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Twitterocracy - Democracy through Social Media By Dr. Cristina Guarneri
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Looking back on history, for many who had lived in the 1700s, the signing of the Declaration of Independence was an important event in American history. It is symbolic through a commitment toward... More > life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, along with how that pursuit to happiness includes our ability to be a part of the social media era as it exists today. This is especially true when looking at privacy, speech rights, and the use of social media. The way that our forefathers communicated wasn’t so different than what we see today. Instead, it’s the delivery that has changed. This includes the use of social media is changing the way we communicate, but more importantly, the way public officials are communicating and sending a message to the people they serve, as more than twenty different social media and leadership lessons for government can be found through the work of Abraham Lincoln.< Less
History of Greece By Thucydides & Ruth Finnegan
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One of the great histories of the world: Thcydides' tale of the warring peoples of Greece in the fifth century BC and the heroes, insolence and tragedies of great and lesser men that go with war.... More > Another of the commendable Callender history series.< Less
Social Media Branding in the Age of Obama By Eric Hamilton
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"Social Media Branding in the Age of Obama" is a social media guide designed to help you understand and make the most of the free social media tools available for use on the... More > internet. Barack Obama made history by not only becoming the United States' first African American President, but by using social media technology to get elected. Never has a presidential candidate used the internet and social media so effectively. President Barack Obama used social media web sites such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Myspace, Blogger, BlogTalk Radio, YouTube and other web sites as a cohesive, collective social juggernaut.< Less
Socialism: A Summary and Interpretation of Socialist Principles By John Spargo
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: John Spargo (1876–1966) became a renowned expert in the... More > history and crafts of Vermont. Spargo is best remembered as an early biographer of Karl Marx and as one of the leading public intellectuals affiliated with the Socialist Party of America during the progressive era of the early 20th Century.Spargo was born on January 31, 1876, in the small village of Longdowns in the parish of Stithians, Cornwall, England. His parents were Thomas Spargo (1850–1920) and Jane Hocking Spargo (1851–1900), whose maiden name was also Spargo. As a young man, he trained as a stonecutter, and he later became a lay Methodist minister. Excerpt from:< Less
Selected Essays upon Social Subjects By Eliza Lynn Linton
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Eliza Lynn Linton (1822 – 1898) was born in Keswick, Cumbria England. Having educated herself in her father's library, throughout most of her youth she moved to London at age 23 to become a... More > writer.At first she tried her hand at Novels, but abandoned this quest as here first two books had very little in the way of success. For the next 10 years she supported herself by free-lancing journalism contributing regularly to the Morning Chronicle Newspaper, which in 1851 hired her on a salary of 20 Guineas per month. It was not incidental that she was also the first permanently salaried journalist in Britain’s History.Miss Linton lived mostly alone, for she was vehemently anti feminist and no Man could have her.Throughout her life she continued to provide articles and essays to newspapers and magazines, when in 1872 she took to writing two novels, “Patricia Kembel, and the Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland in 1874. She was continuously popular in all she wrote, but in 1890 retired to the Queen Anne's mansion.< Less
eBook on Social Networking And It’s Swift Growth (eBook 4u) By eBook Shelf Social Networking And It’s Swift Growth
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In this eBook about Social Networking, you will find: •Understanding Social Networking and Its swift Growth •The Brief history •The Sudden Growth •The Power •Social... More > Networking and Its Significance •Tips and Ideas For Better Social Networking •The Effect of Networking in Daily Life •Why is Twitter known as the Breakthrough tool •Analysis of success factors of •When do you need a network like Twitter •Smart Ways To Use Social Networking For Business •Social Networking Benefits for Work at Home Moms •Analyzing The Pros and Cons Of Social Networking Sites •The Top Social Networking Sites Of Modern Times< Less
History of the Greeks By William Jenkins
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rguably, fraternities and sororities are the most noticeable symbols of college social life. Dr. Fran Becque, a fraternity history scholar states, “Nationally, fraternity or sorority members... More > are the largest and most visible value-based student organizations”.< Less
History Twittified By Sarah Keyes & Hannah Keyes
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Discover Twitter through the ages! Ever wonder what Genghis Khan, Aristotle, or George Washington might have tweeted? How about what might have happened if Henry VIII tried online dating via social... More > media? Or what if the sinking of the Titanic was told in real time, tweet by tweet? Time to end the American Civil War? There's an app for that! Find out all this for yourself and more, each age tweeted with cheeky and comical wit in this humorous history book!< Less
History of Pussy By Kurt Kristensen
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History of pussy is an Original Visual Book on the History of the female organ. The author traces from prehistory to the present, how man has represented the female and what were the meanings related... More > to them. Subjects covered The author follows a broad social and historical cultural framework that embraces centuries of history of women in order to shed light on cultural motivations that were the basis of theories and beliefs female organ. Adult Content< Less
Reflection of History By Anwar L. Counts
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Reflection of History is a book of inspiring poetic lectures emphasizing the history, culture, identity, experience and potential of Black people. The collected pieces capture the thoughts, emotions... More > and desired actions of Black Nationalism as it pertains to the perception of American society and history. The material is rich with social commentary and as educational as it is motivational. In the form of poetry, Reflection of History is a new valuable addition to the proliferation of modern Africana studies. *** Anwar L. Counts is an author of three previous poetry collections. He is also a writer of non-fiction, short-story, script, play, commentary and more.< Less

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