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Legal Cannabis: The Great Social Experiment By Peter M. Birkeland
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Colorado. Washington. Oregon. California. Since 2012 nine states and DC have legalized cannabis, with more states to follow. Already a $9.7 billion dollar industry creating hundreds of thousands of... More > new jobs, legal cannabis is not only one of the fastest growing industries, but it is changing the dynamics of American society. Peter M. Birkeland shines a sociological lens on the relevant issues of legal cannabis and investigates the most pressing issues. Through his firsthand experience, interviews, and research, Birkeland traces the evolution of the cannabis industry from strictly illegal to legal. He documents the challenges operators, regulators, and consumers face in the quest to carry out sales of a federally illegal product. Birkeland uncovers the realities of the newly legal cannabis industry in Colorado, a litmus test for other states considering legalizing cannabis.< Less
Hitchhiking in America: Using the Golden Thumb By Dale Carpenter
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2nd edition. More sex. More stories. Same great sociological look at hitchhiking in American history and media. Extensive bibliography of books, magazines and newspaper articles with a list of... More > over 70+ films mentioning hitchhiking. Did you know hitchhiking was mentioned in "The Wizard of OZ"? The author has hitchhiked over 30,000 miles in America and tells stories about his travels as well as offering practical advice for people interested in hitchhiking. Can you name the movie with a famous hitchhiking scene which won four Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress? The author and publisher assume no responsibility for any actions or the result of actions undertaken by the advice given in this book. Dale Carpenter is a librarian who has also been a construction worker, dj, short order cook and band roadie.< Less
Why Asking Donors For Money Causes Donors To Give Less By Lindsay Walton
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Treating your donors as members of a community rather than as individual units MATTERS! Human beings have limited interest in supporting others by giving money. However, they have an intense... More > interest in supporting others through sharing resources. In fact, there are 6 Key Resource Categories that you can count on donors giving from if you ask. What category they choose to give from will simply depend on who you are and what you are asking for at the time! Traditional fundraising tools and practices focus on leveraging donor PSYCHOLOGY, the inner workings of an individual’s mind, and as a result consistently only gain access to 17% of what a donor community is interested in giving. Understanding the power of donor SOCIOLOGY, the dynamic workings of people’s minds when they live in community with others changes everything! Knowing more about these principles can help you gather more resources than you ever thought possible!< Less
The Culture Is I-God Book I & II By Divine39 Allah
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It requires only a small book to explain the truth of science, history, law, psychology, sociology, mathematics etc. However, it requires a very large book to cover up the truth of science and/or... More > history by using Mythology, Theology, Isms, Race, and Fiction. The Black men, women and children continue to be economic and social slaves, because of a lack of knowledge of history and science the world over. The Great Pyramids of Gaza was built by Khufu a great Asiatic builder see Black man of Nile and his family. The fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nations need to learn to love instead of hate and to know of their higher self and lower self. This is the uniting of the tribes and families, for teaching and instructing all families of the planet earth, and in the universe. Upon The Nature and Significance of the Culture of the Asiatics, The Book Culture is I-God has for its primary object the construction of a map of the history of the world from an Asiatic Blackman’s perspective.< Less
The Reception of Lotman's Models of 'Agreement' and 'Self-giving' In Russian Legal Philosophy By Vadim Verenich
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In his famous article, " ‘Agreement’ and ‘Self-giving’ as archetypal models of culture " (1984), Lotman among other things has identified two distinctive types of... More > archetypical models of culture - the magical one and the religious one. Each of these cultural models is characterized by a special , fundamentally different types of relationships. The main vehicle of magical model of culture is a notion of agreement which is, in the very broad meaning, regarded from within a Russian wordview as a complete antithesis to ‘an unconditional act of self-giving’ with the latter being a pivotal element of religious culture. Lotman’s typology of archetypal models in culture compare and contrast with work done in the western legal philosophy, sociology and anthroplogy on the notion ‘contract’ , and as such it would help to explain the remarkably different routes of the evolution of Western European and Russian legal culture.< Less
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Affinity for the Damned: Memoirs of a Blasphemer By M.C. Stolzenburg
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This is the first self-produced, self-published book created and compiled by Church of Satan member, M.C.Stolzenburg. This book is a compilation of Mr. Stolzenburg's artwork, and Satanically... More > influenced essays. The contents of this book are a challenge to stereotypical idealisms found evident within the rhetoric of modern sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, religion, and human status. Truly dynamic works of acrylic and watercolour coat these pages with beautifully designed points referencing the ideas of Satanic philosophy, realizing them artistically. If you enjoy dark art, dark themes, challenging ideas, and beautifully rendered imagery referencing archetypical, and iconic symbolism, shaking the foundations of religious query, this book is for you. It is recommended to audiences of a mature status. Although it is not porn, some of the images and ideas within the walls of this book contain nudity, and suggestive themes.< Less
Photographic Preservation - The Brown Family Collection By Taylor Whitney
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This project focuses on the methodology of assigning intellectual and physical arrangement to private family photographic collections. The Brown Family Archive is a case study that works directly... More > with the Brown Family and Lake County Historical Museum in Crown Point, Indiana. The collection brings together photographs and related artifacts from the Civil War, The First National Bank of Crown Point, Indiana, and several interrelated families. The scope of the collection is analogous to many family collections. It is historically and culturally significant due to its visual documentation of a sociological milieu in the United States during 18th and 19th centuries. The photographs offer insight into the problem of deterioration due to improper housing, mishandling, and chemical break down. Through research and best practices in photographic preservation and collections management, the project delivers a model for use by family historians, museums, historical societies and libraries.< Less
Meet Me at the Fair: A World's Fair Reader By Celia Pearce et al.
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Together with the Olympics, world’s fairs are one of the few regular international events of sufficient scale to showcase a spectrum of sights, wonders, learning opportunities, technological... More > advances, and new (or renewed) urban districts, and to present them all to a mass audience. Meet Me at the Fair: A World’s Fair Reader breaks new ground in scholarship on world’s fairs by incorporating a number of short new texts that investigate world’s fairs in their multiple aspects: political, urban/architectural, anthropological/ sociological, technological, commercial, popular, and representational. In taking the measure of both the material artifacts and the larger cultural production of world’s fairs, the volume presents its own phantasmagoria of disciplinary perspectives, historical periods, geographical locales, media, and messages, mirroring the microcosmic form of the world’s fair itself.< Less
Crossroads of Language, Interaction, and Culture (Volume 9) 2014 By Crossroads of Language, Interaction, and Culture
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Crossroads in Language, Interaction and Culture of the Center for Language, Interaction and Culture Graduate Student Association (CLIC GSA) at UCLA is a peer-reviewed journal that has been published... More > since 1998. Crossroads is an outlet for selected conference proceedings of CLIC GSA at UCLA and the UC Santa Barbara Language, Interaction and Social Organization (LISO) graduate student group. In line with the objectives of the conference, which alternates between the UCLA and UCSB campuses each year, the journal promotes interdisciplinary work on the intersection of language, culture and conversational activities and gives priority to publishing graduate student work. Current members of CLIC GSA at UCLA include students from Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Education and Sociology, but relevant conference proposals from various disciplines are considered.< Less

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