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La Grande Rivoluzione (Equality) By EDWARD BELLAMY
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Edward Bellamy (Chicopee, 26 marzo 1850 – Chicopee, 22 maggio 1898) raggiunse la fama con il celebre romanzo utopico "Guardando Indietro, 2000-1887 (Looking Backward)” che... More > pubblicò nel 1888. Dopo una partenza lenta, il libro raggiunse le 300.000 copie nel 1891, ispirando imitazione, analisi, acrimonia e rispetto; fu disprezzato da alcuni come troppo radicale e da altri come non abbastanza. Le critiche rivolte a Looking Backward richiedevano ulteriori spiegazioni della sua società utopica. E Bellamy provò a darle ne “La Grande rivoluzione (Equality)”. Lo cominciò a scrivere nel 1894 pubblicandolo nel 1897, un anno prima di morire. Il libro costituisce così una sorta di testamento dello scrittore, ma anche una spietata critica al capitalismo ed un punto fermo utile ancora oggi alla ricerca delle soluzioni al problema sociale.< Less
Social Dating By Best Publications
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Busy people,with equally demanding and busy schedules today,almost always is the contributing factor for the lack of social interaction with others due to the lack of time. Therefore there is... More > sometime the need for intervention and this can come in the package of social networking dating. Get all the info you need here. “Social Dating”looks at Top benefits of social networking dating,Social networking vs online dating sites,How the dating game works in twitter,Getting dates using Facebook places,Find dates through public Facebook events and The mobile dating revolution through foursquare...< Less
Social Responsibility By Dr. Nathan Ogan
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Within a few short years of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Apostle Peter would write to the struggling believers scattered throughout” to encourage them as they dealt with a culture... More > in moral decline. As “obedient children,” he told them in 1 Peter 1:14, “do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” (NIV) Today’s believers are living in an era of no less cultural decline and require equal biblical encouragement and accurate biblical information in order to deal with their world. Peter writes later in 2:12, “Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.”< Less
Equality and Sustainable Human Development - Issues and Policy Implications II By Dr.K Shivachithappa
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Equality and Sustainable Human Development is the need of our under Globalisation. This volume is useful to Social Sciences, Commerce and General Readers in Particular.
Healing Zimbabwe – Improving Human Rights, Equality and Education in the Republic of Zimbabwe By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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In July 2016 nationwide protests took place regarding the economic collapse in Zimbabwe, when thousands of Zimbabweans protested government repression, poor public services, high unemployment,... More > widespread corruption and delays in civil servants receiving their salaries. This being a reflection of Zimbabwe’s sordid state, Zimbabwe is a country which needs healing in so many ways – socially, economically, politically and spiritually. Critical, but also deeply sensitive and humane, this book endeavours to improve public policy within Zimbabwe, so that a just social peace can be manifested in the country. Social challenges – such as democratic deficit and police brutality – are also explored, as well as suggestions how public education can be improved. Highly innovative and profound, this book explores cutting-edge social scientific and ethical approaches how human rights, social equality and the economy can be improved in Zimbabwe.< Less
A Farewell to Nations – Future Public Peace Policies for a Global Community of Equity and Equality By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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This book advocates a global community of equity and equality; where politicians do not act in the interest of individual nations, but instead jointly work towards a global union of solidarity. This... More > book also explores to what extent the Universal Declaration of Human Rights covers the full ethical spectrum of our global community, and how human rights – especially children’s rights – can be enforced more effectively in our global community. Finding the elusive synergy between capitalism and socialism is another topic this volume explores, as over 20% of the global population live in extreme poverty and have no basic income; hence the massive forced migration by people in developing countries, leading to the 'brain drain' and many other global social-political calamities. Mark O’Doherty comes to the conclusion, that to overcome these global challenges, a Declaration of Global Solidarity is required; as an ethical, legal and social-economic guideline for our global community.< Less
PhD Thesis: Engaging East Timorese Men in the Process of Establishing Gender Equality By Melanie Lotfali
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The equality of women and men is a prerequisite for peace. Social development interventions over recent decades have sought to achieve equality primarily by educating and liberating women from the... More > shackles of customs and paradigms that serve to maintain gender inequality. It is increasingly recognized that due attention must be given to men’s essential role in the process, to men’s education and liberation. In East Timor the latter process has begun, albeit on a small scale. This study looks at ways to further advance this process.< Less
Health and Social Care By Afsha Farook
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Information on Health and social care such as effective communication, human development, anatomy and physiology, psychology, sociology, equality and diversity and safety and security. This book... More > contains coursework for each topic which is a fantastic way of supporting the students and many other interested users.< Less
Poems Of A Social Refugee By Autumn Miller
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Are you ready for raw realism? Poems Of A Social Refugee goes where others fear to tread. With vision and soul it brings poetry to a new level. It is a search for equality and truth with raging... More > compassion. It curses evil and celebrates beauty. There is no hokey rhyming or bubbly nonsense. It is words sculpted into true emotional vision. Enter, and know what poetry can be. Profound and thought provoking, it is a probing eye that brings political philosophy and social commentary in the hopes of bringing about a better world. World peace can happen, if we will allow it.< Less
Four Social Essays : (Collection) By Chris Myrski
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This is Collection of four quite different social essays, that are gathered together chiefly to ... allow a small lessening of the price. The only common element for them, except the stile of the... More > author, which is pretty untraditional, original, unprejudiced, sticking to the naked truth, et cetera, is the traditional for them poetical Appendix, which is usually funny, but also philosophical, where necessary. They are the following: 1. Democratic Values (Political Essay), where is to be expected some harsh critique of democracy; 2. Search For The Woman (Cherchez La Femme), where is observed motivated the difference (not equality) between the sexes; 3. Social Evils (Social Essay), about some major scourges of society from times immemorial; 4. Our Inability To Destroy (Social Essay), where is given the author's look at the core reason for our sufferings on this world. Mark that they are moralizing /not/ out of moral positions and are a must for everybody to keep in his or her head.< Less

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