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SOC 100 TOPIC 1 DQ LATEST-GCU Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: URL= Or Email us HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US SOC... More > 100 Topic 1 DQ Latest-GCU SOC 100 Topic 1 DQ 1 Latest-GCU Explain how experience shapes one’s attitude toward cultural diversity. Give examples. SOC 100 Topic 1 DQ 2 Latest-GCU Regarding the pioneers in sociology from Topic 1, which theorists do you think have the most relevance for today? How do you see their theories being applied today? Give examples.< Less
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This book is an examination of the role of the spirit in the diagnosis and therapy of psychosomatic pathology. It explores healing knowledge from the Bible, theology, psychology, sociology,... More > psychiatry science and medicine, as they work together on the healing of diseases of the body and mind. Earlier in the book the author incurs into autobiographical insights which bears relevance to the vision about researching the spirit’s influence in psychosomatic therapy. The book also explores various modes of power that bear on the therapy and homeostasis of the psychosomatic help-seeker and how the individual functions under each mode. To accomplish the research the author used questionnaires and interviews as instruments. Four case studies were also examined. From this study, the researcher concludes that God’s Spirit and the Human spirit are necessarily linked in human wholeness - the Psyche and Soma being recipients in the process. The book also has applications Personality Disorders therapy.< Less
Designing motivation By Ben Matthews
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How can products be designed to change our habits for the better? What is some of the leading research that designers can draw on to create new systems that motivate people towards healthier... More > behaviour? Designing Motivation is an edited collection of ‘industrialist cheat sheets’: 22 single-page summaries of research articles relating to technology design, motivation, and behaviour change. Ranging across the fields of economics, sociology, design research and behavioural science, each summary draws out the design implications of the research. It is intended as a resource for designers who are grappling with how to create motivating products, and as a primer for students who want a brief introduction to some of the relevant theories, findings and design interventions in these fields. The editor's introduction raises a number of issues encountered when we try to apply behavioural research to the practical job of designing for motivation, and explains why there are, as yet, no easy answers for design.< Less
Writing Through Sleepless Nights By Kevin Tracy
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This collection of undergraduate papers written by artist, political activist, public speaker, and US Air Force veteran Kevin Tracy will help anyone thinking about college understand what professors... More > are looking for in their classrooms. After less than 3 years, Kevin Tracy earned his bachelors degree in liberal studies and graduated in 2011 with highest distinction and a perfect 4.0 GPA, impressing quite a few people along the way. The papers in this collection are organized into four topics: The Arts, Politics, Sociology, and Philosophy and Theology. If you are thinking about going to college or finishing your degree after a long hiatus, this collection is a great piece to own and will provide valuable insights into the requirements and standards of higher education. If you're already in college but are having trouble writing papers, Writing Through Sleepless Nights will be an invaluable asset. Just don't plagiarize anything. That would be very bad.< Less
Toward a Nonkilling Paradigm By Joám Evans Pim
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Nonkilling is an approach that affirms the possibility of a society where killing, threats to kill, and conditions conducive to killing are absent. This perspective offers a distinct approach,... More > characterized by the measurability of its goals and the open-ended nature of its realization. The open challenge to the widespread acceptance of lethality and lethal intent trespasses the limits of an ideology for social change entailing a new scientific model based on the refutation of killing-accepting science. This volume brings together 24 authors and 14 disciplines (Anthropology, Arts, Biology, Economics, Engineering, Geography, Health Sciences, History, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology and Sociology) to seriously consider the prospects for the realization of nonkilling societies and to challenge each discipline’s role in the necessary social and scientific transformation.< Less
Glossary / Glosario / 用語集 By Goce Nikolovski
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Despite individual efforts to understand and communicate the relevance between people, the language barrier often precludes an effective interchange of ideas. In addition, the specialized meanings of... More > scientific jargon are lost when translated into terms with sociological connotation. Quite often a given term may have different meanings to a forester, soil scientist or wildlife manager. In order for a listener to receive a clear understanding of the problem being discussed, the translator needs to be familiar with the scientific terminology relevant to the specialized topics. The purpose of this glossary is to present to translators, scientists, resource managers, administrators and others the English-Spanish-Japanese equivalent translations of scientific and management terms commonly used in the disciplines of forestry, range management, wildlife management, fisheries, soils, and botany.< Less
Proof of Existence: An Exhibit of Work by Contemporary Artists of Bosnian & Balkan Origin By Yvonne Petkus & Western Kentucky University Department of Art
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Art catalog for WKU Art Department gallery exhibition, Bowling Green, Kentucky; curated by Yvonne Petkus, WKU; includes artists of Bosnian and Balkan origin: Ilhana Babić, HAD Artist Collective... More > (Muhamed Bešlagić- Hamo, Anel Lepić, Damir Sarač), Emira Hajdar, Danielle Mužina, Diane Ramic, Maja Ružnić, Aida Šehović, Selma Selman, Shoba, Rialda Zukić. Catalog includes statements by the artists and images of their work, curator's statement by Yvonne Petkus and essays by Dr. David D. Lee, WKU Provost / Professor of History, Addie Cheney, Assistant Director, WKU Office of International Programs, and Dr. Jerry Daday, WKU Associate Professor of Sociology / Director of the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning. Project is in conjunction with the 2017-2018 WKU International Year of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Zuheir Sofia Endowed International Faculty Seminar (ZSEIFS), an intensive, semester-long interdisciplinary professional development program for WKU faculty.< Less
Polyphonic (Auto)Biography Syndrome By Weronika Trojanska
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An author attempts to find her Self through the prism of the opinions of others. About construction of biography/autobiography as a tool for understanding the Self and everyday practice. At the same... More > time she tries to answer the questions of whether a biography can be treated as a fictional construction or could be understood as a learning process manifested as “life”, a performative work. In short, what is biography? And can writing a biography help us understand ourselves? In her work, she presents various opinions and points of view obtained through interesting discussions with others – writers, psychologists, philosophers, musicians, poets, filmmakers – in the form of e-mail exchanges, never resorting to face-to-face conversations. This approach makes her work more remarkable, not only from a psychological point of view but also a sociological one.< Less
Terrorist Modus Operandi By Dan Sommer
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For its candid examination of the historical, political and sociological contexts of international terrorism, Terrorist Modus Operandi is a valuable addition to counter terrorism classics. It is in... More > the category of “must read” for anyone who wants to understand the ideology and causes behind terrorism and how we can and should respond to acts of terrorism. Terrorism Modus Operandi covers the history and development of terrorism and explains in detail the full terrorist planning process from its “Original Cause” through the 8-Phases of the terrorist planning process to execution, and escape and exploitation. Including case studies and in-depth researched statistics of international terrorism incidents and specific terror groups. The final chapters explain the similarities between terrorism and organized crime and explain the best methods for detecting the terrorist planning process. According to Dan Sommer, an understanding of the mindset of terrorists is vital to success in the war on terror.< Less
Tether: Rhaedthius By PHETE McBAWLTALMS
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“RHǼDTHIUS” is the third book of the TETHER trilogy—providing the final resolution to the fractal-attributed, yet fully manifested and sound, narrative.... More > “RHǼDTHIUS” introduces, incorporates, instills the cognitive theme asserting that devotion and action are at the heart of synergistic imprinting process. Within the narrative is embedded a matrix of interaction between the characters, elements, actions and experiences—providing transcendence for the characters, the narrator, and ultimately, the reader of this tale. “RHǼDTHIUS” combines the fictional genres of fantasy, science-fiction, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, romance, horror and mystery, with non-fictional expositions on Chaos, Metaphor, Cognition, and Narrative theories, as well as Biology, Metaphysics, Sociology, Psychology, Physiology, Theology, Theoretical Physics, Computer Science and Networking, Abstract Mathematics, and, after completely digested, the complete transcendental-humanism aspect is unveiled.< Less

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