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Minhaj Husain is an immigrant to Canada. After finishing his studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1954, he took 2 years off to do social work for the benefit of the community and the... More > people who needed help and assistance. He hitch-hiked all over Europe and traveled as a Servas Traveler ( Peace-builder, work- study travel system) to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo & Bosnia) and Greece. He hitch-hiked from Turkey to Iran on his way to Pakistan. He traveled through the holy land during Christmas, passing through Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Iran telling many interesting stories of his journey. He was born in India during the British rule with discrimination, occupation and constant struggle for independence.. He was forced to migrate to Pakistan and struggle for survival in a new country. At the age of 21, he left for the UK for higher studies, where, he worked and studied. It is an amazing story of history, survival and achievements.< Less
A Study of James G. Tunny, 1820 - 1887 By Julian Bukits
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Despite there being much documented facts about James G. Tunny’s life, what little that has been collated relates only to his photographic career. But, beyond the realm of his studio,... More > Tunny’s domestic affairs and political life also make intriguing reading. Married, and widowed three times, Tunny fathered eleven children. His choice of names for three of his offspring clearly indicates his political inclination. He had a reputation for being a staunch radical, aligned to Edinburgh’s Advanced Liberals, committed to bringing about social reforms for the working class. Drawing on research sources such as national archives, contemporary newspaper reports, photographic journals and the Internet, I have pieced together the photographic career of Tunny, setting it in the context of his domestic life, political interests, and the history of early photography. The more facts I uncovered about Tunny, the more intrigued I became about why such a prominent man would have been disregarded so quickly after his death.< Less
From Left Wing to D Wing By Steve Glover
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From the back streets of South London and the glamour of professional football, to a prison cell in Leicester, the life of Len Glover has been nothing if not eventful. Now, with a cast-list ranging... More > from Princess Anne, Sammy Davis Jnr, Ava Gardner, and Reggie Kray, as well as sporting legends such as Pele and Franz Beckenbauer, he tells us his story. With self-awareness and honesty, the former soccer-star – at one time the most expensive winger in British footballing history – recalls the highs and the lows of his personal and public life. Shot throughout with quirky observations and humour, Len’s story chronicles not only his rise to fame and fall from grace but the social climate of his times. From the grim fifties and post-war austerity, through to the liberated sixties and troubled seventies, his life – domestic, professional, and illegal – is laid bare. Once described as the greatest uncapped winger in the world, he played against and alongside some of that world’s greatest players.< Less
Becoming Who I Am: The Life and Times of Nobody Famous By Geoff J Needham
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'10 years in the writing, 70 years in the making.' Geoff Needham was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1947. He never sought fame or fortune and his life story was destined to fade into unrecorded... More > history - until he determined that no matter how humble our origins, no matter how elevated our status we're all unique; we all have a story to tell, we all have experiences to relate and we all have opinions and ideas to impart. This is a deeply personal, reflective, inspiring, thought-provoking, humorous and often controversial account of his life, the world and events that made him who he is today. Along the way he tackles many of the world's major social and economic issues, encompassing a fascinating mosaic of topics including psychology, politics, religion, humanitarianism, science, romance, travel, genetics and music. Join him on his extensive journey of exploration and self-analysis. Your view of the world and your place in it, will never be the same again...< Less
Where The UK Went Wrong (Post WWII): A Personal Journey, 2nd Edition, Revised By Alastair Macdonald Hart
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Born at the beginning of 1952, the Author missed World War II by less than seven years, yet the effects were still being felt all around him. Rationing and bomb sites were the norm as he grew up in a... More > once great country still reeling from the effects of the most devastating war in world history. He considers himself lucky to have been born in the UK. He also considers himself lucky to have lived through the golden years, enjoying a level of prosperity his children and children’s children will only be able to dream of. In both Where the UK Went Wrong [1945–2015] and Where the UK Went Wrong [Post WW11], second edition, the author compares the post-war commitment to social cohesion and universal prosperity with the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries’ weak, divisive, and ineffective political leadership (of all political parties) and the Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ society they have sought to create.< Less
Hail to the King of Sneakers: Michael Jordan Nike Air Jordan Retro Time By Kevin Levin & Charles Desmangles
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"Hail to the King of Sneakers: Michael Jordan's Nike Air Jordan Retro Time ( A Social Media-loaded Marketing Campaign Success Story)" is an ebook about the history of Michael Jordan, a... More > superhero, superstar basketball player who ended up becoming a great businessman after his retirement. It's also the story of sneaker collectors who did not mind staying in line to be able to buy a few pairs of his shoes. Over the years, superstar Michael Jordan has become a sacred hero. He was thought to have superhuman powers. In this ebook, you will read about the shopping incidents, Michael's business advice, and hard-working skills. You will also read about the shoe empire he ends up building and the standout players who are part of his brand. Michael Jordan produces shoes for his fans and consumers of all age group. In his mind, kids are his future markets. Find out where he got started and what he had to do to build this luxury shoe empire.< Less
After the Love (O.L.D. & M.A.T.U.R.E.) By Jeffrey V. Perry
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After the Love is the ultimate freedom and reflection, once age and experience have become our memories. Hope is not what we await, but what we finally can give. Sometimes we are left with our age... More > and experience as indicators of our success in life. Although even we realize that it is much more. It is also how well we have lived not just in the eyes of others, but also our self-respect, love, and understanding of what is important. If we lose these, then, what do we really have but empty dreams and empty time spent? Finding one’s self is not a product of age or time. But, learning to love and accept ourselves can be. Every day we learn that we cannot deceive our self until we must face our truth. You need no mirror nor any outside help. You will only have you. This poetry is written in various styles and on different subjects. It is inspired writing on spirituality, religion, history, love, romance, and social commentary.< Less
Inventions That Built the Information Technology Revolution By Rhys McCarney Ph. D.
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In 1975, there were a couple thousand physicists doing research in the areas of optics and semiconductor devices. A handful of scientists created a few inventions that formed the hardware platform... More > for computers, mobile devices, the internet and broadband communication. They received plaques acknowledging the brilliance of their work. Today, computer, internet and social media software – which wouldn’t exist without the platform – is king. Five high tech corporations make up 12% of the US market capitalization of public companies. Many titans have wealth of $10 to $100B. How did so many derive so much wealth from the inventions of so few who received so little? “… a sweeping and deeply intelligent look at the history of an industry that has done more to shape the modern world than any other.” - Foreword Clarion Reviews. “…exactingly argued and refreshingly original.” “A painstaking account of the intersection of money, law, and creativity.” – Kirkus Reviews. Visit:< Less
Big Data Handbook By Arzu Barské - Erdogan
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The more companies are becoming transparent, the more there is a need for a company their business in future, based on a rapidly changing business environment. Moreover, every time the business comes... More > up with new products or campaigns, or wishes to evaluate its existing business strategy, it has to deal with the following questions: What kind of products is my target-market interested in? In which distribution channels are we supposed to invest, which one is the most sales-generation effective? Where should I open a new store next year? What is the best way of transporting my products? How can I use my resources more efficiently? How can I stand out from my competitors in the market? As a consequence of rapidly changing technology, the effect of Social Media 3.0 and Cloud, storing amazingly big volumes of data, a big fact is born, called “Big Data”. The term “Big Data” is itself a general recognition of this revolutionary change period of present IT technology in human history as a part of human evolution.< Less
Better together By John Scialo
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The examples on the facing page represent America at its best: a nation of helpers, j o i n e r s , and good citizens bent on building community in a big, d i v e r s e , modern nation. N o t w i t h... More > s t a n d i n g its reputation as a land of rugged individualists and cutthroat c a p i t a l i s t s , America throughout its history has been ex c e p t i o n a l l y civic-minded by any standard. We are a nation rich in “ s o c i a l c a p i t a l ,” which we define as “social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them.”i A m e r i c a n s have a remarkable proclivity to reach out to one another, to lend a hand to others in need, and to organize groups to advance the c o m m o n w e a l t h .< Less

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