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Social Entrepreneur By Kusha Karvandi, Kris Zelinka
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In turbulent times, our Millenials, Generation-Y, and many others have joined the entrepreneurial renaissance in search of happiness and the coveted "American Dream." What they've... More > discovered is that building wealth & making positive social impact aren't mutually exclusive. Ergo, the demonstrable trend of social entrepreneurship is becoming a major disruptor of most philanthropic industries. Instead of arbitrary donations to piss-poor managed charities, social entrepreneurs are making financial and sweat-equitable investments into socially responsible business -- those that make money, and a difference. If you're like most people, stuck in a boring "job" not doing anything meaning or significant in this world, take our advice: read this book today, quit tomorrow, and capitalize through altruism.< Less
The Entrepreneur's Oath By Rajesh Mudholkar
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Supported by irrefutable evidences this book argues, why caring for people and planet is the only way business enterprises can achieve excellence and be sustainable; and for the same reason, why the... More > onus of social development - the trickle-down effect of laissez-faire, as was originally envisaged - must be embraced as an inextricable but neglected element of capitalism, and not be viewed as an imposed philanthropy that must be reluctantly complied with. Every entrepreneur must take this oath without waiting for or whining against official diktat for the sake of human and consequently business sustainability.< Less
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This book describes a set of essentials to successfully accelerate your start-up or small business. Each essential provides you with a framework to guide your thinking, highlights the most critical... More > insights for successful adaptation and offers you tools to develop and test your ideas before putting these into practice.< Less
The Entrepreneurs Handbook By Bruce Firestone
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Do you want to learn how to create significant value for yourself and your family in an enterprise that you own and control—value that can provide you the freedom and security to realize your... More > lifetime goals? Then read this Handbook to learn how to 'Bootstrap Yourself to Success in the 21st Century'. This Handbook is directed towards the great majority of businesses and startups that are not VC-funded. Instead, they are bootstrapped by their Founders through the many clever ways that entrepreneurs have learned over the years to extract value from revenue streams and other opportunities around them. This Handbook will prove useful not only for self-capitalized, for-profit businesses but also for intrapreneurs and product managers working within established organizations as well as for not-for-profits, NGOs and charities who, these days, need to be efficient, effective and innovative too.< Less
The Social Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Creative Reuse Center By Kelley Carmichael Casey, PsyD, Alyssa Kail
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The Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting a Creative Reuse Center is the first manual that shows you how to set up your creative reuse center from conception to running full steam ahead. It is an... More > invaluable resource for new and growing creative start-ups. This manual is full of information, activities and exercises to help you create your model, business plan, programs and get community support. According to MaryEllen Etienne, Executive Director of the Reuse Alliance, "If you're thinking about starting a reuse center there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. Learn best practices and top tips from Kelley and Alyssa, seasoned reuse professionals. This book is a phenomenal resource that will help any reuse company grow and thrive."< Less
Junior Entrepreneur in the Urban School By Dr. Geraldine Sheffey
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Integrate this program into your Social Studies class or use for your gifted program. Teach the lessons daily, weekly, or as a theme for a unit plan. Teach it for several weeks or do it over the... More > course of the school year. You will use authentic learning strategies for teaching math skills for topics such as cash flow. You could also make it a program that you use for a summer school or after school project. You can tie it into reading, math, and technology, while making this a fun and unique learning experience. It is aligned with state standards for Careers, Life Skills and Social Studies. It has an interdisciplinary connection to Social Studies, Math, Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Technology. “Junior Entrepreneur in the Urban School” is for every teacher who is looking for a fun and unique way to help his/her students learn. It is geared to the specific needs of urban children.< Less
Entrepreneur Planner for Success By De Bolton
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Entrepreneur Day Planner is your EVERYTHING Book to Manage your time, business and marketing. Includes: Undated Monthly/Weekly Calendar, Goal List, Weekly Marketing Plan, 52 Weeks Social Media... More > Tracker, Network Optimizer, Inspirational and Motivational Quotes, every business owner needs a Planner for Success.< Less
The Unstoppable Internet Entrepreneur Mindset By Geno Torres
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Creating the Mindset for Your Internet Business, Your Internet Business,Unleashing the Power on Your Internet Business,Internet Business Preliminary Steps, Taking Your Internet Business Forward with... More > Social Networking,When You affection Your Work,Balancing Personal and Professional Life, Taking Second Chances–When Primary Efforts Fail and What to Do When Your Internet Business.< Less
Daily Wisdom for the Entrepreneur By Allegra Gee
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Bursting with inspirational quotes, 'Daily Wisdom for the Entrepreneur' is a companion book to '49 Ways to Kick-Start Your Business'. Arranged into six chapters, this book can be opened at random... More > for your daily dose of inspiration. Chapters include: Motivation; Creative Thinking; Dance with Resistance; Rethinking Fear and Social Networking. Read from cover to cover or dip in as necessary. A business book that's more about you than your business.< Less
So... You Want to be an Entrepreneur? By Robin Low
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It is important to be passionate and like your business. Do not pick something you hate just because it is the current trend. You will have to remember, this is your business. Most businesses are... More > profitable and it is more important that it is legal, ethical and it is something you can be proud of. Don’t chase the money. Doing thing that is not right just to make more money does not help you sleep at night. When your business is successful, you can then through proper investments, create your financial freedom and passive income. Do not worry about the money. A good business and well executed business plan is profitable. If you believe in your business, and you want to be for the long run, think of ways that you could give back to the community that supported you. Call it corporate social responsibility. It goes a long way. This book is a journey that show you the traits of successful businessmen and how to have the right mindset to start your own business.< Less