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Doc Savage Old Radio Scripts 1-14 By Kenneth Robeson
eBook (ePub): $1.00
Contains the following radio scripts: The Red Death, The Golden Legacy, The Red Lake Quest, The Sniper in the Sky, The Evil Extortionists, Black-Light Magic, Radium Scramble, Death Had Blue Hands,... More > The Sinister Sleep, The Southern Star Mystery, The Impossible Bullet, The Too-Talkative Parrot, The Blue Angel, The Green Ghost< Less
Battling Demons: A Collection by Scott Bendjy By Scott Bendjy
Paperback: $15.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a short story collection, thematically connected - "Battling Demons", whether it's a 7 year old and his fear of what's in the closet at night, a sniper who is facing his ultimate... More > conflict or a Doctor trapped in the mortuary fighting his newly sober existence.< Less
Micro Melee: Modern Warfare By Bennett P. Lacy
eBook (PDF): $11.95
Micro Melee: Modern Warfare is a rule-book for platoon to company level engagements in 6mm. It covers conflicts since WWII and handles such things as ATGMs, SOF teams, snipers, fire-teams, 112 AFVs,... More > helicopters, CAS and much more.< Less
COMBAT: WWII By Auston Butler
eBook (PDF): $8.00
A set of furious World War II combat with features like: Minefields, Weather, Commanders, Snipers, Commados, National Abilities, Flamethrowers, Aircraft and more. Multiple figures per base. D6 based... More > gameplay. IGOUGO turn sequence.< Less
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Paint the Town Dead By Jenean McBrearty
Paperback: $11.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Parker Hunt returns from WWII with a sniper's skill set, and a hunger for success and the love of a beautiful woman. What he gets is the realities of peace---living in the new economic jungle of... More > America that includes a booming defense industry and the spies who exploit its many facets.< Less
HBSA journal - Vol 1 No 6 By Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association
eBook (PDF): $12.51
V1N06 (1979)Editorial - General Election;'Law and Order' Proposed Green Paper contained an attack on ownership of firearms; Call for members to lobby their MP / Great War British Sniping Rifle by... More > C.R. Cleverly; Development of sniping to counter German snipers; comment on "Sniping in France" by Major H. Hesketh-Pritchard; discussion of telescopic sights; Sniper rifles based on the SMLE Mk. III and Mk. III*; double mounts; Aldis telescopic sights; Watts & Son telescopic sights; single mounts; Periscopic Prism Company & Wm. Evans & Winchester A5 telescopic sights; optical (Galillean) sights; P14 Enfield variants; model 1918 telescopic sight; the sniping and sniper organisation / Metford Letters - January 1876 to December 1877 / Book Reviews; 'The British shotgun' by I. M. Crudgington and D. J. Baker.; 'Quick or Dead' by William L Cassidy; 'Bibliography of the Technology and History of Small arms and Machine guns' by Wolfgang Seel / Theft of an important collection of Arms; loss of an important Swiss collection< Less
Criss Cross By Joseph DeMark
eBook (ePub): $3.99
(2 Ratings)
The City of Brotherly Love is stunned by the sniper killing of an EMS Technician as he administers aid to victims of a previous shooting. Walter Spotsman (Spots), is a hardened Chief of Detectives... More > with the Philadelphia Police Department. A dying man’s whisper, ‘criss cross’, echoes a chapter of Spots’ past, and projects him into a harrowing chase for justice. Unlike most Chief of D’s, Spots personally takes charge of the investigation, engaging in a tenacious pursuit to apprehend the shooter. Utilizing his Marine sniper experience, Spots tries to anticipate every move of the shooter responsible for the cold blooded murder of his close friend and EMS Technician, Vince Scardini. When the river docks and the Badlands of Philly become the final venue of the chase, the two legged rats of the city comprehend Spots’ true tenacity.< Less
The Killer By Jack Elgos
Paperback: $15.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
(3 Ratings)
Darren McCann is a small, young guy but in order to survive the violent streets of Belfast in the 1970s he learns to fight, and he fights well. The IRA are interested in him but, though he is of... More > Catholic stock, he has no political affiliation and refuses to take sides until a family tragedy allies him with "the cause". After specialist training he becomes an efficient sniper and freedom fighter but it is one night, and one interrogation, which earn him a reputation as "The Butcher of Belfast" and pair him with his infamous knife, The Killer. After a particularly high profile sniper kill he has to take refuge in Spain where he becomes involved with ETA terrorists at a training camp in the Basque country. He takes part in a daring raid and forms strong alliances with his new brethren.< Less
No "Plan B" By Joe Mebane
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Snipers, zombies, secret agents, and even distant relatives seem all bent on one purpose: to separate Hugo from her friends, her family, even her own people group; but most importantly, they seem... More > bent on separating her from the Traditions that her people have given their lives for. But why? No "Plan B" has Hugo wondering "why" throughout the whole book. Why do snipers keep shooting at her and her best friend John? Why does John's dad seem bent on his own secret mission? Why does John's neighbor seem so mean to her? And, most importantly, why are the Traditions of her people so important?! Can anyone answer these questions? Or is Hugo destined for a life of confusion and abandonment—away from all that she knows and hold so dear?< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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