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Donald Featherstone's Solo Wargaming By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
Paperback: $23.82
Prints in 3-5 business days
Solo wargaming is about creating entertaining and challenging games while commanding both sides of the battle. The original of this book is much sought after and I am particuarly pleased to be able... More > to include it in the History of Wargaming Project.< Less
Donald Featherstone's Battle Notes for Wargamers Solo Wargaming Edition By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
Paperback: $24.74
Prints in 3-5 business days
Donald Featherstone has revised his classic book on various battles. The book describes 15 key battles with the solo wargamer in mind. Including the enemy forces, terrain, enemy orders and other... More > factors leading to surprise< Less
The Old West Skirmish Wargames: Wargaming Western Gunfights By John Curry et al.
Paperback: $21.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
These classic rules launched skirmish wargaming in the UK and the North America. They were played in most wargaming clubs on a regular basis. From stage coach robberies to recreations of gunfights... More > from the pages of history, these rules introduced wargaming with individual figures. This edition includes many previously unpublished chapters. These rules have all that is required to recreate the American Wild West on the table top. Bank robberies, saloon brawls, US cavalry actions and the showdown on the main street are made possible. The basic rules are straightforward, but there are many optional chapters that can be used as required. Optional rules include all the glorious detail of the Wild West: Saloon Brawls, Special rules for Indians, The ‘Iron Horse’ and Frontier towns and for playing solo games In addition to the full set of original rules, this edition includes extra chapters on various scenarios and campaigns The History of Wargaming Project aims to document the development of wargaming.< Less
The Undead Wargamers Supplement By timothy lewis
eBook (PDF): $2.00
The Wargamers rule set for the Undead Hordes. Battle for survival. Team with others or attempt to go solo.
Donald Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
Paperback: $22.02
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Skirmish Wargaming is a classic from the history of wargaming It was the first widespread set of popular rules for playing skirmish level battles on the table top with handfuls of figures aside.... More > The book includes: Generic rules for skirmish wargaming Scenarios including period rules for: Vikings! (850AD) Archers in France June (1429) English Civil War Cavalry Action (1643) The Jolly Roger (1715) The 95th Rifles in the Pennisula War (1813) The French Foreign Legion in Mexico (1866) The Massacre at Isandhlwana (1879) The Old West (1888) First World War Trench Raid (1916) Street Fighting in Cassino (1944) This new edition, includes additional scenario’s To Claim our Long-forgotten Gold (Fantasy, Third Age) Mining Station Sigma 9 (Science fiction, Year 3015, the far future) Guidance on how to play solo skirmish wargames Printed as part of the History of Wargaming Project< Less
Fletcher Pratt's Naval Wargame Wargaming with model ships 1900-1945 By John Curry & Fletcher Pratt
Paperback: $24.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame was one of the most successful naval wargames of the 20th century. The straightforward rules, based on the innovation of estimating the range in order to hit, have an... More > enduring fascination as a simulation of the ‘big gun era’ 1900-1945. As a result of extensive research, this book brings together previously unpublished material into a comprehensive guide to these classic rules, including: The full rules, with previously unpublished amendments by Fletcher Pratt. Optional rules as agreed by Fletcher Pratt. The previously unpublished strategic game. Solo wargaming rules. Guidance on how to play the game. Updates for the rules as suggested by Donald Featherstone. A sample scenario by Fletcher Pratt, The Action off Murmansk. An in-depth evaluation of the rules versus naval reality featuring contributions from experts such as James Dunnigan, Commander Bothwell, Fletcher Pratt and Phil Barker.< Less
Donald Featherstone’s Wargames Through the Ages Volume 4: A Wargaming Guide 1861 to 1945 By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
Paperback: $21.29
Prints in 3-5 business days
Wargames through the Ages was first published to fill a gap in literature of the hobby of wargaming. It was a one volume summary from the outbreak of the American Civil War and the concludes with the... More > end of World War II in 1945. Between 1860 and 1945, the shape of warfare, armies, tactics and equipment underwent a wholesale change. In the same era, the map of Europe was redrawn and the machinations of world politics saw the introduction of military movements by land, sea and air on an international scale hitherto unconsidered. In 1861, the cavalry retained a still significant, if diminishing, role in the schemes of battle commanders; but by 1945 massive technological advances, culminating in the introduction of computerised planning had so altered the situation that a fundamentally new approach was necessitated as it is for the wargamer. The author has therefore considered at length the problem of formulating new rules, and the classification and assessment of armies and their conditions.< Less
Donald Featherstone's Wargaming Commando Operations and Reflections on Wargaming Lost Tales Volume 2 By John Curry et al.
Paperback: $22.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
Donald Featherstone, with over fifty wargaming books, is the most prolific author in wargaming. His lifetime’s output continues with this book about wargaming commando operations. The... More > Commandos were one of Britain’s elite fighting forces during World War II. Included in Part One is an introduction to the Commandos, their history, training and equipment. It also covers previously unpublished material on a planning a raid, an attack on a gun battery in 1942 and a beach assault in 1944. The second part of the book includes three previously unpublished sets of Featherstone rules, three scenarios and recollections from early wargamers about some early commando wargames with Donald Featherstone and Lionel Tarr. One of the scenarios is for a platoon level solo game of a raid on a gun position. The third part of the book is Don Featherstone’s reflections on a lifetime of wargaming, the media and being at war. The History of Wargaming Project aims to record and publish key steps in the development of the hobby.< Less
Lionel Tarr’s Modern Wargaming Rules 1939-1945: The First Modern Wargamer By John Curry & Lionel Tarr
Paperback: $16.65
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lionel Tarr (1920-2003) is widely recognized as the first modern wargamer, modern being 1939-1945. He first came to prominence when his rules were published in 1962 in Donald Featherstone’s... More > classic book, War Games. This book contains much previously unpublished material about the Tarr wargame and his epic decade long WWII Eastern Front Russian Campaign. This wargaming campaign was almost as well-known at the time as Tony Bath’s Hyborian campaign. This book includes: The previously unpublished Tarr wargaming rules he first drafted in 1947 and modified until 1973. Analysis of the rules Tarr’s Armies: Russian and German Army ORBATs Solo Wargaming Eastern Front Campaign Wargaming the Battle of Stalingrad Air warfare on the Eastern Front Various articles by Tarr A.W. Saundars (Tarr’s cousin) modern warfare rules from 1957 Tarr’s Napoleonic Rules The History of Wargaming Project aims to document the development of wargaming, including publishing new material about these early wargames< Less
Small Wars New Perspectives on Wargaming Counter Insurgency on the Tabletop By John Curry et al.
Paperback: $17.64
Prints in 3-5 business days
The author has been a wargamer since the 1970s, member of Wargame Developments and a serious rule writer since the early 1990s. His long standing interest in asymmetric warfare led him to develop a... More > series of wargames to reflect the individual characteristics of such conflicts. All except one of these sets of rules are written to portray the operational/ campaign level situation. Using card based systems, these games are particularly suitable for the solo wargamer. These games are not ‘fair’; they each aim to give the wargamer a greater understanding of the particular conflicts they represent. The games include: Boots on the Ground: Company Level Actions in the early 21st. Century An Isolated Outpost: Six Months in the Sahara Eight Years in a Distant Country: Soviet involvement in Afghanistan Ovambo: Counter- insurgency in South West Africa Flying Column: The Irish Troubles 1920-21 Good Morning Vietnam: LBJ’s War 1965-68< Less

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