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Soft Power By Andrew McCallum
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A dystopian novella from award-winning Scottish poet, Andrew McCallum. Reid has wrong thoughts. This troubles him. His lover, Alexa, keeps him on the straight and narrow. The trick is not to be... More > exceptional but to remain ordinary. And the way to remain ordinary is through stupefaction. Alexa and his mates keep Reid more or less on the right track and beneath the radar. However, when Alexa dies, Reid’s wrong thoughts lead him out of the dream he’s been inhabiting, affording him a glimpse of a horrifying reality.< Less
Manifesting Soft Power Management By Ashish Mehta
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'Manifesting Soft Power Management' is a must for all Managers and Team Leaders, working in any Industry or Forum. The efficacy of this book comes from synergizing the Principles of Manifesting... More > Thoughts with Soft Power Managerial techniques. To grow further as managers and graduate to mentors and to leaders, is what this book guides in.< Less
How to Speak In Deep Voice (for Men) - Improve Your Tone of Voice - the Power of Deep Voice - Your Secret for Success In Life, Business and With Women By Delven Soft
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Speaking in deep voice is one of the characteristic features of a powerful and successful individual. People are immediately subordinated to deep voice. Speaking in deep voice can effectively deal... More > with situations of day to day life in a better manner. It reflects the personality of the individual. The degree of dominance or submissive nature, his amount of success in life, etc., is indicated in the voice he exercises, either consciously or otherwise. It is also possible that the voice plays a role in attracting the opposite sex, too. One of the most important components of public speaking, teaching, getting things done, instructing, communicating to people at work or wooing a woman is the sound of your voice. It will influence the impact of your message, and possibly make or break your success. And, for many people, good voice quality can be learned. This book shows you how to get that commanding and successful voice with ease to get more from your life.< Less
Paul soft By Maggie Airncliffe
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A partial genealogy of the Paul and Power family in Canada. SOFT COVER.
Basic Berkonomics - soft cover By Dave Berkus
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What’s so basic about entrepreneurism? How do you become a power entrepreneur? How much of it is in your genes and how much can be learned? This book is your resource for your life of... More > entrepreneurism, from start to successful exit, supplying important insights into the entire process. This is the first in a series of BERKONOMICS books for entrepreneurs of all stages.< Less
Soft Metal book 1 By Sanny Folkesson, Eric Melton
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The planet "Yarth" has all the elements of an advanced society: cars, computers, cell phones, wars, politicians, sporting events, as well as people in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fur... More > color. The survivors of the revolt used their superior technology to shape society. Doing so has became as much a form of entertainment as a means to power. The children of the 'Survivor Clans' were taught the truth of their origin. And the Cholan-Re became bogeymen, a story used to frighten their sons and daughters to keep their origin a secret. Some of the the Cholan-Re survived. These 'Remnants' hid themselves more deeply than the Survivor Clans. They kept watch on the descendants of those that had murdered their fathers. And now, they have begun efforts to regain the control that is their birthright. The Cholan-Re Remnants have a new tool at their disposal. They call it, "SoftMetal."< Less
Hard Power and Soft Power: The Utility of Military Force as an Instrument of Policy in the 21st Century By Colin S. Gray
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Commentators distinguish between two kinds of power, “hard” and “soft.” The promise in this logic is obvious. Unfortunately, to date, the idea of soft power has not been... More > subjected to a critical forensic examination. The ill consequences of America’s difficulty in thinking and behaving strategically are augmented perilously when unwarranted faith is placed upon soft power that inherently resists to strategic direction. Although it is appropriate to be skeptical of the utility of soft power, this must not be interpreted as advice to threaten or resort to military force with scant reference to moral standards. Not only is it right in an absolute sense, it is also expedient to seek, seize, and hold the moral high ground. The more challenging contexts for national security will still require the mailed fist, even if it is cushioned, but not concealed, by a glove of political and ethical restraint. (Originally published by the Strategic Studies Institute)< Less
A 21st Century Security Architecture For The Americas: Multilateral Cooperation, Liberal Peace, And Soft Power By Joseph R. Núñez, Strategic Studies Institute
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This monograph by Colonel Joseph R. Núñez is a constructive response to the question of “How can the United States best develop security cooperation within the Americas?” In... More > it, he develops the necessary background to make the persuasive argument that it is time for the United States to employ strategic restraint and reassurance of allies to develop a new security architecture that is effective and efficient, not to mention reflecting of our values and interests. The current security architecture of the Western Hemisphere needs major change. To better address current and future threats, the United States must be able to demonstrate the type of leadership that reflects the “soft power” and liberal peace realities of our hemispheric neighborhood. Of course, this will require the recognition and assistance of other leading states that provide real legitimacy and better representation for this new security structure.< Less
College To Corridors of Power By Prasad Agali
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This is a book for fresh graduates or even the fresh MBA's. This is a book that enables you and makes the difference in your being succsessful in the interview for your job. This is not a bible nor... More > is it an instruction manual. This book gives you the fine points and covers the subtle points that makes the difference between a well prepared confident applicant and just another person making a half hearted attempt. This is a book that will stay with you till your last day of employment in your working career. This is a book that gives you the cutting edge and positions you as the competitive best before your potential employers and your dream organization.< Less
Portland Power Tales By Laura Botsford
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“The heart of a child is in their natural ability to imagine. Color along with them as they save their towns from The Pollutinator, Dragons, and Monster Fish. 208 pages of nine triumphant tales... More > of humor, hope and reason and compassion. Written and illustrated by Portland Elementary Grades, K-6th. Black & White 8 x 11 perfect bound soft cover. "It is a treasure for anyone who ever wanted to draw in a real book.” Laura Botsford "This is a fantastic concept -- having children create their own books within a structured program that, nevertheless, permits them to utilize every aspect of their imagination and then experience the great satisfaction of seeing their creations materialize to be shared by others." -Lois Duncan< Less