDigitalFamily, Ltd. and Dr. S present the second eBook edition of its indispensible tool for parents. Parents need help managing media at home. By now you already figured out that it is not enough... More > just to protect kids from technology's hazards. As a parent of young kids, you have wondered if anyone really knows what to do to harness the power of technology to help your kids start out right, and grow and develop in all the best possible ways. Now you finally have in your hands the answer about technology. This is the first ever comprehensive and practical child- and family-centered guide of its kind. Parents: reset your thinking and learn step-by-step how to make digital media into powerful parenting tools. And now, this guide is the user’s manual for Dr. S’ FITGOALS® (SEE Chapter 13), the revolutionary new iPad app that contains kids in the Internet parents and teachers design for them. It is the world’s first media manager for parents.< Less
Marvin and his Imaginary Friend By Sylvia Ghaly, Amanda Kalk
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Marvin would like you to meet his imaginary friend Harry. You may think you can't see him, but take a closer look. Through augmented reality (AR) technologies, you will be able to see Harry through... More > the eyes of Marvin. At first glance, it may appear as if Harry is not in this book at all. With a special app on your smartphone or tablet, you too will be able to see Harry as he plays with Marvin.< Less
Missygirl the Calico Cat Book 1 & Book 2 Combined By Neil E. Clement
eBook (ePub): $5.98
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Wonderful stories about an enchanting cat and her friends. A great story to read to the very young and detailed enough to provide entertainment for the tween or older reader. Too many children's... More > books are mostly pictures with just a few words on a page. Missygirl doesn't have any graphics. Instead of looking at a static picture the author's descriptive words paint very moving pictures of Missygirl's adventures. In a world of constant visual entertainment (DVDs, TV, smartphones, computers etc.) Missygirl will introduce your child to the joy of reading.< Less
Mastering Psychiatry: A Core Textbook for Undergraduates By Melvyn WB Zhang, Roger CM Ho, Cyrus SH Ho
Paperback: $25.00
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This comprehensive textbook covers common psychiatric conditions encountered in adults, children, adolescents and old people. This book provides core information you need for undergraduate... More > examination and future clinical practices. A smartphone application is now available for free download on both the Apple ITunes store as well as on the Android Play Market. Or simply search "Mastering Psychiatry" and you will be able to get a free preview copy of the entire book with all the multimedia features.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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