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OPEN WATER - 2018/2019 EDITION By Todd Eberly
Paperback: $10.00
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The aim of this journal is to create a forum for the expression and consideration of both central and marginal political issues through scholarly research and analysis. These topics should be of... More > contemporary or future relevance, and evaluated within political, historical, economical, anthropological, or sociological contexts. This analysis should serve as a foundation upon which to base further discussion of domestic and international matters and inspire meaningful participation in an enlightened debate of political issues. In providing undergraduates an open, non- partisan and structured context in which to put forth their ideas, this journal aspires to contribute to the composite value of knowledge from which well-reasoned and eclectic thought may spring. Open Water is published annually and is open to submissions from all students at St. Mary's College of Maryland.< Less
God: Fact or fantasy. What do you believe? By George Rowland
Paperback: $15.91
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Does God really exist, or is religion just a fantasy, a journey on the road to nowhere? This book explores some of the historical, sociological and psychological reasons why people may be drawn... More > towards a belief in God. The origins of religion are investigated and the world of religious philosophy is briefly visited before some of the philosophical arguments which have been put forward in support of God’s existence are considered. The scientific arguments for the origin of the universe and for the creation and evolution of life are examined and compared with the arguments from a religious point of view. Some of the inconsistencies of religion are debated and it is suggested that perhaps certain aspects may be purely symbolic. However, the intention is to present you, the reader, with well thought out and balanced arguments so that you can make your own decision as to what you believe.< Less
Developing and Establishing Effective Leadership for a Prosperous Edenic Hebrew Civilization By Kohan Shalomim Y. Halahawi
Paperback: $27.95
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Designed specifically for the Hebrew Leader and the growing Israelite. Using History, Anthropology, Sociology, Archaeology, and Critical Biblical Analysis of the Ancient Near Eastern cultures and... More > civilizations, Dr. Halevi writes with clarity, authority and prophetic inspiration. With his extensive knowledge of Ancient Hebrew culture, language and thought, Dr. Halevi takes a bold, controversial, yet convincing step in reconnecting the fallen African Edenic family back to their indigenous roots in the REAL Historical Land of Eden. He then reveals a different yet prophetic REALITY of the Divine Heavenly Family, in whose Image they were made. After laying the foundations of the ancient path, Dr. Halevi(Halahawi) goes into extensive detail concerning the definitions and establishment of qualified Leaders and Governments who will lead the Edenic Hebrew Family into building and living within the Kingdom of Yahwah here on Earth. This Book is Guarenteed to illuminate the Truth and change your life forever!< Less
ACIM: The Newest of New Thought By Margo Ruark
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Thirty five years after its publication in 1976, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) has become one of the most popular and perplexing phenomena of contemporary American spirituality. ACIM has been both... More > shunned and embraced by the larger New Thought community. There is spirited debate over whether ACIM belongs in New Thought, due primarily to its “channeled” authorship and other sociological factors. The author measured ACIM against the Declaration of Principles from the International New Thought Alliance and found ACIM to comply with these criteria. Additionally, a poll of Religious Science ministers was conducted as to their acceptance of ACIM teachings. The poll found that most ministers are comfortable about openly promoting ACIM in their churches, both from the pulpit and in classes. Although it does not derive from the “family tree,” the research leads us to the conclusion that ACIM is the newest of New Thought with great potential for growing the movement.< Less
Bapak Lost in the Amazon By Mardiyah A. Tarantino
Paperback: $13.48
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This delightful little book contains a series of short, vivid sketches of events remembered from the years the author lived closely to Bapak and Ibu Siti Sumari when on the South American tours over... More > 40 years ago. The book also includes snippets from the seven years when the family lived in Cilandak. It contains much spiritual advice and guidance given to her by Ibu as trust and intimacy built over time, up to Ibu’s death in 1971.While living in San Francisco, she became a Helper, raised 5 children, then became an International Helper. Later, she received an MA from the University of Hawaii, where she subsequently taught Sociology, Spanish & French. She has also written Marvelous Stories from the Life of Muhammad and three other books. Following her terms on the board of Susila Dharma, and inspired by Ibu Rahayu, she created Elderberry for the Subud Pioneers in the USA.< Less
Old Errors and New Labels By Fulton J. Sheen
Paperback: $15.95
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“This book,” the author wrote in 1931, “is an attempt to judge contemporary ideas in the field of morals, religion, science, evolution, sociology, psychology and humanism in the... More > light of that philosophical daylight called ‘common sense’.” The extraordinary thing for the reader here at the beginning of the twenty‑first century is that many of the “old errors” of seventy‑five years ago are still cropping up with “new labels” today. There is no sympathy shown in these pages for those who believe that everything that is modern is best, nor with those who believe that everything that is modern is bad. The book does attempt to show, however, that what is often called “modern” is only a new label for an old error, and that what is called “behind the times” is really “beyond time” and outside of fashions because it is an expression of the truth which is eternal.< Less
Benedicaria Encyclopedia Edition By Vito Quattrocchi
Hardcover: $151.61
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This upgraded Hardcover, full color edition is a virtual encyclopedia on the Southern Italian craft of Benedicaria. It is chock full of the Roman Catholic magical rituals of the Southern Italian and... More > Sicilian peasantry. How to remove the evil eye from yourself and others, Novenas to the Saints, the Holy Rosary, How to set up a Benedicaria altar, Incense, Invoking Saint Michael the Archangel, How to make Saint Michael's Oil, Everyday Blessings, How Saint Anthony can help you find the perfect mate, Spiritual Cleansing with eggs, Baths to bring love into your life, Baths to bring money , How to remove ghosts from the home, How to read the Holy Cards, The Sicilian Cards and their hidden meanings, The Saint Michael's Chain and communing with the Saints, The Pendulum, Stories and Wisdom from Benedettos and The Ledgend of the Haunted Rocca Brusambra Mountains of Western Sicily. This book is a 512 page sociological treatise on Magical Catholicism. A must have for students of Benedicaria.< Less
Leo Tolstoy and the Kingdom of God within You By Daniel H. Shubin
Paperback: $24.00
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This volume is an analysis and new translation of Leo Tolstoy's most influential compositions. The initial sections of this book contain an Introduction, a Biography of Leo Tolstoy, and an Analysis... More > of Tolstoy’s Convictions. The balance and bulk of this volume is a new translation of the entire text of Confession; selections from What do I Believe?, and The Kingdom of God is within You; and the complete text of The Gospels in Brief. Included are 2 of Tolstoy's smaller compositions on love and belief, as well as his excommunication from the Russian Orthodox Church, and his response to the excommunication. Tolstoy, apart from being one of the worlds greatest writers, also deals with political, economic, sociological and domestic issues based on his understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his compositions, including an explanation of the concept of Christian pacifism.< Less
FROM GRACE TO GRASS By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo Ceesay, MD
Paperback: $22.33
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Success is a dream that all work hard towards but some mistrusts their will and engages in dubious ways inimical to honesty, being charitable and justice. Getting to the top and turning to be the... More > most sincere is rewarding and enviably just. It is admirable where one can traverse the hillocks of the Ghettoes to becoming a tycoon. There is a required prism of honesty and integrity to crown one’s efforts or else in most cases the path becomes muddy and grinds one in disgrace. Wealth accumulated in such manner ends of useless to self and society. This work takes a look at the sociological and physiological impact such jealous paths lead. It has been great moral debate between sociologists and politicians of our day but for us lets be content with its effect in how we operate as we go through earthly challenges. I write to raise funds to build Njawara village hospital.< Less
A Modern Utopia By Herbert George Wells
eBook (PDF): $1.99
H.G Wells wrote many tales of adventure and exploration, which were fascinating to early twentieth century readers as transportation to faraway lands was so difficult back then. Wells’... More > „Modern Utopia” was first published in 1905. It set the scene for many modern, scientific utopias and dystopias. The story is set on a planet very like earth. The Utopian Planet differs from earth in that the inhabitants have created a perfect society. Two men, the narrator and his colleague (a botanist), visit this parallel planet and argue over its merits and defects. Utopia is a world in which the problems of humanity have been solved. People live healthy, happy lives in cities where all human needs are met. The novel is best known for its idea that the Samurai, a group of nobility, could effectively rule a world. This would redress the sociological issue of progress and political stability< Less

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