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The Aramaic Covenants By Rav Yaakov Bar Yosef
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The Aramaic Covenants and Tanach In Three Volumes The goal of this work is to provide a modern and accurate English translation of the Chumash, Mikra (prophets and Writings) and the Apostolic... More > Writings. The text of this edition of the Aramaic Covenants is a paraphrased translation in idiomatic language . This work is a new edition from translations of the Ancient Aramaic. For example this new edition uses the name of MarYah Eashoa Msheekha (Lord-G-d Yeshua Messiah). It also uses the word (ALLAHA for ELI) (G-d יהוה YHVH 1) and it introduces the Aramaic rendering of Maran as Lord, Along with other Ancient Galilean Aramaic renderings. Due weight was given to the ancient versions as establishing a tradition of interpretation. Out of the four levels of interpretation Parshat, Remez, D’rash,and Sod, the Parshat method was employed, as was Onkelos method of interpretation of the Torah.< Less
Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics By Prof.M.M. Ninan
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Biblical hermeneutics is the study of the principles of interpretation concerning the books of the Bible. Bible contains all forms of literary style. Hence they should be interpreted carefully. 7... More > rules of Rabbi Hillel and 13 rules of Rabbi Ishmael, 32 rules of Rabbi Eliezer Ben Jose Hagelili are only well known LIEZER BEN JOSE HAGELILI. Generally there are four levels given by PaRDeS •Peshat (צְָּשָׁט) — "plain" ("simple") or the direct meaning. •Remez (רֶֶמֶז) — "hints" or the deep (allegoric: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense. •Derash (דְַּרַשׁ) — from Hebrew darash: "inquire" ("seek") — the comparative (midrashic) meaning, as given through similar occurrences. Sod (סבֿד) (pronounced with a long O as in 'bone') — "secret" ("mystery") or the esoteric/mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation. To be true to the word, we need to interpret the Word faithfully. Here are the rules.< Less
Apostolic Writings of Marquas By Yaakov Bar Yosef
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The Apostolic Writings of Marquas is the second book of the New Testament, it is one of the four canonical gospels and the three synoptic gospels. It tells of the ministry of Jesus from his baptism... More > by John the Baptist to his death and burial and the discovery of the empty tomb – there is no genealogy or birth narrative, nor, in the original ending at chapter 16. Due weight was given to the ancient versions as establishing a tradition of interpretation, out of the four levels of interpretation Parshat, Remez, D’rash,Sod the Parshat method was employed,The Parshat method was employed for this translation of the Apostolic Writings. The Aramaic peshitta and both the Kahbourish codex and the Crawford codex were consulted and used as resources and research with other ancient Aramaic manuscripts, including an elucidated commentary on the new testament from the Talmud and Hebraic. English / Aramaric< Less
Apostolic Writings of Luqa By Yaakov Bar Yosef
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Aramaic was the native language of ISHO (Jesus). Etymologically, Allāh (Arabic name of god) is derived from the words Allaha (He was Deified), in Arabic "my god" will be ELAHAi like in... More > Aramaic. So then for ISHO (Jesus) Allaha meant god !!!:­) "Abba means father" in Arabic too. At the end of each chapter the Commentary on the New Testament is from the Talmud and Hebraica by John Lightfoot which puts insight Into this work along with the Aramaic Peshitta the Codex Ambrosianus and both the Kahbourish codex and the Crawford codex which were consulted and used as resources and research with other Ancient Aramaic manuscripts, including elucidated commentaries on the new testament from the Talmud and Hebraic. Due weight was given to the ancient versions as establishing a tradition of interpretation, out of the four levels of interpretation Parshat, Remez, D’rash, Sod, the Parshat method was employed for this translation of the Apostolic writings of Lūqā. English / Aramaic. Rav Yaakov Bar Yosef D.D.< Less
A Pale Shadow Creeps By Raymond Walker
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Into The dark depths of a Scots winter, A Pale Shadow Creeps. From Its tomb of stones and broken bones; It rises into the cold and forsaken night. This shade, has a dire purpose. For it to live again... More > its place must be taken beneath The Cairn from which it rose. Whosoever wakened it or one of their choice shall take its place beneath the wet sod of the Argyll hills. Rob is too busy enjoying his new home. He worries about the novel that he needs to write, the money he needs to earn and the new love that he has found. Threats from shades, shadows or wraiths are not something he takes seriously. But he should. A very current ghost story with a rather dark and dramatic feel. A romance that will leave you spellbound whilst night falls and shadows haunt ancient Scotland, Its standing stones cairns and sepulchres. Rob thinks about love and life and money and never worries about the scratching at the door, the howling in the night and the very strange dreams he has been having. But he should.< Less
Swords of David By Louis J. Feinstein & Nancy Genovese
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The S.O.D., code name for Swords of David Operation motivates an exciting and pulse racing series of escapades, taking the leading characters Antonio son of an olive oil king with dark and... More > illustrious connection, Ziva his gorgeous sexy Turkish refugee girl friend, Benjamin, the Israeli Prime Minister’s former body guard and his lover, Françoise a Monégasque woman with a shadowy secret, into the world of European aristocracy, international society, and high stakes gambling casinos. Starting in Palm Beach Florida, the team travels to Monte Carlo and other locales along the French Riviera, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, and Israel. The movie script adventures are breathtaking high risk encounters with potentially fatal outcomes. Nevertheless, with unexpected help from Turkish bandits the team returns home to Italy thinking their mission is completed only to be summoned back to Israel and given a new assignment. This time the fate of the world hangs in the balance. In the end good trumps evil...< Less
A Pocketful of Wonders By Michael Wombat
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A tall man stepped quickly into the room and closed the door behind him. He wore dark clothing, and a plastic face mask bearing the queen’s face. “You,” he gestured at me with the... More > gun in his left hand. “Sit on the chair.” “There’s nowt here to steal,” I said, easing myself into the chair. “My great-aunt has no money, nor any—” “Shut it,” he said. “Oi, rude!” Aunt Phil waved her stick at him. “Bloody monarchy! Sod off!” “You’re her,” the man said. “The White Mouse. Philomena Wake.” “Please,” I tried. “My aunt is old and frail. Please leave her alone. I think I have about thirty pounds in my wallet, please just—” “She’s old and frail now, yes,” the man said, “but in 1943 she was a force to be reckoned with.” He turned to face Aunt Phil. “Weren’t you, White Mouse?” Seven short Michael Wombat stories of wonder and delight that you can slip into your pocket.< Less
The Celestial Passion By Richard Watson Gilder
eBook (ePub): $6.99
THE CELESTIAL PASSION. O WHITE and midnight sky, O starry bath, Wash me in thy pure, heavenly, crystal flood; Cleanse me, ye stars, from earthly soil and scath — Let not one taint remain in... More > spirit or blood! Receive my soul, ye burning, awful deeps; Touch and baptize me with the mighty power That in ye thrills, while the dark planet sleeps; Make me all yours for one blest, secret hour! O glittering host, O high angelic choir, Silence each tone that with thy music jars; Fill me even as an urn with thy white fire Till all I am is kindred to the stars! Make me thy child, thou infinite, holy night,— So shall my days be full of heavenly light! PART I. ART AND LIFE. SAID the Poet unto the Seer, How shall I learn to tell What I know of Heaven and Hell? I speak, but to ashes turn The passions that in me burn. I shout to the skies, but I hear No answer from man or God. Shall I throw my lyre on the sod, Rest, and give over the strife, And sink in a voiceless life?< Less
Scrolls of Destiny Volume I By Krys Underwood
Paperback: $19.95
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Perplex and impress! Impress your players, step up the role-playing, keep your campaign fresh and full of surprises. All of that with minimal work! Puzzle your players Scrolls of Destiny is a... More > collection of 10 logic puzzles and riddles for game masters. Print the handout of your choice, trim the edges, roll it up, and tie it with ribbon, yarn, leather, or anything else that fits your setting. Present it to the PCs at any time you want to throw in a puzzle – an NPC could hand it to them, they could find it in a treasure chest, or it could fall off a shelf in a library. It could contain a spell or additional information that will only reveal itself when the answer is spoken aloud. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding puzzles. Save time and crank up the fun factor Riddles are a lot of fun but they can be hard and time-consuming to prepare. Use SoD’s puzzles as they are, or adapt them to your campaign. We give suggestions on how to customize each puzzle!< Less
deez- commentary57 By Michael House
eBook (PDF): $3.00
My condo balcony doesn't face East or West. That means I don't get a direct beam from the sun. I was scared system restore caused possible loss, but felt glee when everything was recovered! In about... More > 1 month, Jacob will be here. I think of Jack Nunan, who freely laid my guest house's sod after my brain injury. Ronny Willoughby rode home with Dad & me, continuously telling me he loved me. 2 weeks later, in a fuss over a transmission, he was murdered. I flipped my go-cart 3 times because Jack Grizzle had it high performance. I traded my motorcycle for Jack's PC. In college, Stacey called a dad to get permission to date his daughter. He said that was up to her. Stacey later served a decade in jail for entrapment. Renee & Cooper in Sunday school knew my BFF, Andy. Cooper drove a junky truck when Renee started dating him. I drove junk & have been rejected 219 times. My black buddy said don't talk about blacks guarding me like they did, but I think he meant don't< Less

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