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Humping my drum By J.A.Barnes
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HUMPING MY DRUM by J.A.Barnes PUBLISHER'S DESCRIPTION: After a lifetime of not keeping a diary, John Barnes has reconstructed his past from a good memory and those few documents that do record... More > his life and times. His story starts with his childhood in Reading, his schooldays and undergraduate career. Although six years of war interrupted his academic progress, they gave him experiences in the Fleet Air Arm that may have prepared him for the rigors of his first anthropological fieldwork in Northern Rhodesia. The life of an academic is seldom smooth and various universities in England and Australia augmented his scholastic duties with ample tests of his diplomatic and political skills. In pages crowded with the names of colleagues, friends, family and rivals, Barnes brings a social scientist’s eye to bear on the disciplines of anthropology and sociology themselves.< Less
The Absentee Ballot By Hope Marin
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The Absentee Ballot is the story of my four-year journey into a liberal inferno. I had been on many unforgettable Italian vacations saturated with history, art and the world’s finest cuisine,... More > but I was left unprepared for what turned out to be a life’s lesson in the perils of socialism, or what we in America call liberalism. As a graduate in Sociology, I had anticipated the cultural differences and embraced them. But I was shocked by Italy’s over-taxation, immigration policies and those European realities that had been mischaracterized by the American media. With each ring of the inferno, I was faced with different issues crucial to both Europeans and Americans. Recent polls indicate an American indifference to affairs beyond their borders. But before voting in office proponents of socialized medicine, higher taxes and powerful unions, it’s crucial to understand how, if elected, those policies would affect your life. Allow my European parables to foreshadow your future governed by Democrats.< Less
The Prince and the Mulatto: America's Black Princess in the House of Windsor By Gloria Steele
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Meghan Markle is easily one of the most fascinating public figures today and, arguably, in all of American history. A savvy, intelligent, biracial actress from a dysfunctional and often financially... More > struggling blended family, Markle became a household name after breaking big on her Canadian prime-time drama Suits and became a national treasure when she married into the British Royal Family. For fans, royal enthusiasts, even sociological experts and culture commentators, the liminality of the space Meghan Markle occupies makes her fascinating, polarizing, and nearly obsessively mysterious. Called a social climber, the implications of social strategizing are far more serious for a young mixed-race daughter of a Black mother: indeed, even in this postmodern, ultra-fluid, all-inclusive, increasingly globalist America, what is often applauded as “ambition” or “smart networking” for white women is still equated to ruthless “gold-digging” for Black women.< Less
Thinkibility - Positive & Negative By Gijs van Beeck Calkoen & Åsa Jomård
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A CURIOUS and CREATIVE person gets the same pleasure from exploring risks and searching for opportunities. With tricks, tips, tales and links to wiki's, lectures, free books, instructional films,... More > poems, website and puzzles, THINKIBILITY will open your mind to explore logical-negative and logical-positive thinking. Interspersed with musical fragments and Mind Maps to increase the fun of reading, recall and concentration. Through fun and thoughtful examples and exercises, you will explore ideas from sociology, psychology, social psychology, mathematics and business studies. The eBook is a continuation of part I, which elaborates on Edward de Bono's the Six Thinking Hats (free download). “Imagine that you start to discover things you did not know existed in the deep dark sea. . . You are confident because you have trained the skills needed to survive in these harsh surroundings. Still you are curious and a bit nervous as always when you THINK DIVE". Happy Exploration!< Less
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Art is Love By Kate Hollett
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What is love? What is art? In this book, you will be taken on a journey for the search for the meaning of love that meanders down many paths of love knowledge including science, anthropology,... More > philosophy, psychology, sociology, religion, and physics. Media study became the catalyst for understanding connection and communciation bridging a flow of interconnected ideas. Even at times the path wanders into areas of that seem far off the original question, media helped connect ideas that reshaped the way I see love, connection and disconnection. I have deconstructed and reconstructed love in over a hundred different ways traveling to many parts of the world and involving over 5,000 people in the creation of the work. Throughout the process, a constant review of art practices and ideologies helped place my work in the world of interdisciplinary, socially activist art. At a certain point, it is hard to see how anything is not relative to love. Love is life. My life is my art.< Less
Branching Out and Taking Risks In the 1980s By Lynne Gross
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Summary: Branching Out and Taking Risks in the 1980s includes 72 illustrated stories, sprung from the pages of the author’s diaries, which she has kept since she was 10 years old. Most of the... More > stories are based in the Los Angeles area of California while others are located in countries where she taught or consulted. They incorporate historical facts and sociological commentary on such subjects as: advisory boards, aerospace, Alaska, anniversaries, associations, Australia, awards, cable TV, cars, China, Europe, food, friends, Guyana, houses, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Olympics, parties, South Africa, Swaziland, teaching, traveling, TV Academy, TV production, universities, weddings, women’s issues, and writing.< Less
Photographic Preservation - The Brown Family Collection By Taylor Whitney
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This project focuses on the methodology of assigning intellectual and physical arrangement to private family photographic collections. The Brown Family Archive is a case study that works directly... More > with the Brown Family and Lake County Historical Museum in Crown Point, Indiana. The collection brings together photographs and related artifacts from the Civil War, The First National Bank of Crown Point, Indiana, and several interrelated families. The scope of the collection is analogous to many family collections. It is historically and culturally significant due to its visual documentation of a sociological milieu in the United States during 18th and 19th centuries. The photographs offer insight into the problem of deterioration due to improper housing, mishandling, and chemical break down. Through research and best practices in photographic preservation and collections management, the project delivers a model for use by family historians, museums, historical societies and libraries.< Less
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MIKHAIL EPSTEIN "RUSSIAN SPIRITUALITY AND THE SECULARIZATION OF CULTURE". “Mikhail Esptein is a preeminent authority on Russian spirituality, and this fine book shows why. With his... More > characteristic erudition Epstein brings the reader to the origins of Russian intellectual tradition, showing how it continues to inform some of the most heated debates in modern Russia. According to the author, this culture occupies a unique position on the intersection of Western and Eastern spirituality, and the tension between these powerful crosscurrents creates a space for the kind of religious, artistic, and intellectual creativity we have come to associate with Russia. Epstein treats these complex, fascinating subjects with the admirable clear-headedness and discernment that make the book valuable to experts and common readers alike". - Dmitri SHALIN, Professor of Sociology at University of Nevada, director of the Center for Democratic Culture, coordinator of Justice & Democracy Forum series.< Less
Why Social Science Matters, Issue 1 By Darren Marsh & Malcolm Todd
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Why Social Science Matters is a new series of essays published by the Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, which is part of the Higher Education Academy. In this first issue of Why Social... More > Science Matters, six academic authors address this issue in response to a lead article by Professor Ranald Mcdonald. Change has become ubiquitous within Higher Education. Whether it be changes to organisational structures - from departments, to schools, to faculties and back again over a regular cycle; to the curriculum; to the latest approaches to learning, teaching and assessment; to initiatives from Funding Councils or the Government; we do not seem to be able to avoid the experience of change or initiative overload. However, change need not be a bad thing, though we may not necessarily agree on what ‘for the better’ means.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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