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Solstice By Victorien Jakobsen
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Somewhere deep in the wilderness, a boy named Fox awakens with no memory of who he is. Upon discovering a group of children surviving in the forest, he is swept into the search for a missing boy. But... More > one question still lingers in his mind: who am I?< Less
Solstice By Ann Levison
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Ann Levison was an artist, avid naturalist, gardener — and most of all a writer and journalist — all her life. A native of Massachusetts, she and her husband settled in the town of... More > Harvard, where she was editor of the Harvard Post, a high-quality independent weekly newspaper, for more than two decades. Upon her retirement in 2001, she began writing poetry instead of exposition, a change she found as gratifying as it was unexpected. Ann died in April, 2008, shortly after gathering together her favorite poems into this collection.< Less
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Idées dans la diachronie des faits permettant leur fluidité au delà de leur cristallisation, l'Ame Française reflète l'Idéal de la souveraineté dans... More > le cadre de son Histoire unique et perpétuelle, sens de l'identité nationale, elle survivra à toutes les épreuves qui aujourd'hui cherchent à l'anéantir, car elle est indestructible, en ses principes d'actions métapolitiques en vue de l'instauration de l'Universalité, dans la Voie souveraine Solstice éclôt des densités vivantes.< Less
HERMETIC TABLET By Volume One Winter Solstice
Hardcover: $39.99
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The Hermetic Tablet is a quarterly Journal of Western Ritual Magic where people, from all traditions, share their experiences. Some of the contributors are well known names in the occult field, while... More > others are just those who want to share knowledge and experiences with the public. This issue includes articles written by the following writers: Jake Stratton-Kent, Mike Magee, Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Aaron Leitch, Christine Zalewski, Nick Farrell, Paola Farrell, Jayne Gibson, Samuel Scarborough, Harry Wendrich, Carman Lawrick, Cynthia Caton and Angela Seraphim. The Journal covers a wide range of different subjects all related to Western Ritual Magic, including Goetia, Theurgy, Angelic Magic, Ancient Egypt, and pagan ritual. There is something for anyone, from all spiritual traditions who wants to know about practical Western Ritual Magic.< Less
Winter Solstice By Robert Crowley
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A short story of two who fell in love . . . .
Solstice Fire By Andie Kirkdale
Paperback: $7.00
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A fiery collection of mystical and inspirational poems and short stories.
Winter Solstice By David Resnik
Paperback: $17.96
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Winter Solstice is a collection of short stories and poetry written by David Benjamin Resnik. It deals with human relationships, life, death, growing up, nature, and other topics.
Winter Solstice By Michael Hogan
Hardcover: $29.95
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Winter Solstice: Selected Poetry 1975-2012, edited by James Hepworth, gathers together the very best of Michael Hogan’s work from the Paris Review, The American Poetry Review, the Iowa Review... More > and dozens of other journals and magazines, as well as several out-of-print books. It is a valuable addition to the American poetry library. Sam Hamill in his Introduction to this volume writes: “These poems written over the past thirty years most often contain a narrative thread that leads into an awakening insight, a meditative revelation that arrives not with a shock, but with a sigh or a moment of stillness capturing an essence that is pure poetry, that moment between image-making and philosophy, between the intimate whisper of truth and the song’s need to be sung.”< Less
Solstice Chronicles By Jeff Patterson
Paperback: $7.92
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A collection of otherworldly holiday tales.
Dark Solstice By Roger Cottrell
Paperback: $14.90
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A dark tribute to Nigel Kneale's Quatermass series that pits an eccentric scientist against a doomsday cult of Satanists who - quite literally - have the means to organise the end of the world.

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