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Democracy By Pano Kroko
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“DEMOCRACY” is an Internet thing. Nobody's Democracy & the rise of the “Nobody” in the Commons is what Dr Pano Kroko defines as the epitome of another Social Movement that... More > was spawned by the rise of everybody anonymously acting in a viciously personal and selfish yet wholly benevolent Social and Economic way. The invisible hand at work in now anonymous and really really powerful. The "Nobodies" can and already are at work shattering the old elites and busily creating new ones. These nobodies led the Arab Spring and the Chinese Spring that is presently brewing and boiling over, that allow us all to escape the bondage of servitude and the darkening Serfdom imposed upon us by the errant Cyclops of authoritarian commerce and government that have led us too far and too deep in the brown waste waters of their inequity. We the “Nobodies” together can alter the political landscapes and create new opportunities and systems. This is the book about Ulysses leading his people out of the proverbial cave of Slavery.< Less
Democracy Versus Socialism By Max Hirsch
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Part 1 provides a comprehensive analysis of Socialism: the economic, the ethical and the political Conceptions; the industrial and the distributive proposal; is Socialism scientific? a definition of... More > Socialism. Part 2 is about Economics; Value, origin and nature of Capital, Land and Rent, Wages of Labour and Competition. Part 3 covers Ethics: Natural Rights; Happiness or Justice; the Right to the use of the Earth; the ethics of Property; Individualism. Part 4 describes the outcome of Socialism: the unconscious growth of Social Functions; the industrial organisation of the Socialist State; the political, the industrial, and the ethical outcome of Socialism; the family under Socialism. Part 5 provides the solution - the Single Tax: objections to Principles; the method of Reform; the ethics of Compensation; the efficiency of the Reform.< Less
Twitterocracy - Democracy through Social Media By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
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Looking back on history, for many who had lived in the 1700s, the signing of the Declaration of Independence was an important event in American history. It is symbolic through a commitment toward... More > life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, along with how that pursuit to happiness includes our ability to be a part of the social media era as it exists today. This is especially true when looking at privacy, speech rights, and the use of social media. The way that our forefathers communicated wasn’t so different than what we see today. Instead, it’s the delivery that has changed. This includes the use of social media is changing the way we communicate, but more importantly, the way public officials are communicating and sending a message to the people they serve, as more than twenty different social media and leadership lessons for government can be found through the work of Abraham Lincoln.< Less
People's Democracies By W.G. Burchett
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Situation in the people's democracies of Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary and Bulgaria, after World War II.
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‘Only allow ourselves to praise and honor make-believe, and the next thing will be to find it creeping into the very business of state.’-Solon What is Democracy actually? Can you... More > describe it? I would bet large sums of money that you can't... You might ask, “But how can this be? We live in a Democracy don’t we? Are we not educated?” Defining Democracy seems like such a simple thing to do yet the evidence proves otherwise. We are here to discuss this paradox and to journey forward we are forced to acknowledge one simple and quite startling fact: THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT WE IDENTIFY AS 'DEMOCRACY' TODAY IS NOT, I REPEAT, IS NOT ACTUALLY DEMOCRACY! Question: Why are juries selected randomly by lottery? Why don’t we elect jury members if election is such a vastly superior method of obtaining the best individuals to weigh crucial decisions? The hard truth of the matter is that, to the corrupt, true democracy is just bad for business. In other words, the 'Abortion of Democracy'did not happen by chance.< Less
Extreme Democracy By Jon Lebkowsky & Mitch Ratcliffe
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Emerging social technologies are changing the face of politics. Extreme Democracy tells how, focusing especially on technology platforms that emerged around the 2004 election season. Authors include... More > Steven Johnson, Joi Ito, David Weinberger, Jay Rosen, Mitch Ratcliffe, Jon Lebkowsky, danah boyd, and many others.< Less
Extreme Democracy By Jon Lebkowsky & Mitch Ratcliffe
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Emerging social technologies are changing the face of politics. Extreme Democracy tells how, focusing especially on technology platforms that emerged around the 2004 election season. Authors include... More > Steven Johnson, Joi Ito, David Weinberger, Jay Rosen, Mitch Ratcliffe, Jon Lebkowsky, danah boyd, and many others.< Less
Scandinavian Design and its Philosophical Underpinnings to a Social Democracy By Nicholas Tam
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Modernism and principles of Functionalism came to prominence in Scandinavia during the early 20th century, becoming influential in shaping the distinct character of Scandinavian Design as we... More > recognize today. Through text, photographs, and info-graphics; we examine the unique historical and political phenomena of Scandinavia to gain a broader understanding of the rise of social democracy in the region and its pertinence to the philosophical underpinnings of a national design identity.< Less
Democracy and Conflicts: Could Democracy Be a Conflict Catalyst? By Kelly NGYAH
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By certain rules and perspectives of democracy assessed on scholarly or practical methodologies, it induces an incessant influx of contradictory and realist applications that, in part, create... More > tensions within the society, and in part, build conflict prevention and mitigation probabilities. From some legal perspectives of democratic constitutionalism and liberal individualistic contractual freedoms instituted within the Cairo 1997 universal declaration on democracy, a fresh analysis and view of democracy as a conflict catalyst factor in the society is deduced. Within same parameters, democracy becomes a medium for fostering social and distributive justice meanwhile preventing very bitter strives. The concept of democracy from its historical roots to its modern development perspectives is herein presented and liberal constitutionalist and representative democratic notions used to examine the problematic of democracy as a conflict catalyst factor as well as, a conflict preventer ideal.< Less

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